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  1. The crocodiles of the American continent form a distinct genus, sometimes designated Alligator, and sometimes Caiman.

  2. English writers commonly designate them monitors, the French sauvegardes, because they frequent the haunts of crocodiles and alligators, and give warning of their approach by a whistling sound.

  3. Fish and water-fowl abound, and not less do crocodiles and hippopotami.

  4. In the temperate regions of North America, where crocodiles still exist, these animals pass the entire winter in lethargic torpor.

  5. Crocodiles in briny creeks Sleep and stir not: all is mute.

  6. Crocodiles wept tears for thee; The woodbine and eglatere Drip sweeter dews than traitor's tear.

  7. With large crocodiles and alligators, the neck, legs, head, and tail all go nicely inside the body, as I have proved scores of times.

  8. The general public is very fond of horrible animals from far-distant countries, and I always gave it crocodiles galore.

  9. In their contact with the crocodiles the Dayaks show a fortitude almost beyond belief.

  10. Crocodiles are known to exist here, but do not pass the rapids above.

  11. There are no large serpents here, and neither snakes, dogs, nor crocodiles are eaten; but the rusa is accepted as food.

  12. When preparing to kill crocodiles the magic use of rice is as essential as when the lives of men are to be taken, proceedings in both cases being identical.

  13. They have been fishing for crocodiles ever since, for their religion prohibits quitting until the bait is taken either by the large fish, tapa, or by the python, called sahua.

  14. Crocodiles are numerous here, and at low water have been responsible for the disappearance of many Katingans.

  15. There, standing with his feet in the waves, he pronounced the potent spell which all crocodiles must obey.

  16. But isn't it ridiculous that they should be so careless, jumping from tree to tree just over the water, where they ought to know that the crocodiles are waiting for them?

  17. It is very beautiful here, but the crocodiles seem to have scared the fish away.

  18. I'm afraid, Sahib, he is one of those old savage crocodiles that are enchanted, and can't be killed.

  19. The crocodiles from below are coming up, Sahib; they have smelt the blood.

  20. The whole scene came vividly back to the pair as the boat glided on, and after a glance upward at the trees, Harry's eyes fell to scanning the water, half expecting to see the ugly muzzle of one of the great crocodiles shoot out.

  21. The Irene was run up the river to the railroad dock, where the crocodiles were put on the cars and the boys took their train for the North.

  22. The crocodiles which the boys sent to the Zoological Park may be seen to-day, alive and well in the reptile house.

  23. Strange and unaccountable noises, attracted attention to the spot, when it was discovered that the eggs had become hatched and the young crocodiles were quite ready to assume the responsibilities of life.

  24. Some species of the crocodile have been tamed or partially so, the sacred crocodiles being among these.

  25. The largest of these frequents the Nile and is known as the Nile Monitor from the habit attributed to it of signalling the presence of crocodiles by a peculiar whistling sound.

  26. Order III consists of a large reptile belonging to New Zealand which for anatomical reasons cannot be classed either with the Crocodiles or the Lizards.

  27. The Steamer's Journey The crocodiles drowsily dosing in the slime of the Congo river bank stirred uneasily as a strange sound broke the silence of the blazing African morning.

  28. So he got a canoe and launched it in the river by the village and paddled further and further up the stream, under the overhanging trees, and sometimes across the deep pools in which the big and fierce hippopotami and crocodiles lived.

  29. He gave as an example the crocodiles of the present day, which he believed to have descended from the fossil forms.

  30. I had visited these parts in my first expedition, when I noticed live tailless crocodiles in most huts I went into, lying on their backs, their claws and jaws nailed to the ground.

  31. Carlos lagoons, inhabited by Indians who live partly on crocodiles and alligators--a diet which seems to agree with them, for they are accounted the hardiest men in the State.

  32. He should raise outer ramparts round his forts, with enclosures in them, and fill his trenches with water, driving pointed stakes at their bottom and filling them with crocodiles and sharks.

  33. With the assistance of this single crow I have crossed this kingdom of thine that is like a river abounding with alligators and sharks and crocodiles and whales.

  34. Alas, no one understands that the world is sinking on the ocean of Time that is so very deep and that is infested with those huge crocodiles called decrepitude and death.

  35. Crocodiles are numerous and large in this island, being mostly found about the mouths of the rivers; and, being amphibious animals, delight much in marshes and savannahs.

  36. Come now, men,' says he; `what are you minding them air crocodiles for?

  37. These alligators are found in many other parts of the continent, and some affirm that they are the same with the crocodiles of the Nile.

