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  1. Hemorrhagic spots and superficial erosions are commonly seen, and a thick, tenacious exudate, difficult of expectoration, lies in patches in the trachea.

  2. Primary lesions appear as superficial erosions or ulcerations, with a surrounding yellowish granular zone, or the granules may alone be present.

  3. Erosions and ulcerations which follow the stagnation esophagitis increase the cicatricial stenosis in their healing.

  4. These erosions have a glandular arrangement, and are often mistaken for cancerous or malignant growths.

  5. This occurs more or less regularly with certain torrents that are usually dry and where it is impracticable to prevent the erosions above.

  6. In the second place, the erosions are frequently the cause of landslides.

  7. The prospect for many a narrow valley would be a sad one indeed if means had not been taken to prevent the lateral erosions so common with the mountain torrents and so productive of landslips.

  8. Currents that have been making dangerous deposits at certain points and causing dangerous erosions at others are treated by the above systems until the danger has disappeared or the money has given out.

  9. In the first place, the erosions on the mountain sides result in deposits which present different inconveniences, of which I shall speak later.

  10. Superficial erosions of the skin, particularly of the muzzle and of the teats and udders of cows, may also be present, with some elevation of temperature and emaciation.

  11. Mycotic stomatitis occurs sporadically on widely separated farms, affecting only a few animals in each herd, and the lesions produced consist of erosions without the typical vesicular formations of foot-and-mouth disease.

  12. In some outbreaks the milch cows have slight superficial erosions on the teats which at times extend to the udder.

  13. The muzzle becomes dry and parched in appearance, which condition is shortly followed by erosions and exfoliations of the superficial layer of the skin.

  14. The erosions of the mouth are not so extensive and they heal more rapidly in mycotic stomatitis.

  15. At the meeting of the American Association in August, President Hitchcock of Amherst College, read a paper "On the River Terraces of the Connecticut Valley, and on the Erosions of the Earth's Surface.

  16. President Hitchcock then gives his view of the precise mode in which these terraces were formed, illustrating them by references to other parts of our country, and concludes by a notice of the erosions of the earth's surface.

  17. If this is not done, erosions and ulcerations of the throat ensue, and this again is prone to be followed by constriction (narrowing) of the gullet.

  18. It sometimes happens that the erosions have burrowed so deeply or in such a direction that the opening of a drainage passage becomes impracticable.

  19. These erosions are frequently called atheromatous ulcers, and fragments of tissue from these ulcers may be carried into the circulation, forming emboli.

  20. The interval of time that separated the two glacial periods can be best imagined by considering the great erosions that have taken place in the valleys of the Missouri and of the upper Ohio.

  21. On autopsy only slight erosions and no intracranial or extracranial lesions were found.

  22. It is rare to find that the cause of the injury leaves no trace on the skin, for it usually gives the form to the erosions or ecchymoses.

  23. Wounds of all kinds are easily and rapidly infected by diphtheria; for instance, vaginal abrasions and erosions of the external ear, tongue, and corners of the mouth.

  24. This characterizes the period of ulceration, and erosions and ulcers follow in ratio with the extent of the neoplasm and the rapidity of its growth.

  25. The erosions of abdominal cancer sometimes open vessels of considerable size, causing large hemorrhage into this cavity and sudden death.

  26. It is a common accompaniment of versions, flexions, prolapses, inflammations, erosions of the os, as well as diseased conditions of the ovaries.

  27. Dental erosions are multiple, symmetrical, maintain the same level on the crowns of corresponding teeth, and are situated at different heights on the crowns of teeth of different classes.

  28. The muscles have usually undergone great hypertrophy, and the mucous membrane some thickening and congestion, with erosions and sometimes ulcerations, indicative of chronic oesophagitis.

  29. Superficial erosions are sometimes observed beneath these deposits, and occasionally ulcerations, at times sufficient to give rise to severe hemorrhage (Zenker and Ziemssen).

  30. Hemorrhagic erosions of the stomach, to which formerly so much importance was attached, are now believed to be without clinical significance.

  31. The most various contortions, adhesions, or erosions are observed in this structure.

  32. Superficial erosions or deep ulcers and perforation are due to the retention of hard fecal matter in the distended pouches of the rectum.

  33. Illustration: "Where the ceaseless erosions of measureless time, Have chiseled the grotto and canon sublime.

  34. Autopsies in some old horses reveal the presence of erosions of cartilage and hyperthrophy of the inflamed parts.

  35. Or there may occur erosions of the parts with eventual hypertrophy and loss of function, partial or complete.

  36. It would be easy to show to a geologist that the extensive erosions which are referrible to that agency, and the huge masses of detritus which have been the result, must have demanded centuries, and even decades of years.

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