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  1. Stoffel spun off his conjugations and the ladies fairly shrieked when he related how "he had been drunk" and that "he would be drunk.

  2. At this point we will treat the three affirmative and three negative ordinary conjugations of the regular personal verbs.

  3. All are conjugated by the three conjugations according to the way in which their roots terminate.

  4. Concerning the conjugations for these verbs they follow the rules according to their roots.

  5. If the substantive verb from any of the conjugations is placed after the infinitive form it means that whatever is signified by the infinitive is, was, or will be; or the negative thereof; e.

  6. This is a general rule for all the conjugations and therefore the example contains a verb from the second conjugation.

  7. Cautionary Remarks on the Conjugations of the Verb[122] The particle nama placed before any verb in any tense means that the action has been done poorly or in an incomplete manner; e.

  8. Some of these examples are taken from other (25 conjugations but the general rule applies to all.

  9. Speaking in general of the formation of the verb, the forms of the indicative and imperative moods of all three conjugations are formed from the root of the verb.

  10. There are three affirmative conjugations and the same number of negative.

  11. Verbs of the first and fourth conjugations regularly have weak preterits (amęi, finí).

  12. In Provençal not far from half the verbs of the second and third conjugations have -uī preterits.

  13. Thus nouns, like verbs, have the five conjugations and the two paradigms.

  14. The peculiar forms of the verb, analogous to the Semitic conjugations are very numerous.

  15. There remain a few verbs (chiefly the Auxiliary Verbs of Modern English) that do not belong entirely to either of the two conjugations mentioned.

  16. Under the influence of Analogy, entire declensions and conjugations have been swept away, leaving in Modern English not a trace of their former existence.

  17. Belle, in Armenian there are four conjugations of verbs; the first end in el, the second in yel, the third in oul, and the fourth in il.

  18. The conjugations of the Armenian verbs are neither so numerous nor so difficult as the declensions of the nouns; hear that, and rejoice.

  19. All conjugations are the same whatever gender or number they may relate to.

  20. It is almost incredible that a man who knew Esperanto should invent a language with several conjugations of the verb, but this is what Kürschner has done.

  21. Belle, in Armenian there are four conjugations of verbs; the first end in al, the second in yel, the third in oul, and the fourth in il.

  22. To distinguish the conjugations let the pupil observe the following rules.

  23. But shall it be allowed, in the present state of things, to confound our conjugations and overturn our grammar?

  24. In these model conjugations the forms of shall are given with the future and the forms of will with the future perfect.

  25. Should and would, model conjugations of; use of.

  26. An examination of the model conjugations under §77 will give a further understanding of the forms of the subjunctive.

  27. Item conjugations with two pronownes and with thre and fynally combining or joinyng II verbes togeder.

  28. Item fyve or six maners of conjugations with one verbe.

  29. But we still have two plainly defined conjugations of the verb, and we still inflect it for number, and, in part, at least, for person.

  30. She is a general's daughter and the wife of a professor, but even professor's wives are not above occasional bogglings of the cases of pronouns and the conjugations of verbs.

  31. In going out to dinner at 3 o'clock, a sheet of paper containing conjugations of verbs, which had cost me much time and questioning, had fallen from my table.

  32. On returning in the evening, I found my dog, Ponty, a young pet, had torn my care-bought conjugations into small pieces.

  33. There are seven conjugations of strong verbs, distinguished mainly by the different formation of their preterites.

  34. The verbs of the first two conjugations nearly all have a mutated vowel in the present and infinitive, which those of the third conjugation very seldom have.

  35. Conjugations are effected for persons, tenses, and number, very much as they are in other rude languages, particularly those of the transpositive class.

  36. And it carries its distinctions, by means of the pronouns, separable and inseparable, into the verbs and substantives, creating the necessity of double conjugations and double declensions, in the plural forms of the first person.

  37. It is only in the conjugations that the principle of gender becomes lost in that of vitality.

  38. Those of the Third and Fourth Conjugations are partly transitive, partly intransitive.

  39. I soon saw where the changes in the conjugations came in, and the rules of syntax are very much like English grammar.

  40. If I instruct, ten in cambez The third and fourth conjugations not differing from the above, I do not insert them.

  41. In his Mithridates, Vater notices a relationship between the Cora and the Aztec, furthermore asserting that the conjugations of the two are so alike as plainly to prove the connection.

  42. There are seven conjugations of strong verbs, distinguished mainly by the characteristic vowels of their preterites.

  43. There are three conjugations of weak verbs.

  44. It {305} is by the possession of this form that the verbs of the first six conjugations are characterized.

  45. In the first six conjugations the praeterite is replaced by a perfect tense.

  46. A detailed exhibition of the English conjugations would form a work of {332} itself.

  47. It is very likely, however, that the gradual disappearance of irregular declensions and conjugations is due, in literary as well as in illiterate languages, to the dialect of children.

  48. Did declensions and conjugations bud forth like the blossoms of a tree?

  49. Declensions and conjugations cannot be made amusing, nor can I avail myself of the advantages possessed by most lecturers, who enliven their discussions by experiments and diagrams.

  50. It is by the possession of this form that the verbs of the first six conjugations are characterized.

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