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  1. No case of perforation of the subclavian vein by comminuted fragments of the clavicle came under my notice.

  2. Thus a bullet entered below the centre of the right clavicle and emerged 2-1/2 inches below, above the angle of the scapula, at its axillary margin.

  3. The bullet entered from the front, grooved the under surface of the acromial end of the clavicle with increasing depth, and eventually perforated the posterior margin of the bone, raising the compact tissue in an angular manner.

  4. The prominence of the sterno-mastoid and clavicle still present was difficult of explanation, except on the theory of an injury to the bone, or that an aneurismal sac had consolidated spontaneously.

  5. Entry, 2 inches above the clavicle at the anterior margin of the trapezius; exit, first intercostal space, 1 inch from the sternal margin.

  6. The bullet entered 2-1/2 inches below the acromial end of the right clavicle and emerged over the 9th rib in the posterior axillary line.

  7. Entry (Mauser), 2 inches above left clavicle at margin of trapezius; exit, 1 inch from sternum in left first intercostal space.

  8. Were the aneurism seated at the border of the axilla, and the upper portion of the vessel beneath the clavicle free, the best, wisest, and safest proceeding is to tie the subclavian.

  9. Portions of the acromion may be separated along with the ligaments connecting the clavicle to it, in the accident of dislocation of the scapular extremity of that bone.

  10. The subclavian vein is not in the way; it is lower down under the clavicle than where the surgeon requires to introduce his instruments.

  11. Having advanced thus far, the cervical aponeurosis was detached from the clavicle by cautious strokes of the handle of the scalpel, which laid bare the brachial plexus of nerves and the omo-hyoid muscle.

  12. In the backward dislocation the end of the clavicle lies behind the manubrium sterni and the muscles attached to it; there is a marked hollow in the position of the joint, and the facet on the sternum can be felt.

  13. Treatment is similar to that for fracture of the clavicle by sling and body bandage.

  14. The clavicle has snapped across during the act of swinging a stick, the humerus in throwing a stone, and the femur when a kick has missed its object.

  15. The clavicle being subcutaneous throughout its whole length, any irregularity in its outline can be easily detected.

  16. The head passes farther upwards and towards the middle line under cover of the pectoralis minor, resting under the clavicle against the serratus anterior and chest wall.

  17. Downward displacement of the acromial end of the clavicle is much rarer, and may follow a fall on the elbow or a blow over the clavicle.

  18. In other cases, the cords of the brachial plexus above the clavicle are stretched, or the axillary nerve is bruised, and these injuries are liable to be followed by prolonged pain, loss of abduction, and stiffness in the arm.

  19. The displaced end of the bone can be seen and felt as a prominence under the skin, or the empty socket can be palpated, while the muscles attached to the displaced clavicle stand out in relief.

  20. Encouraged by such cases, Gaetani Bey of Cairo removed the whole of scapula and part of the clavicle in a case where he had amputated at the shoulder for smash.

  21. This vessel, the next stage in the continuation of the subclavian downwards, may be defined surgically as extending from the clavicle to the lower border of the teres major.

  22. He removed it by two incisions, one from the clavicle a little to the sternal side of the coracoid, directed downwards to the lower boundary of the tumour, another transversely from the shoulder to the posterior edge of the scapula.

  23. The clavicle was divided at the spot where it was exposed, and the outer portion removed along with the scapula.

  24. A single linear incision perpendicular to the clavicle (Roux).

  25. Combined with the sinking of the diaphragm, which still further adds to the space, and a slight raising of the clavicle which assists the expansion of the upper portion of the lungs, it constitutes the correct method of breathing.

  26. He interpreted structure at times in terms of function, the short, strong clavicle of the mole as an adaptation to digging, the keeled sternum of birds as an adaptation to flying, and so on.

  27. The clavicle would be a new and perplexing feature.

  28. Well, I thought it a little queer that the scapula and clavicle should be there.

  29. He sang as usual through the opera, but discovered on examination afterward that the clavicle was fractured.

  30. Rubini had a chest of uncommon bigness, and the strength of his lungs was so prodigious that on one occasion he broke his clavicle in singing a B flat.

  31. A clavicle of the left side (see Plate III.

  32. Footnote 3: The figure of this clavicle measures 5 inches from end to end in a straight line--so that the bone is rather a small than a large one.

  33. The figure of this clavicle measures 5 inches from end to end in a straight line--so that the bone is rather a small than a large one.

  34. The clavicle of the female is rounder than that of the male; we however find clavicles of females perfectly like those of males, and vice versa.

  35. The clavicle is generally straighter, and proportionably smaller in the female than in the male.

  36. A bone which usually connects the clavicle with the post-temporal in the pectorial arch of fishes.

  37. The ligaments that extend from the clavicle (1) to the scapula (4.

  38. Ligaments that connect the clavicle and scapula.

  39. The ligament that connects the clavicle and sternum.

  40. Goette and Rathke both state that the clavicle is at first continuous with the coraco-scapular plate, but becomes early separated, and ossifies entirely as a membrane bone.

  41. The most important of these is to the effect that the dermal clavicle of Pisces has no homologue in the higher types.

  42. Gegenbaur however shewed that the human clavicle is provided with a central axis of cartilage, and this observation has been confirmed by Koelliker, and extended to other Mammalia by Goette.

  43. The clavicle is usually regarded as a membrane bone which may become to some extent cartilaginous.

  44. It is however to be noticed that it differs from the clavicle in the fact that it is never segmented off from the coraco-scapular plate, a condition which has its only parallel in the equally doubtful case of the Chelonia.

  45. With reference to the clavicle and interclavicle Parker (No.

  46. This bar, which is usually (Gegenbaur, Parker) held to be independent of the remaining part of the shoulder girdle, gives rise to the clavicle and interclavicle.

  47. The clavicle is stated by Rathke to be at first continuous with the coraco-scapular plate.

  48. In most Fishes the primitive dermal scutes have become subdermal membrane bones, and the infra-clavicle is usually not distinct, but the two clavicles form the most important part of the membranous elements of the girdle.

  49. The horny beak and the reduction of the toes are features we have already encountered in the reptile, and the modification of the pelvis, breast-bone, and clavicle are a natural outcome of flight.

  50. The Subclavian takes up the whole space between the Clavicle and the first Rib: Its Original being in the internal and lower part of the Clavicula, and its insertion in the upper part of the first Rib.

  51. In the same cavern there was found a clavicle belonging to a young person who must have been of great stature.

  52. It will thus be observed that the palm of the hand is placed higher than the clavicle or collar–bone, where the tail–piece of the violin rests (Fig.

  53. The left clavicle is present in scattered fragments, its dorsal hooklike end being intact.

  54. The right clavicle is complete, and resembles a spoon having a slender handle.

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