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Example sentences for "curbing"

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curatores; curators; curb; curbe; curbed; curbs; curbstone; curbstones; curch; curculio
  1. Curbing inflation, reducing the deficit, and improving public sector efficiency remain key challenges to the government.

  2. Other issues facing the government are the curbing of the budget deficit and further privatization of public enterprises.

  3. But had we proceeded on down Main Street, we could not have gotten onto Stemmons Expressway unless we had had public works to come in and remove some curbing and build some barricades over it.

  4. Was there any consideration given prior to establishing the parade route to removing this curbing and going---- Mr. CURRY.

  5. He had shattered the alliance which had been formed for the purpose of curbing him, and the result of the election had virtually condoned his breach of the constitution.

  6. Other questions could be postponed; the question of curbing the king could not.

  7. For four years women had been mincing along in garments so absurdly narrow that each step was a thing to be considered, each curbing or car-step demanding careful negotiation.

  8. Myrtle, listen: That Australian crawl was necessary when our skirts were so narrow we had to negotiate a curbing before we could take it.

  9. Curbing his combativeness in business should be one of his chief aims.

  10. Should Aim At ¶ Taking more frequent vacations, relaxing each day, and curbing his pugnacity should be the special aims of this type.

  11. Planting it firmly in the earth, he had for a while defended it nobly where he stood, curbing alike the high spirit of his prancing horse and his own intense longing to dash forward in the thickest of the fight.

  12. It is the only method of curbing not only the majority but the power of the whole people, and it affords the strongest basis for a second chamber, which has been found the essential security for freedom in every genuine democracy.

  13. The task of curbing the girl's impatience, day after day, had fallen to Mrs. Colwood.

  14. Now they rode at a walk, curbing their horses' impatience with tight-drawn reins.

  15. He rode slowly at first, curbing his crying impatience with the knowledge that restraint now meant the reserve of endurance to his horse upon which he might be forced to call before he had found her.

  16. Curbing his impatience, he again looked out upon the area, and awaited the result in silence.

  17. France by Louis XI and Richelieu--curbing of the great nobles and an exaltation of the sovereign, with a substitution of civil justice for military anarchy.

  18. It enabled Japan to weaken Russia, thus curbing Russian ambitions, and making it possible for us to conclude an Entente with Russia in 1907.

  19. Perk hissed this one word even as he ducked down behind the well curbing at sight of the figure in the doorway.

  20. An IMF Standby Agreement, signed in 2001, has been accompanied by slow but palpable gains in privatization, deficit reduction, and the curbing of inflation.

  21. Other issues facing the government are the curbing of the budget deficit, including the containment of social welfare costs, and further privatization of public enterprises.

  22. But you know what to say,” responded Sam, curbing his impatience.

  23. I want nothing more, thank you,” he said, curbing his impatience.

  24. No man is cured of his evil tendencies without a great deal of hard work conscientiously directed to curbing them.

  25. Nobunaga, therefore, gave countenance to Christian missionaries with a view to curbing the arrogance of Buddhist sectaries by the inroad of the new exotic religion.

  26. The imperial family thus regained some of its historical prestige, and succeeded in curbing the arrogance of the Fujiwara.

  27. But bygones will we let be, for all our pain, curbing the heart in our breasts under necessity.

  28. For hours before the parade started I sat on the curbing of the side-walk with a prominent society woman on one side, and a plain little farmer's wife from up state on the other.

  29. The three of us--Robert Jennings and Will and I--stood for two hours on the edge of a curbing in New York City waiting for Ruth to walk up Fifth Avenue.

  30. A kindly policeman had caught sight of me on the curbing and signaled for the traffic to stop.

  31. The mother and child had disappeared around the corner of the house when the click of Van Dorn's bicycle on the curbing told the Doctor that the young man was upon the walk.

  32. The wheels of the Judge's buggy grate upon the curbing nearby and the Captain remarks: "Judge Tom gets in a little later every night now.

  33. They emerged from the restaurant just as a large gray automobile pulled up to the curbing on the opposite side of the street.

  34. The driver of the gray sedan likewise drew up to the curbing and alighted.

  35. Since Pearl Street was not far from the business section of Belton City, she left her automobile parked at the curbing and walked to the nearest department store.

  36. It would seem, however, that the provincial henchmen of the central Government had overreached themselves in their eagerness to carry out the behest of "curbing the Jews.

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