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Example sentences for "crocuses"

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  1. Snowdrops and crocuses planted through the lawn are beautiful.

  2. Remember crocuses are of practically no use for cut-flower purposes.

  3. Crocuses are good for indoor planting as well.

  4. Snowdrops and crocuses will gladly usher in a continuous round of bloom for you.

  5. The sun, low in the sky, slanted almost level along the field, and shining right through the thin-petalled crocuses made of each a little star.

  6. They had come upon a whole clump of crocuses burst into purple and orange and gold.

  7. Perhaps they are coming up through the grass--perhaps there are clusters of purple crocuses and gold ones--even now.

  8. Yes, they are tiny growing things and they might be crocuses or snowdrops or daffodils," she whispered.

  9. The Prefect took two crocuses in his fingers, and cleverly slipped them into a buttonhole, for which they were not very well suited.

  10. Crocuses early nipt and shattered (in which my Pigeons help the winds) and Hyacinths all ready, if but they might!

  11. Snowdrops and Crocuses out: I have not many, for what I had have been buried under an overcoat of Clay, poor little Souls.

  12. It was one evening toward the end of the month that Monica joined her and walked up and down the edge of the lawn where in the grass a drift of purple crocuses had lately been flaming for her solitary adoration.

  13. See how the sparrows have pulled the crocuses into ribbons," Pauline exclaimed.

  14. It seems to me that as far as I can look back, oh, Monica, ever so far, that always the moment I've seen my crocuses budding winter seems to fly away.

  15. Soon the curly lob Find its love, the wicket; Snowdrops point to pads, Crocuses to Cricket!

  16. In front, on the lawn on this side, burned tiny patches of white where the crocuses sprouted.

  17. But in the meadow toward the river the wild crocuses marched bravely.

  18. In silence we followed him through the garden and out across the meadow, keeping in the shadow of the trees and hedges whenever possible, and trampling the brave little white crocuses underfoot.

  19. A wealth of hyacinths sent up a heavy sweetness in the still night air, and on the lawn toward the river crocuses were whiter than the moonlight itself.

  20. You shall have my pot of crocuses as a hostage," she assured him, laughing.

  21. There was a pot of striped purple crocuses on the tea-table, and a big jar of sallow "palm" and hazel catkins standing upon the floor.

  22. When first you see a violet And softly pricking through The garden-bed come crocuses And golden tulips, too, Then watch!

  23. Even grave Pete, whom I only saw now and then this winter at my readings, nursed and tended and watched a bed of crocuses with endless delight and care.

  24. The grass was now of a delicious green, and the tulips and hyacinths and crocuses were in full bloom, in their different oval-shaped beds, framed in with the green.

  25. But then came frost and the frivolous crocuses in their parti-colored gowns lay flat and desolate like little dead dreams.

  26. There came a few warm days and the crocuses began to run gay little races through the grass in Sylvia's garden and the jocund company of daffodils appeared.

  27. He was working this morning at some little distance from the house, but he liked to throw a look every now and then to the beds which he had raked and tidied already; they seemed so neat, and the crocuses were coming out so nicely.

  28. With this mild weather the snowdrops and crocuses and all them spring flowers is springing up finely; there's lots of them round that south side, and Branch can't spare a man to sort them out and rake over the beds.

  29. And the news made a considerable flutter in the dim room where Mrs. Tozer sat between the fire and the window, looking out upon the crocuses and regretting the High Street.

  30. When she went down to breakfast, she was again cheerful as the crocuses that raised their heads along the borders with the promise of summer in them.

  31. How pleasant it is, with the crocuses in all the borders already!

  32. Especially is this true of spring Bedding, in which the plants used are tulips, hyacinths, crocuses or other early-flowering bulbous plants.

  33. As to kinds of bulbs, select hyacinths, tulips or narcissus or daffodils, with snowdrops or crocuses of various colors around the edge.

  34. Spring-time is coming again, my dear; Sunshine and violets blue, you know; Crocuses lifting their sleepy heads Out of their sheets of snow.

  35. And I know a blossom sweeter by far That violets blue, or crocuses are, And bright as the sunbeam's glow.

  36. And there's my eleven crocuses in the front all a-singing together like anything on three bob a week!

  37. Thought praps you'd like to know there's eleven crocuses in the front garden.

  38. And they walked round in silence, with their hands clasped together, looking at the golden crocuses bright in the spring sunshine.

  39. It was early spring, and the snowdrops and crocuses were out.

  40. Then the snowdrops and crocuses were out, and the sky grew black, and she sat on the nursery floor and looked up at it in solemn wonder.

  41. The crocuses for which he always watched with so much interest were come and gone.

  42. And the snow disappeared from the streets and from the garden-spot which was all green underneath, and by the time the crocuses were up health and happiness reigned once more in the cottage.

  43. Why, I 'eerd tell as 'ow she sells crocuses and wilets for a tanner a bunch at first.

  44. On his back he wears a spotted lynx-pelt, and he delights in high-pitched songs in a soft meadow where crocuses and sweet-smelling hyacinths bloom at random in the grass.

  45. The purple crocuses have not yet all gone out of bloom, though their April glory has departed, and the tall spear-grass gives elegance all round to Dame Nature's bouquets.

  46. These stay with us all the winter, as do also the wood-duck (Dix sponsor), and until the crocuses cover the wild ground once again.

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