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  1. Two of them had scales of snakes in the stomach or intestine, one contained a six-inch Lepomis, and the other had hair in the intestine and the head and neck of an adult egret in the stomach.

  2. His Majesty's crown is an elegantly embossed tiara, with numerous chains hanging in gorgeous clusters around the brow, and surmounted by the imperial plume of white egret feathers.

  3. Europe; and the American snowy egret (A.

  4. I had promised Laura to return by eight o'clock, to finish a delightful book we were reading aloud together, until the tiff about Captain Egret had interrupted us.

  5. That is a cruel deed that ought to make every woman blush who ever wears an egret on her hat or bonnet.

  6. After all, the taking of furs does not compare in cruelty with the shooting of herons and other birds by the tens of thousands, just to pluck an egret or plume and toss the body away.

  7. Half stunned, and altogether bewildered by her agony, the mother egret flapped blindly upon the top of the water, her snowy plumage crimsoned with her life-blood.

  8. And before the lagoon had taken the first of the sunset colour, there was not one adult egret in the whole herony which had not paid the bloody price of its devotion.

  9. A pair of owls, hearing these cries, and guessing that all could not be right with the egret colony, came winnowing up noiselessly and took toll of the defenceless nests.

  10. Before flying off again to resume her quest of fish, the mother egret remained for a few moments on the edge of the nest, to rest and preen herself.

  11. Illustration: The mother egret flapped blindly upon the top of the water.

  12. The brightness of her high-coiffed hair was surmounted by a tuft of straight egret plumes, as firm, pearl-white, and delicate as a filigree of frost.

  13. Presently another egret is caught and divested of its plumes, and the process continues all day.

  14. The various species of egret and the paddy bird all assume their nuptial plumes in May.

  15. The bird-catchers spend six weeks every year in obtaining cattle-egret plumes in this manner.

  16. The cattle-egret is gregarious; it is the large white bird that accompanies cattle in order to secure the insects put up by the grazing quadrupeds.

  17. In the case of the egret these plumes are in great demand and are known to the plumage trade as "ospreys.

  18. Almost before it has touched the ground the cane is pulled and the egret finds itself a prisoner.

  19. Sooner or later an egret in one of the trees near by, seeing some of its kind standing peacefully in the water, alights near them.

  20. The plumes in question consist of long filamentous feathers that grow from the neck of the egret and also from its breast.

  21. For a few moments I was in ignorance of the meaning of all this turmoil, when, suddenly, out of the confused black and white cloud of birds the Egret appeared, mounting vertically upwards with vigorous measured strokes.

  22. The White Egret inhabits America from Nova Scotia to Patagonia, and is everywhere common, so that its breeding and other habits are very well known.

  23. In this way they continued toiling upwards until the Egret appeared a mere white speck in the sky, about which the four hateful black spots were still revolving.

  24. The Snowy Egret is common on the pampas, and throughout all the warm portions of North and South America; but does not range so far south as Ardea egretta.

  25. We took one egret from a flock of about 20 that flew low over our campsite on the morning of July 12.

  26. Dichromanassa rufescens# (Gmelin), Reddish Egret Although previously reported only as a casual summer visitor along the coast, the Reddish Egret is known now to occur regularly in small numbers during the winter.

  27. The train-feathers of the Egret add, however, to the apparent size of the bird.

  28. The Egret is rather larger than the heron, a full-grown specimen measuring about four feet in length, whereas the heron is scarcely more than a yard in total length.

  29. The colour of the Egret is pure white, with the exception of the train.

  30. The train of the Egret is highly valued in the East, brushes being made of them wherewith flies can be driven away, or delicate articles dusted.

  31. In countries where rice is cultivated, the Egret may generally be seen in the artificial swamps in which that plant is sown.

  32. The egret promised to catch him a fine rohu fish, which was what she was accustomed to eat, but the crow said that she would give him a golden necklace.

  33. A crow and a white egret once made their nests in the same tree, and when the nestlings began to grow up the crow saw how pretty and white the young egrets were, and thought them much nicer than her own black young ones.

