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  1. Martyn explains it as Succory in the former passage, Endive in the latter.

  2. Individual molds may be served on lettuce, spinach or endive with or without improved mayonnaise dressing.

  3. Celery, parsley, spinach, endive and dandelion may be kept fresh the same as lettuce and crisped in ice water before serving.

  4. Asparagus Mayonnaise= Place six-inch stalks of cooked asparagus in rail fence style just inside a lettuce or endive border on a platter, with lemon cups of mayonnaise (one for each person to be served) in the center.

  5. Endive of Bruttii has not the bitter fibres spoken of by Virgil, xii.

  6. Sow kidney beans, pumpkins, cucumbers for pickling, and (late in the month) endive and lettuces.

  7. A little chickweed in spring, lettuce leaves in summer, and endive in autumn, with slices of sweet apple in winter, may be safely given; but bread and sugar ought to be generally avoided.

  8. Endive or large cabbage-lettuces may be used instead of cabbage, but care must be taken to drain off all the water.

  9. Endive is often used in France, and called chicoree.

  10. When cold put the fish on a serving-dish, and, using endive or Boston Market lettuce, put the ends of the leaves beneath the fish, so that the tops of the leaves will fall over upon the fish.

  11. Endive is a hardy annual, said to be a native of China and Japan.

  12. This differs from the Small Batavian Endive in the size and shape of its leaves, which are broader and more rounded: they are a little darker, but yet pale.

  13. Fretwork is very rarely seen, but the carved ornament is generally a foliated or curled endive scroll; sometimes the top of a cabinet is finished in the form of a Chinese pagoda.

  14. Proceed with the ducklings precisely as above, fillet and dress the same, serve with some endive prepared as directed (No.

  15. The endive may be omitted, but for a real epicure procure it if possible; they are served in France on the best of tables, and are quite worthy of that honour.

  16. Chicorée, or Endive Sauce, 48 Appendix to the Sauces.

  17. Lettuce, Romaine, endive and chicory or escarole make the best dinner salads, although one may use mixed cooked vegetables or well-prepared uncooked cabbage.

  18. Imported endive may, however, be served with mayonnaise, if desired.

  19. It will make the dish much prettier if you reserve one head of endive boiled whole.

  20. The drawback to endive is that it is tough, and the simple remedy is to boil it.

  21. Place the stewed endive on a dish, and sprinkle some chopped blanched parsley over it, then place the single head of endive upright in the centre, and place some fried bread round the edge.

  22. Endive is generally used as a salad, but is very nice served as a vegetable, stewed.

  23. Virgil thought endive bitter,[IX-138] but he did not speak ill of it.

  24. If the curled endive be prepared, use only the yellow leaves, removing the thick stalks and cutting the small ones into thin pieces; the smooth endive stalk as well must be cut fine.

  25. M French Endive or Witloof Chicory A Wholesome and Useful Winter Vegetable [Illustration] =How to Grow.

  26. Endive is well known as forming a principal part of our winter salads; for which purpose, it is usual with gardeners to blanch it, by tying the plants up together, and laying them in dry places.

  27. The French, who eat more vegetables than our country people do, use this in the spring as a common dish: it is similar to endive in taste.

  28. Succory, to which add Endive which comes after.

  29. Endive is a species of chicory salad, originally imported from France.

  30. Radishes Broiled fresh mackerel, anchovy butter Potatoes Hollandaise Sweetbreads, Lieb, with peas Roast imperial squab Asparagus with melted butter Endive and beet salad Corn starch blanc mange Alsatian wafers Coffee =Salade Chateau de Madrid.

  31. Because endive remains bitter until cold weather, it doesn't matter if it grows slowly through summer, just so long as rapid leaf production resumes in autumn.

  32. Endive A biennial member of the chicory family, endive quickly puts down a deep taproot and is naturally able to grow through prolonged drought.

  33. The problem with dry-gardened endive is that if it is spring sown during days of increasing daylength when germination of shallow-sown small seed is a snap, it will bolt prematurely.

  34. Sowing date: On irrigated raised beds endive is sown around August 1 and heads by mid-October.

  35. Though seed for wild chicory is hard to obtain, cheap varieties of endive (a semicivilized relative) are easily available.

  36. About August, the squash roots began invading the endive's territory and the endive got wilty.

  37. The only time I had trouble was when the endive row was too close to an aggressive row of yellow crookneck squash.

  38. Again, when contemplating the amount of space it takes, keep in mind that this endive and kohlrabi must help fill our salad bowls from October through March.

  39. You may add Parsley-roots or Leeks, Cabbage or Endive in the due time before the broth is ended boiling, and time enough for them to become tender.

  40. Then put in the Hen again, and a handful of white Endive uncut at length, which requireth more boiling then tenderer herbs.

  41. Wash and free the endive thoroughly from insects, remove the green part of the leaves, and put it into boiling water, slightly salted.

  42. Endive is of the same nature as chicory, the leaves being curly.

  43. Put it into a stewpan with the broth, add a little salt and a lump of sugar, and boil until the endive is perfectly tender.

  44. Endive is extensively cultivated for the adulteration of coffee; is also a fine relish, and has broad leaves.

  45. Wash and dry endive picked off the green outer leaves and use only the light-colored feathery leaves.

  46. Shape into balls and serve on lettuce or endive with French or Mayonnaise dressing.

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