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  1. The wani or crocodile thus introduced from India, via Indonesia, is really the Chinese and Japanese dragon, as Aston has claimed.

  2. I have already referred to the remarkable Maya deer-crocodile makara in the Liverpool Museum (p.

  3. Ashamed at his presence at her lying-in she was changed into a wani or crocodile (de Visser, p.

  4. Some of the varieties of makara were sufficiently like a crocodile to be confused or identified with this representative of the followers of Set.

  5. Spain and Palestine, is noted for destroying the eggs and young of the crocodile as well as various snakes and lizards, and hence was considered sacred by the ancient Egyptians.

  6. And first of the animals which have had more influence over the human soul, in its modern life, than ever Apis or the crocodile had over Egyptian--the dog and horse.

  7. A fawn is not vulgar in being timid, nor a crocodile "gentle" because courageous.

  8. Your Serpent of Egypt, is bred now of your mud by the operation of your Sun: so is your Crocodile Ant.

  9. As long as the crocodile was on the other side of the boat, he was safe, but now--the snag creaked, stirred.

  10. The river was searched, but the crocodile pickets were intact; no monster from the river had broken through the barriers.

  11. Piang defiantly bared his breast, exposing the sacred charm suspended from his necklace of crocodile teeth.

  12. As the crocodile plunged forward, Piang thrust his spear into its breast.

  13. He was holding a tiny gourd, no larger than a monkey-nut, suspended from a necklace of polished crocodile teeth.

  14. Papita's eyes were fastened on Piang, on the charm that dangled from his necklace of crocodile teeth; Piang was lost in Ganassi Peak.

  15. The canoe was being swept backward, stern first, and the crocodile swam close, nosing it, making it careen perilously.

  16. With the tip of his finger he touched the shining cross-guns, then his necklace of crocodile teeth.

  17. A wild boar, which had been captured for crocodile bait, was fastened to a pole in the middle of the campong (clearing).

  18. The crocodile was lashing the water with its tail, and the light shell was pitching and rolling dangerously.

  19. Only the crocodile and the python are foolish enough to attack it, but the crocodile's jaws are torn asunder, and the python is clawed to pieces.

  20. The crocodile was just beneath him and if it rose suddenly, it would upset him.

  21. A crocodile fights with its last breath to remain on its belly, for if not dead, it drowns as soon as it turns over.

  22. Illustration: Crocodile about to attack one of the Dogs of the Expedition.

  23. About two hours afterwards, my driver called out there was a large crocodile crawling up the bank, and making for the hut where the young one was in the basket, the natives running away.

  24. A little below my waggon, a native boy caught a young crocodile about a foot in length, and took it up to the huts, and put it into an old basket.

  25. They had nearly reached the bank, when the foremost looked round and saw a large crocodile come up from the water and seize the head of the last man between his jaws, and disappear with him.

  26. The next day they were skinned, as they are very useful for many purposes, and the day after, I shot a crocodile as he seemed asleep on the bank.

  27. Tis true that under the piercing glance of his colleague Valero, he hastily added that the crocodile was quite young and only had one row of teeth.

  28. He had his crocodile tears all ready for use, in working order, like a good industrious fire- engine.

  29. Would the teeth of a crocodile not splinter under that word?

  30. As she crept down stairs, she heard the Crocodile still weeping forth his sorrows to the pensive ear of twilight, and to the sympathetic Don Francisco.

  31. The nuns thanked him each and all; until the old crocodile actually began to cry and whimper sentimentally at what he now perceived to be excess of munificence in himself.

  32. We need not visit Egypt or go so far back in history to encounter crocodile worship, as this can be readily found in France at the end of the last century.

  33. In three years these dogmas installed the crocodile on the purple carpet insides the sanctuary behind the golden veil.

  34. The descriptions and figures given by Graves, Bory de St. Vincent, and Dumeril and Bibron, of the unique specimen of this Crocodile to the Bordeaux Museum, would alone have compelled me to differ entirely from the view taken by Dr.

  35. However, Goniopholis, with its strong armour, is more like an ordinary Crocodile; and I have recently discovered that a true Crocodile in some respects curiously similar to C.

  36. Are there, then, two or more species of Crocodile in Egypt, as Geoffroy St.-Hilaire supposed?

  37. Gray has gradually formed at the British Museum, the skull of a Crocodile obtained from a dealer in Paris, and labelled by him "Croc.

  38. Ninnis could drive you to Crocodile Creek, and put you into the train; and Halliwell will look after you at Leuraville, and see you on board the steamer.

  39. It was a blue telegraph-service envelope, and had been forwarded on by the postman from Crocodile Creek, the nearest telegraph station.