  34. But," protested the egret "how have my white nestlings become black?

  35. So one day when the egret was away, the crow changed the nestlings and brought the little white egrets, to her own nest.

  36. When the mother egret returned and found the ugly little black crows in her own nest, it did not take her long to see what had happened and she at once taxed the crow with the theft.

  37. The poor egret was not at all content with this unjust decision, and was about to renew the quarrel, when a jackal came racing by; it had just made its escape from some hunters.

  38. Because these feathers are so lovely, rich women want to wear them in their hats; and these rich women are willing to pay a great deal of money for the egret feathers.

  39. So, if ever you want to wear egret feathers, think of the dozen baby egrets who must starve and die if you are to have them.

  40. And so, for each Papa and Mamma egret which the cruel hunters killed, they left a dozen baby birds in their nests to starve and die.

  41. You can grow up to be beautiful, and look beautiful, without wearing these egret feathers.

  42. Each bunch of egret feathers represents a family tragedy,--a nest of little birds left to die, because the mother has been sacrificed to satisfy the demands of fashion.

  43. But more terrible, if anything, than the story of the humming-bird cape is the story of the delicate egret plumes on yonder hat.

  44. Pair Marbled Ducks, one Nyroca Pochard, and an Egret shot.

  45. The reason the Egret gives for the bird dances--that it makes the world work together better--she must have learned from an Indian, since there is always some such reason back of every primitive dance.

  46. On her head was the royal circlet of egret plumes nodding above the yellow circlet of the Sun.

  47. The children turned toward the Pelican among the mangrove trees, crowded with nests of egret and heron and rosy hornbill.

  48. Oliver, seeing the Princess gather up her pearls and the Egret preparing to tuck her bill under her wing.

  49. A tame egret ruffled her white plumes at the Princess's shoulder.

  50. I was telling them about the pearls of Cofachique," said the Egret who had first spoken to the children, "and of how Hernando de Soto came to look for them.

  51. Dorcas, as the Egret showed signs again of tucking her head under her wing.

  52. It was just the place and hour for a story, and while the Brown Pelican opened her well-filled maw to her two hungry nestlings, the Snowy Egret went on with the subject.

  53. The Egret settled to her nest again and the Pelican went on with the story.

  54. But White Egret is a Christian name and the surname to it is Heron--for the White Egret belongs to the Heron family.

  55. But now, let me tell you about those beautiful feathers which the poor White Egret has.

  56. Now if the beautiful feathers of the White Egret could not be sold, because the world was better and there were no frozen-hearted women to buy them, yet they would be worth something, although it would not be money.

  57. Yes, he is very like a heron, and, do you know, there is a very good reason for that, because the White Egret is a heron.

  58. Now do you wonder that I call this beautiful Snowy Egret the Bonnet Martyr?

  59. Yes, to be sure; there are two more that will interest you--the Snowy Egret or Bonnet Martyr, and the Great Blue Heron or Blue Giant.

  60. I have also caught them preparing and eating sea gulls, terns, blue heron, egret and even the bittern.

  61. I saw an American egret plume on the water, and left it, purposely, to see whether it would sink or not.

  62. Of the bloody egret slaughter in Florida, not one-tenth of the whole story ever has been told.

  63. The egret and heron plumes, known under the trade name of "osprey, etc.

  64. The French story of the beautiful and smoothly-running egret farms in Venezuela is preposterous, save for a mere shadow of truth.

  65. Storks and the little egret are common, while the rosy spoon-bill and flamingo, although very shy, are seen occasionally.

  66. Not to let them all escape, I aimed at a beautiful egret with white plumage, and to my great delight down it fell.

  67. At one place, beneath a small palmetto bush, we found the body of an Egret which the hunters had overlooked.

  68. Illustration: Egret brooding on a Florida island owned and guarded by the Audubon Society.

  69. Egret brooding on a Florida island owned and guarded by the Audubon Society .

  70. Illustration: A Snowy Egret that came home to die.

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