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Example sentences for "drugging"

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  1. Doctor, what does the history of all these centuries of drugging show you?

  2. The drugging system is an outgrowth of the belief of life in matter.

  3. Surgery is no less an outgrowth of the belief of sentient matter than is the drugging system," she replied.

  4. Still further light has been thrown upon the debasing nature of the drugging system by a member of the Philadelphia Drug Exchange, in a recent hearing before the House Committee on municipal affairs right here.

  5. The only hope under the drugging system is that the patient's life and purse may hold out under the strain of trying everything until he can light upon the right thing before he reaches the end of the list.

  6. As if to put a point of satirical grimness on the matter, the responsible proprietor of this particular business of drugging helpless babies is a woman, Mrs. J.

  7. The sight of a parent drugging a helpless infant into a semi-comatose condition is not an elevating one for this civilized age, and it is a very common practice.

  8. Such recommendations are likely to lead to self-drugging in conditions that are not only dangerous to the individual but also a menace to the community.

  9. The company’s own figures indicate that the time is about ripe to take care of this vast army of self-drugging laymen and recent circular letters seem to recognize it.

  10. The circular included with the trade package, however, bears statements which would tend to encourage self-drugging by the layman, and in view of the manner in which the preparation is exploited are undoubtedly intended to do so.

  11. Don Carlos's lips were crushed on her own, and his burning kisses seemed to be drugging her brain and drawing the very heart out of her.

  12. He did seem to be drawing the very heart out of her with his lips, and drugging her senses.

  13. The whole system of drugging people when they are sick is merely a method of quieting the signals--of killing or paralyzing the messengers.

  14. He pointed out that at the time the black shadow which could never be dispelled passed over the life of the accused woman, her husband was in the habit of drugging himself.

  15. Drugging is as bad a habit as drinking, and as hard to leave off.

  16. To accomplish this it was necessary to have the use of the undertaker's wagon, and this he had managed by drugging the watchman, as well as Mark Quadrant.

  17. His story of the probable drugging of the night watchman at the stable now became not only credible, but probable.

  18. For he afterwards admitted drugging and robbing Henry Tremaine.

  19. He was angry, because I dared to expose him, in his sneaking way of drugging and robbing his guests.

  20. I passed this man and walking into his saloon, said, why are you in this business, drugging and robbing the people?

  21. Say nothing of the drugging at the inquest, as there is no need to blacken your father's character.

  22. Ward and Mrs. Coppersley as to the drugging and the locking of the bedroom door would clear her character.

  23. As a matter of fact, he had convinced me wholly that--after the abortive attempt at drugging in Kai--he had played straight with Bell.

  24. That which I most desired to get some line upon was what Allen had been driving at in drugging Bell, or even, possibly, trying to poison him.

  25. By drugging some wine which he presented to the guards of the prison, he rendered them so drowsy that he easily found means to scale a wall unobserved, with Seton, and effect his escape.

  26. Treves, the body physician of the late King Edward of England, is no less outspoken in his denunciation of drugging than Drs.

  27. Healers Work with Laws that They Do Not Understand In our critical analysis of "Old School" methods we found that by far the greater part of all chronic ailments is due to drugging and to surgery.

  28. Herein lies the seductive pull of old-time drugging and of modern metaphysics.

  29. And nothing is thought to be to the advantage of the Church which does not tend to the concubinage of the spiritual and temporal power, and to the muzzling of speech and the drugging of the mind to sleep.

  30. In desperate cases of sufficient rank the doctors throw up the sponge and send for Isidro's urn, and the drugging having ceased, the noble patient frequently recovers, and much honor and profit comes thereby to the shrine of the saint.

  31. The cabman would not know he did not intend to go by it, but meant to return to 11, Glover Street, there to perpetrate this foul crime, interruption to which he had possibly barred by drugging his landlady.

  32. So he accompanied him to the barrack, where he fed him and drugging him with Bhang, doffed his clothes and put them on.

  33. I will maintain that a healthy child never requires drugging with opening physic, and that costiveness is brought on by bad management.

  34. A mother who is herself always drugging her child, can only do good to two persons--the doctor and the druggist!

  35. Just because I was jealous of Hodge, I went on that drunk and let Barney Lynn fool me into going aboard the boat and in drugging me.

  36. He remembered it, because the story of the fire and of Lynn's death, and the drugging of Badger, was in the papers, and he could not forget the time.

  37. The dying boat-keeper, Barney Lynn, confessed to drugging Badger, but did not tell Winnie that Badger was drunk at the time.

  38. Her nerves, weakened by the almost continuous drugging of the last few months, were all a-quiver.

  39. You're drugging yourself to a lunatic asylum," he had told her after a very brief examination.

  40. The results, from drugging or hypnosis, were the same.

  41. Thornberry would tell me there is no need for light; that the prisoners can't escape because their drugging has made them unable, or their conditioning has made them afraid, to leave the prison.

  42. But the second mental, that quick recheck of the completeness of the drugging or the hypnosis.

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