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  1. Although pornography owes much of its origin and development to the greed for gain, it must not be forgotten that, on the other hand, masculine eroticism tends to promote its mercantile interests.

  2. Flirtation thus consists in an activity calculated to disclose the eroticism of the subject as well as to excite that of others.

  3. These symptoms give us a clear indication of the relation which exists between eroticism and religious exaltation.

  4. Who then can decide where art ends and pornography begins, or how far eroticism may without danger be expressed in art?

  5. Eroticism is no more a vice than sexual anæsthesia is a virtue.

  6. The production of the majority of sexual crimes also resulting from the exasperation of eroticism combined with irreflection and general motor impulsiveness.

  7. Groos is certainly right, for primitive eroticism was too coarse and sensual, too exclusively tactile to affect the mind as deeply and with such gradations of symphony as is the case with civilized man.

  8. The Swiss poet, Gottfried Keller, with his peculiar genius has described religious eroticism in an admirable way, especially in his seven legends.

  9. The eroticism produced by submission to pain and humiliation is often blended with that produced by performing acts of cruelty.

  10. It is hardly necessary to add that natural eroticism very often leads the severe and ascetic preachers of morality to the grossest hypocrisy.

  11. Inflamed by love, a hysterical woman may exhibit phenomenal eroticism and the most violent sexual excesses, while indifference, disgust, or simply distraction by other ideas will render her absolutely frigid.

  12. Delicate allusions to sexual matters and somewhat lascivious conversation excite eroticism as much as looks and touch.

  13. In man there is no particular correlation between eroticism and the possibility of easily obtaining food for the children at the time of birth.

  14. On the other hand, they are easily stimulated to eroticism by pictures or novels, if they are sufficiently æsthetic, or even moral.

  15. Others, tormented by a pathological eroticism are continually annoying young and virtuous girls with their obsessions and their pathological grossness.

  16. Description of Religious Eroticism by the Poets.

  17. The early Church anathematized the eroticism of the Pagan world, and exorcized it in the most effectual way by setting up a new and more exquisite eroticism of its own.

  18. These lines by their fervid eroticism quite suggest the existence of a masculine Indian Sappho.

  19. Those poems to the mysterious Thyrza, can any modern eroticism equal them, for large and troubled abandonment; natural as gasping human speech and musical as the murmur of deep waters?

  20. Further, developing Freud's view of the importance of anal eroticism (Freud, Sammlung Kleiner Schriften zur Neurosenlehre, vol.

  21. Sadger thinks that it is even the rule for a passive invert to have experienced anal eroticism in childhood and been frequently subjected to enemas, which have led to the desire for the anal intromission of the penis.

  22. The most noteworthy feature in this statement, beside the phenomenon of sadism, later taken over by the daughter, the urethral eroticism and the susceptibility toward the moonlight, is the behavior of the mother while walking in her sleep.

  23. The delicate walking of maidens and the singing of belfries have been made music in the stanzas of the gentle Charles van Lerberghe; the vehement sensuality of a savage race has been spiritualised in the refined eroticism of Félicien Rops.

  24. This lack of accentuation of eroticism in Verhaeren's work does not by any means strike me as a weakness, a missing nerve in his artistic organism.

  25. They had parted with him and fled like the bird that had witnessed his homosexual solo-eroticism in the fetid toilet of the train.

  26. Now in the little casual sex he had, eroticism found itself impaled in envisaging exploited frailties and male aggression behind the façade of the beer and chip gaiety of prostitutes and clients sitting around stages of dancing girls.

  27. Probably, however, the author of Gradiva, as we have admiringly emphasized, has not hesitated to represent to us how the awakening of the repressed eroticism results from the very sphere of the means which are serving the repression.

  28. Thus, in Norbert Hanold, the erotic feelings are repressed, and, as his eroticism neither knows nor has known another object than Zoe Bertgang of his youth, the memories of her are forgotten.

  29. Where a compromise has been established, there was a struggle, here the conflict assumed by us between the suppressed eroticism and the forces which keep it alive in the repression.

  30. What now happens in him is a struggle between the power of eroticism and the forces that are repressing it; the result of this struggle is a delusion.

  31. The antique bas-relief awakens the slumbering eroticism in him and makes the childhood memories active.

  32. Thus delusion triumphs anew every time that eroticism and resistance struggle anew.

  33. The connection between eroticism and piety has been noted over and over again by medical observers in the cases that have been brought professionally under their notice.

  34. Eroticism taught and practised as a religious conviction--that is the essential and significant feature of the situation.

  35. Hysterical women were won over to Wagner chiefly by the lascivious eroticism of his music, but also by his poetic representation of the relation of man to woman.

  36. And so, auto-eroticism was the sexual activity of the narcistic stage in the placing of the libido.

  37. Nine of them, he stated, had declared themselves in favour of Gabrielle Bompard, but in some of these he had discerned a certain "eroticism of the pupil of the eye" to which he attributed their leniency.

  38. In D'Annunzio the sensuality of a Sybarite and the eroticism of a Faun go along with a Roman tenacity and hardness of nerve.

  39. Despite repression, the neurosis betrays the ever-fluctuating eroticism of the aging woman who still wants to please (affectation) but dares not acknowledge her sexuality.

  40. To Swinburne the simplicity of nature included the utmost lengths to which eroticism could go.

  41. It is possible to argue that eroticism and religion are so nearly allied and so easily mistaken for one another, that safety and sincerity alike demand separate worship for men and women.

  42. The seeker of love and the slave of love are phenomena of dualistic eroticism incapable of attaining to unity.

  43. Hitherto I have used the term metaphysical eroticism always in its narrow sense of love of woman.

  44. And thus we again perceive that the eroticism of woman is more harmonious and natural than that of the eternally groping and eternally erring man.

  45. Before Jacopone St. Bernard, in whom all the radiations of metaphysical eroticism are traceable, was consumed by similar emotions.

  46. In studying the female mystics, we find an imitation of metaphysical eroticism sufficiently transparent to be easily recognised, even by the layman, as belonging to the domain of pathology.

  47. The three stages apply to the eroticism of man only.

  48. To the normal woman the phenomena of dualistic eroticism appear unintelligible, even unwholesome.

  49. Psycho-physical unity, then, is the basic characteristic of female eroticism, but the state of affairs in the case of male eroticism is a very different one.

  50. The Golden Smithy" is an interesting instance of the mingling of genuine metaphysical eroticism and traditional Church doctrines.

  51. The contempt of and the struggle against the lower form of eroticism animating the dualistic period was absolutely consistent; asceticism represents the highest form of culture attainable by that period.

  52. It is the arch-sin of all higher eroticism to realise beauty not as the undetachable and self-evident outward form of a beloved soul, but as a means of heightening pleasure.

  53. Metaphysical eroticism is the completion of personality in love.

  54. In this highest stage all eroticism not hallowed by mutual affection is felt as unpardonable.

  55. Weininger's error in the sphere of eroticism arises from the fact of his imprisoning love in a formula which is by no means applicable to it.

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