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Example sentences for "byes"

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  1. This is now conducted as in lawn tennis, the byes being got rid of in the first round.

  2. Perhaps they are thinking of the good-byes to be said in the garrison to-night.

  3. Even the boldest flights of wit attempted during the multifold and promiscuous good-byes interchanged had moved her mirth.

  4. It had been a period of glorious excitement up to that time, but when the moment came to say the last good-byes and they had waved and given the Scout cry for the last time, the three lads felt strangely sober.

  5. Good-byes had been said early that morning when an admiring, if slightly envious, cohort of Scouts, with the village band at their heads, had escorted them to the train for New York.

  6. The final good-byes were said on the dock, after the customs officials had completed their inspection.

  7. Every episode, however epochful, must end, and Marian rose at length, indicating that the good-byes must be spoken.

  8. By the time good-byes were said, last words of advice and warning spoken, the river crossed, and the steep bank climbed, the sun had passed its highest point.

  9. The dogs were harnessed and good-byes said to Louis' mother and sisters and rather sulky younger brother.

  10. They flock down the gangway while we stand high above, and many good-byes are shouted, and some are tearful and some are quite casual and cheerful.

  11. He led the whole battle, and seeing the increase of great peril, sent Pan Byes for those regiments.

  12. Anusia did not deny relationship with Boguslav, for the homage of the military pleased her; therefore she motioned to Pan Byes to sit down.

  13. Byes urged on his horse, and half an hour later returned bareheaded, with terror and despair in his face.

  14. It was brought by Pan Byes of the shield Kornie; called, at Boguslav's court, Cornutus.

  15. Pan Byes Kornie had come from Prince Boguslav, with a party of thirty horse, to report that Yan Kazimir had sent beyond the Bug against Douglas the full hetman Pan Gosyevski, with six thousand Lithuanians and Tartar horse.

  16. Pan Byes in his turn stood erect, as if on service, and awaited the questions.

  17. Them byes and gals was at the bottom of the shindies, so I made up my mind to ship 'em off, and I ships 'em.

  18. There were muffled good-byes and so--silence.

  19. At last only the good-byes remained to be said.

  20. And it's mighty little difference that will make, as Terry McCarthy said when he had the ch'ice of foighting two Tipperary byes or three Corkonians.

  21. Do you and the other byes come soon and see what a happy home ye have made for Tam and me.

  22. Rousing up, he reflected: "If I fall asleep here, the byes may not obsarve me and sail away and leave me behind.

  23. Tam and me spind the time whin we aint slaaping or eating or working in playing the thing and thinking of yersilf and the byes you spake of.

  24. Standing still for the time, as Pat Mulrooney said whin the byes tied him to the gate post and wint off and left him.

  25. And if the same proves true," he muttered with the old glint in his eye, "it's mesilf and the rest of the byes that will do the biggest kind of a good turn consarning the spalpeens.

  26. They are worth millions upon millions of dollars, and the byes have all the money they want, but they are not such fules as you and me and don't throw it away, though they give a good deal of it to poor folks.

  27. A canoe is a blissed boon to byes that can't walk; we might set Jack in one of 'em, and he could paddle wherever he wished.

  28. The carriage drove away, and there was three of thim, and poor Doyle got caught out there in the mud and in the storm, and 'twas me wint out wid Dawson and another of the byes and fetched him in.

  29. Tell him if any of the byes are there I wahnt 'um.

  30. When they said their sniffling good-byes at Katma she was suspiciously bright and merry.

  31. Her temporary family stood on the end of the wharf and called good-byes to the girl.

  32. At last the good-byes were said, and Edna waved to her mother till she could no longer see the white figure on the porch.

  33. Good-byes oughter to be handled slowly and careful, like chiny, to save smashed feelings.

  34. Stonie's large eyes grew more and more wistful, and after he and Uncle Tucker retired with their good-byes all said he whispered to Rose Mary that he wanted to say just one more thing to Mr. Mark.

  35. So with many kisses and blessings the good-byes were uttered, and out of the narrow street and across the piazza rattled the carriage, and so down the hill-road to Florence.

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