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Example sentences for "constables"

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  1. The six constables said they could not leave me, and told me I should send out for some meat and drink for them.

  2. I could not helping laughing at him when he saw me, for he immediately began to abuse the constables for not awaking him when I came; he had lost the guinea I should have paid for a private room.

  3. The constables did not attempt to prevent this destruction.

  4. After waiting for a few minutes, the same servant returned, and beckoned one of the constables out of the room.

  5. The constables have brought in a prisoner; I must go and see what it is all about; but I will join you at breakfast in a few minutes.

  6. A small room in Brandon House had been set apart as a justice-room; but when the servant led the constables and their prisoner thither, he found the door locked, and consequently conducted them to the library.

  7. At the same moment the door of the library opened, and the constables were ordered to bring in the prisoner.

  8. Now, Hollyday Hicks, you and Billy Hooper and the other constables take away this box, which smells too loud here, as soon as the witness has sworn to it.

  9. Continue your journey and disturb us no more, or I shall put criminal process upon you, and you see we have stout constables in Somerset.

  10. One of the constables was a bit of a wag, and he whispered to his companions that the man on the floor would make an excellent subject for the doctors.

  11. The men, for some unexplained reason, had by this time taken the body out of the sack, and when they heard the noise made by the constables they threw it inside the bed, and themselves made a hasty retreat by the window.

  12. At Doune Fair several special constables were on duty, and had the village school-room assigned to them as a watch-house.

  13. A hundred special constables were therefore sworn-in, and were drafted to assist in the preservation of the peace.

  14. Rewards will also be given to village elders and constables in whose district no disturbance occurs.

  15. The constables of such villages shall be severely dealt with and expelled from office forever.

  16. Not a few men I fought by the way--for I clung to my sword through all--and not a few constables I laid by the heels (Heaven forgive me!

  17. My assailants were a mixed crew, some being lackeys of the half-drowned gallant, some constables of the watch, others idle swashbucklers ready to lend a hand to any cause and against any man for a pot of ale.

  18. Constables must give a receipt for runaway.

  19. All constables and their assistants charged with conducting any runaway servant shall be passed ferry free.

  20. He tried to speak once or twice, then began to shriek an imprecation at Fournel; but the constables clapped hands on his mouth, and dragged him out of the room and out of the house.

  21. Then I went to bring the constables to his house to arrest her when he had finished with her.

  22. With his usual carelessness, he passed the line of constables who were on guard.

  23. In Ireland, when the constables would take him for a Scot, he answered in high Tipperary, and saved his skin for a while by a brogue which would not have shamed a modern patriot.

  24. Village constables are generally simple people, easily imposed upon, very different from London detectives; and hitherto he felt sure that he had baffled pursuit by the mere simplicity of his proceedings.

  25. Any person making the least disturbance, or attempting to force the ring, will be taken into custody, as constables will be specially appointed for that purpose.

  26. To do so you will have to trample over me;--and there are constables in the street.

  27. Then he was taken in hand by two constables and pushed back through the doorway,--to the great detriment of the apple-woman who sat there in those days.

  28. Two thousand special constables escorted them in and shepherded them assiduously.

  29. It met the force of special constables hastening from the west; it fell on the ears of Mr Strummery, driving by unfrequented ways towards the House.

  30. The constables that day sworn in had at once repaired to the Liberty offices where I had met them.

  31. The Demetrian council was swearing in special constables and had called upon the state authorities for help to capture the intruders; on the other hand, Balbus and others were collecting their followers, and armed conflict was feared.

  32. Obviously, Balbus's attempt at rescue had failed, and instead of bringing back Chairo in triumph to the Liberty office, it was the special constables who were crowding to its doors.

  33. The scavengers, constables and officers of the wards were ordered, "on pain of death," to see all streets and yards kept clear of dung and rubbish and all other filthy and corrupt things.

  34. Review of armour shall be made every year two times, by two constables for every hundred and franchise thereunto appointed; and the constables shall present, to justices assigned for that purpose, such defaults as they do find.

  35. Two of the constables drew out their shining pistols, and swore by the name of God, that he should cross his hands, or they would shoot him down.

  36. While the constables were looking forward, Henry and I, being fastened together, could occasionally exchange a word, without being observed by the kidnappers who had us in charge.

  37. Constables receive a fee, a percentage, and for some services are paid by the day.

  38. Game constables receive a portion of the fine money collected by reason of their prosecutions.

  39. On the 21st of November men heard, indeed, that troops were being poured into Manchester, that the streets were being barricaded, that the public buildings were strongly guarded, and that special constables were being sworn in by thousands.

  40. Only the last-mentioned pair were handcuffed, and they were the only persons whom the constables thought necessary to lock up, the compartments in which the other persons sat being left open.

  41. Of damage we love to inflict, Of constables wounded with hatpins, and bitten, Of Cabinet Ministers kicked!

  42. In the Metropolitan Police District the employment of special constables has resulted in a saving of five-eighths of a penny.

  43. So the special constables have seen that your father is a born policeman?

  44. At length, the constables instituted another search along the orlop deck, and in the cable tier.

  45. The constables searched for him everywhere, along each deck, behind every chest, and each store-room, and in each corner into which he could possibly have crept.

  46. And in such cases, all Justices of the Peace, Sheriffs or Constables are hereby empowered to press either man or horse for that service, allowing for a horse or man, 2 pence by the mile, to be paid out of the public stock.

  47. The clerk and the two constables most properly said, "his honour was a gentleman, and of course must know better how to act than they.

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