  38. These crocodiles are equally at home in salt and fresh water.

  39. These crocodiles do not apparently attain a greater length than 12 or 13 feet.

  40. The freshwater lake of Wailava in Santa Anna is frequented by crocodiles which occasionally attack natives fishing on the banks.

  41. On the ramp, half in the water and half out lay about a hundred crocodiles basking in the sun, their yellow eyes all open.

  42. Brown said there were too many crocodiles for fish to be plentiful, but on the other hand, Kazimoto, who surely should have known, swore that the water was full of big fish, and that the islanders lived on little else.

  43. He had scorned the ferry and crossed the ford on foot, making a prodigious splash to keep crocodiles away, and was as full of life and fun as a schoolboy on vacation.

  44. More than a dozen crocodiles fought around that.

  45. We paddled about for an hour in the blistering sun, searching stupidly for what we knew we could never find; crocodiles remove traces of identity more swiftly than kites and crows.

  46. After that first island we began to sail among a regular archipelago, most of them scarcely better than granite rocks on which the crocodiles could crawl to sun themselves, but some of them a half-mile long, or longer.

  47. The owner of the boat vowed there were no fish left in the river, and that the crocodiles did not eat hippo unless it were first dead.

  48. And be told him about the crocodiles to encourage him.

  49. But I'd give my hope of heaven to know whether they shot the women first or watched them jump among the crocodiles when the heat grew fierce!

  50. They lay in the sun in batches in every stage of incubation, and from almost every batch there were little crocodiles emerging, that made straight for the water.

  51. The crocodiles all lay nose toward it, some of them twelve or fourteen feet long, some smaller, and some very small indeed, all interested to distraction in the dead tree-trunk.

  52. A short distance beyond this spot two large crocodiles were lying upon the beach asleep; but upon the approach of the canoe they plunged into the water, and raised their heads above the surface at about twenty-five paces.

  53. On the edge of the beach above high-water mark were low bushes, and from this cover the crocodiles came scuttling down into the water, frightened at the approach of the canoe.

  54. Crocodiles were exceedingly numerous both in and out of the water; wherever a sandy beach invited them to bask, several monsters were to be seen, like trunks of trees, lying in the sun.

  55. Serpents are covered with horny scales; Crocodiles and Tortoises have a bony covering.

  56. Pigafetta relates in his journal recently published at Milan that he saw, on the shores of the island of Borneo, crocodiles which inhabit alike land and sea.

  57. The rocky island of Boracha lies on the east, the lofty promontory of Unare is on the west, and below are seen the mouth of the river Neveri, and the arid shores on which the crocodiles come to sleep in the sun.

  58. By a wooden bridge, we crossed the river Manzanares, which contains a few bavas, or crocodiles of the smaller species.

  59. But at Erevato and Caura, where these phenomena are of rare occurrence, they terrify the Indians, frighten the beasts of the forests, and impel the crocodiles to quit the waters for the shore.

  60. The crocodiles of one lake in the llanos are cowardly, and flee even when in the water; whilst those of another lake will attack with extreme intrepidity.

  61. Crocodiles infest the stream that winds around and about the Malay houses.

  62. But they do not appear to hold them in dread, for I have seen men, women, children and crocodiles in the same water, and at the same time.

  63. The Eocene period is even more characteristically tropical in its flora and fauna, since palms and Cycadaceae, turtles, snakes, and crocodiles then inhabited England.

  64. The Crocodiles and Alligators belong to that order of reptiles known as Crocodilia.

  65. The Crocodile is livelier and more pugnacious than the Alligator, but there are no "man-eating" Crocodiles in the United States.

  66. The crocodiles must have been well fed that night.

  67. Alligators and crocodiles swam in the rivers.

  68. The rivers abounded in turtle--large numbers of remains of which are found in the London clay at the mouth of the Thames--crocodiles and alligators.

  69. They are bones of great reptiles,--the class of creatures to which lizards and crocodiles belong.

  70. In time the sea bed rose, and new land appeared, and another river bore down fruits to be buried with sea shells and remains of turtles and crocodiles in the mud deposited near its mouth to form the London clay.

  71. Well, imagine their being only from seven to eight inches long when they come out of the shell, and that full-grown crocodiles have been found thirty feet in length, and calculate accordingly.

  72. He afterwards gave an extremely curious explanation of it in his work on the crocodiles of Egypt.

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