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Example sentences for "declaiming"

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deckt; declaim; declaimed; declaimer; declaimers; declaims; declamation; declamations; declamatory; declar
  1. About twelve o'clock I commonly visited him, and frequently found him in bed, or declaiming over his tea, which he drank very plentifully.

  2. I happened to say one day, when he was declaiming against Macpherson, that I had met with nobody of his opinion but William Caddel of Cockenzie, and President Dundas, which he took ill, and was some time of forgetting.

  3. Yes," said Cicero, "I exercised my eloquence in declaiming upon a bad subject.

  4. It seemed still more extraordinary that Howe, whose whole eloquence consisted in cutting personalities, named nobody on this occasion, and contented himself with declaiming in general terms against corruption and profusion.

  5. Yet how could they, just after declaiming against the Chancellor for accepting a very moderate and well earned provision, undertake the defence of a statesman who had, out of grants, pardons and bribes, accumulated a princely fortune?

  6. I replied: "Your conduct in endeavouring to crush the press, by declaiming against it to Mavrocordato, and your general abuse of Liberal principles.

  7. It is true I could hear a voice within, but the voice seemed to be declaiming a speech.

  8. Overbeck started for Turin and there found his poor old companion giving away his money, dancing, singing, declaiming verse, and playing snatches of crazy music on the pianoforte.

  9. His declaiming aloud his sentences has been adduced to prove his absence of sanity.

  10. This elementary drill should be followed by practice in reading and declaiming selections requiring the extreme notes of the compass.

  11. It must be confessed, however that the practice of declaiming as managed in some institutions, is comparatively useless, if not positively injurious.

  12. The people, whom declaiming jurisconsults so vehemently but vainly incite to speak evil of lavishness, would be grieved if they saw any interruption in the expenditure which a silly parsimony calls superfluous.

  13. His Seventh of March Speech (1850), which seemed to the North to make compromises with slavery, put him under a cloud for awhile, but nothing could stop youth from declaiming his Reply to Hayne.

  14. How close it all is to the ridiculous, our standing up there and declaiming all sorts of red-hot emotions, with painted paper on one side, and bald-headed fiddlers on the other!

  15. Vardaman, declaiming violently against Negro colleges, has actually, in specific instances, given them help and encouragement.

  16. To conceal this frightful design from the eyes of the vulgar, it was necessary to flatter their selfish passions by declaiming against egotism.

  17. Even those in the higher ranks of society who contemplate no such result, will contribute to it, by declaiming on their hardships and rights.

  18. But why do I degradate my own consequence by declaiming to you an eulogium upon logic?

  19. He is declaiming about gratitude," replied Denis.

  20. Do not the rhythmic and sonorous passages of verse naturally call for song to set them off, since singing is but a better method of declaiming them?

  21. A remarkable and famous contemporary singer was known to his fellow-undergraduates only by this circumstance, that his melodious voice was heard declaiming anapaests all through the ambrosial night.

  22. It seemed as if Count Karl were declaiming an indictment.

  23. So it was that while the politicians were declaiming against her as a cold-blooded aristocrat, there were poor people all over the city who had some tale to tell of kindness done in secret, either by her or her father.

  24. But when they got over there, Fitzgerald was declaiming loudly gainst the rotten politics of Roma.

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