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criticise; criticised; criticises; criticising; criticism; criticize; criticized; criticizes; criticizing; critick
  1. His musical criticisms are refined and acute, but without repulsive technicalities or scientific terms, ever sparkling with the poetic ardor of the generous soul through which the discriminating, yet appreciative awards were poured.

  2. Sir Alfred Milner was subjected to unfair, ill-natured criticisms which were as cunning as they were bitter.

  3. Since those perilous days I have heard many differing criticisms of Lord Milner's administration as High Commissioner in South Africa.

  4. In Rhodesia Rhodes believed himself on his own ground and free from the criticisms which he guessed were constantly uttered in regard to him and to his conduct.

  5. Their criticisms seem to be prompted by later reflections rather than based on an accurate statement of facts.

  6. The letters of the scholars at Paris were subject to strict surveillance; and, if he had taken the trouble to draw up a list of criticisms on his present training, most assuredly it would have been destroyed.

  7. The criticisms of our officer sufficiently reveal the cause of the disaster.

  8. Then, after receiving the criticisms of the Court of Cassation and the Tribunals of Appeal, it came before the Council of State for the decision of its special committee on legislation.

  9. At any rate I fell greedily upon them, and I read with no less zest than his poems the bitter, and cruel, and narrow-minded criticisms which mainly filled one of the volumes.

  10. While the battle was raging, and the result suspended, all defections and criticisms were to be hush'd, and everything bent with vehemence unmitigated toward the urge of victory.

  11. There is but a very small proportion of the tattling, backbiting and criticisms on character, usually found in neighborhoods of as many families.

  12. On this text Mr. Ballou comments in his book to the extent of thirty pages, and occupies as many more with the severest criticisms of "Noyesism" and other forms of sexual innovation.

  13. Footnote 30: See Professor Robertson's Early Religion of Israel for a list of these conjectures, and, generally, for criticisms of the occasional vagaries of critics.

  14. But Martin, who knew the man, and valued his remarks accordingly, proceeded in the performance of his duty; being well aware that even an angel of light would have been subjected to the malignant criticisms of Obadiah.

  15. I find your criticisms extremely just; one in particular has struck me by its refined taste.

  16. In truth, and I speak with perfect sincerity, the criticisms which, before yours, have appeared on my work, make me feel to a certain extent ashamed of the French.

  17. His colonial visits and criticisms not merely attracted to him the animosity of all those Englishmen who espoused the politics of non-intervention and non-aggrandisement, but aroused lively irritation in the Colonies themselves.

  18. These criticisms are very just as regards the Macedonian, and I fully agree with them (possibly reserving the right to doubt Captain Carden's gallantry, though readily admitting his uncircumspection).

  19. Admiral de la Gravière's criticisms are especially valuable, because they are those of an expert, who only refers to the war of 1812 in order to apply to the French navy the lessons which it teaches, and who is perfectly unprejudiced.

  20. His criticisms on these are very just, but afford a funny instance of the pot calling the kettle black.

  21. Lord Howard Douglass' criticisms on these actions seem to me only applicable in part.

  22. From 1870 he was editor of the Journal fur praktische Chemie, in which many trenchant criticisms of contemporary chemists and their doctrines appeared from his pen.

  23. The carping criticisms of Mr. Dunlop, in his History of Fiction, and of an author in the Penny Encyclopedia, are scarcely worth notice.

  24. This reminds us of the criticisms of laymen reported in the Vinaya and the deference which the Buddha paid to them.

  25. European criticisms on the selfishness and pessimism of Buddhism forget the cheerfulness and buoyancy which are the chief marks of its holy men.

  26. Its criticisms should be "sternly just, guided only by the purest rules of Art, analyzing and urging these rules as it applied them; holding itself aloof from all personal bias, acknowledging no fear save that of outraging the right.

  27. All attempts of friends and fellow journalists to make him more moderate in his criticisms were in vain; they seemed indeed, but to excite the Imp of the Perverse, under whose influence he became more merciless than ever.

  28. He saw that he must speak to Edgar--add his protest to the protests of the little authors and the country gentlemen and see if he could not persuade him to tone down the sharpness of his criticisms and the strangeness of his stories.

  29. His own and many other of the magazines of the day were filled with reviews and criticisms that made him the terror of other writers, and with stories and poems that made him the marvel of readers everywhere.

  30. One of these dreams took form in the prospectus of a purely literary journal of the highest class which was to be in its criticisms and editorial opinions "fearless, independent and sternly just.

  31. I have offered some criticisms on the whole passage in Critical Miscellanies, Second Series, pp.

  32. The criticisms on the first edition call for no remark, excepting this, perhaps, that the present little volume has no pretensions to be anything more than an Essay.

  33. The remark consoled him, also, by its practical bearing on the present situation, for it would enable him to throw the weight of his criticisms on this part of Lady Tal's performance.

  34. Such criticisms illustrate the vague ideas regarding evolution that are still current.

  35. Touching the souls of great nations, these criticisms are generally false because they are critical.

  36. Anyhow my Bohemian would have nothing to do with such nonsense; he called himself a son of Bohemia, and spoke as such in his criticisms of America, which were both favourable and unfavourable.

  37. Moreover, that instinctive need of sympathy, which is so marked a characteristic of the timid, is deeply wounded, while their chronic fear of disapprobation is strengthened by the criticisms spread abroad.

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