  40. We managed to collect a hundred or so--sent them in trucks from Crocodile Creek Terminus, for boiling down and netted about thirty shillings a head on them.

  41. And for the first time in her existence, Lady Bridget beheld a monster iguana dragging its huge lizard tail and turning its stately, brown crocodile head round at her from the safe vantage place of a thick gum branch.

  42. I thought I'd get out at Crocodile Creek and pay somebody to drive me up here.

  43. In the last fifteen months they had brought the bush railway a good deal further up the river, and Crocodile Creek was the present terminus.

  44. They calculated that under these provisions the railway terminus at Crocodile Creek, might be reached on the eve of the third day.

  45. I expect the answer to the cablegram will get as quickly as if Harry the Blower took it, if you send it from Crocodile Creek yourself.

  46. I was on ahead at the time and so did not witness the occurrence, but on hearing the cries of the others I ran back as quickly as possible--too late, however, to see any sign of either crocodile or native.

  47. Shortly after we started one of the Wa Kamba went down to the river's edge to fill his calabash with water, when a crocodile suddenly rose up out of the stream, seized the poor fellow and in a moment had dragged him in.

  48. Still, I wish we could get out of these reeds of which I never want to see another, and Baas, please keep your rifle ready for I think I hear a crocodile stirring there.

  49. In his extremity Umslopogaas rushed for that tree and went up it like a lamplighter, just as the crocodile wriggled past its trunk, snapping at his retreating legs.

  50. Only the head with the eye, jaws, and tongue of the crocodile are carved.

  51. Wherever it occurs, the crocodile or the alligator, as the case may be, almost invariably finds its way into the decorative art of the district.

  52. I have shown numerous examples of this in the bird and crocodile motive in Papuan art, and it would be easy to multiply illustrations.

  53. There are very few designs which cannot be traced to this origin; occasionally a crocodile or a lizard may be introduced.

  54. The Javanese have no fear of the crocodile when bathing, they believe that their "grandfathers" and "fathers" could do them no harm.

  55. The association of a human being and crocodile is shown in Fig.

  56. The first (A) is decorated with characteristic ornamentation, consisting in the upper part of birds' heads and at the handle of the bird and crocodile design; but it is still a useful implement.

  57. Pococke describes a method of taking the crocodile in Egypt still more like that of South America.

  58. She persisted that someone wearing a crocodile mask had been standing beside her at the moment that she was taken ill.

  59. A man, wearing the crocodile mask of Set, stood by a huge urn containing a palm, looking up to the landing!

  60. You know," pursued Cairn, "I cannot get out of my head the idea that there was someone wearing a crocodile mask in the garden a while ago.

  61. A silver incense-burner smoked upon a large praying-carpet, and by it stood the man in the crocodile mask.

  62. This Monitor is the largest of the lizards, with a long, flexible tail, and sometimes as much as 8 feet in length in its Melanesian types, and is not infrequently mistaken for a crocodile by Europeans.

  63. But twelve miles higher up it is a full stream with rapids and falls, crocodile and hippo, and some miles down it is a stagnant tropical lagoon.

  64. Now and then a pass cleft the mountain line on our right, and in the afternoon we came in sight of the great gap through which the Crocodile River forces its passage.

  65. At the foot of the pass we forded the Magalies River, a stream of clear water running over a bed of grey-blue stones, and in another half-hour we had crossed the bridge of the Crocodile and outspanned on the farther bank.

  66. It was approaching sunset as we crossed Commando Nek, which is divided from Crocodile Poort by a spur of mountain, and looked over the Witwatersberg rolling south to the Rand and the feverish life of cities.

  67. Humboldt has related the strange accident of a hovel having been erected over a spot where a young crocodile lay buried in the hardened mud.

  68. What the result of the shot may have been I do not know, for the crocodile gave one leap of mortal agony or surprise and disappeared in the waters.

  69. As we were thus scrambling along the brink of the river a crocodile was discovered basking in the sunshine on a large rock in mid-stream, about a hundred and fifty yards from the shore.

  70. Even the Presence would acknowledge that crocodile flesh without bread would be uninteresting diet; but as a rule the pig, the parrots, the squirrels left enough for Lal to eat with his jerked meat.

  71. Had the Presence never heard that the poor ate crocodile flesh?

  72. He will have to sell some of his jerked crocodile to pay his revenue this year," I remarked, just to amuse them.

  73. Not until fairly overshadowed by the rushing bulk of the crocodile did Will realize his danger.

  74. Inexorably the thumbs of his assailant gouged out the the soft tissues of the eye-sockets until the crocodile reluctantly loosed his grip and sought refuge from the unbearable pain by a rush into the deeps beyond the raft.

  75. II Herr Carovius was a regular customer at the Crocodile Inn; a table was always reserved for him.

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