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escape; escaped; escapement; escapements; escapers; escapeth; escaping; escapt; escarp; escarped
  1. Besides this, they are able to pursue with incredible facility the traces of man or beast, either on leaves or grass; and on this account it is with great difficulty a flying enemy escapes discovery.

  2. In this case, however, they do not follow the example of more refined gamesters, for they neither murmur nor repine; not a fretful word escapes them, but they bear the frowns of fortune with a philosophic composure.

  3. During his stay he conceals the light as much as possible in the hollow of his hands, and as the tents or rooms of the Indians are usually large and capacious, he escapes without detection.

  4. With a belief so abstract that it almost escapes the grasp of the most speculative intellect, is joined the notion that sin can be atoned for by bathing in the Ganges or repeating a text of the Veda.

  5. So acute is his ear that no sound escapes him, for he can even hear the grass growing on the earth, and the wool on a sheep's back.

  6. He also escapes from a deluge by building a ship, which he is advised to do by a fish.

  7. At death the soul escapes from this prison, to pass through many changes, by which it will be gradually purified.

  8. These prove a providential warning by which the vessel escapes certain destruction.

  9. On the hard earthen floor, rudely built of stones, stands an elevated hearth-fire, the smoke from which escapes through a square hole in the roof.

  10. The smoke from the peat fire escapes through the roof by a very wide open chimney.

  11. He escapes lightly the lesson of compromise; his whole life is a training in egoism, and he makes the most of his desirability, getting usually far more than he gives.

  12. But much of the more subtle delight of life escapes us, like the tree-toad in the oak, because it is so much a part of its surroundings; its charm is of so intrinsic a value that we do not notice it.

  13. If one has not the commonplace view of things, and escapes the obvious, it matters little whether one uses the telescope or the microscope.

  14. Without being as free, as sensitive to impressions as we like to see an artist of his powers, he escapes pedantry.

  15. The Orestes escapes from the hounding Furies, and follows the oracle to the spot where the cleansing dews shall descend on the expiated guilt.

  16. Not ours is the present, and the future escapes from our dreams; but the past is ours ever, and all eternity cannot revoke a single joy that the moment hath known.

  17. This destroyed, by practising right means, rightly enlightened in the four true principles, he casts off fear and escapes the evil ways of birth.

  18. All the falls and cascades unite in a pool below of great width, from which the water escapes through a narrow gorge, to join, further down, the river branch on which are the Gangana Chuckee Falls.

  19. The boys have many exciting adventures, and the narratives of their numerous escapes make up a series of wonderfully interesting stories.

  20. Their experiences and escapes are many, and furnish plenty of the good, healthy action that every boy loves.

  21. I felt like a wren that escapes from the hawk when the rogue laid me down.

  22. The good, they see--the great escapes them.

  23. While the story does not state that the Land of the Pilgrims is on the "upper-world," we must suppose that it is, and that the eagle is the means whereby the hero escapes from the underground kingdom.

  24. B1-5 With the various attempts to destroy the hero may be discussed his escapes (C1-3).

  25. What becomes of the hero is not stated, except that he escapes from the witches.

  26. Monkey comes along, exchanges places with the turtle, but escapes with his life by feigning dead, as did the Plandok.

  27. The hero escapes by means of a cross-tunnel, returns with marvellous raiment (provided by heroine) and news that the king's father and mother are happy.

  28. E1 The younger thief visits her and tells his story; when she tries to detain him, however, he escapes by leaving in her hand the hand of a dead man he had taken along with him for just such a contingency.

  29. The Spanish thief escapes by marking all the houses with blood.

  30. Sometimes, however, no such mass of dead tissue is to be observed, and all that escapes when the skin is lanced or gives way is the creamy pus.

  31. When the slough gives way the pus escapes and, tension being relieved, pain ceases.

  32. The chlorine escapes at the anode, the hydrogen at the cathode.

  33. The waste surplus finally escapes through an artificial grotto, some thirty yards long, into a stream, flowing down through the park to the meadows beyond, and thence to the distant river.

  34. Shall he, whose whole life has been but a nimble succession of escapes from trifling difficulties, now broach without doubtings--that matrimony, where if difficulty beset him there is no escape?

  35. The determination to be silent about all the facts of her married life and its close, reacted in these escapes of enigmatic excitement.

  36. Who has been quite free from egoistic escapes of the imagination, picturing desirable consequences on his own future in the presence of another's misfortune, sorrow, or death?

  37. Who that has a confidant escapes believing too little in his penetration, and too much in his discretion?

  38. The Wasp, whether by her own adroitness or owing to the Spider's dread of her, promptly escapes from the terrible fangs, moves to a short distance and does not seem to trouble unduly about the buffeting which she has received.

  39. At the first flutter of the netted Fly, the Spider runs or even leaps forward, but she is now secured by a cord which escapes from the spinnerets and which has its end fastened to the silken tube.

  40. Hypothesis follows hypothesis; the theoretical rubbish-heap grows bigger and bigger; and still truth escapes us.

  41. With the Tachytes and the Mantis this paltry argument escapes us.

  42. All that escapes them is a few details, for the trade of an ogre fed on live flesh is familiar to them in its general features; and these unheeded details are enough to turn their food into poison.

  43. If she escapes the danger, she will nevertheless perish without leaving any offspring, since the necessary provisions will be lacking.

  44. Is this Wasp invulnerable, that she thus escapes from the terrible fangs?

  45. Instinct escapes him and brings his theory crumbling to the ground.

  46. Something certainly escapes us: the why and wherefore of that crop drained dry.

  47. The attack of the Segestria, stimulated by my shakes, is repeated ten times over; and the Pompilus always escapes from the venomous fangs unscathed, as though she were invulnerable.

  48. Many entries in his journal record the escapes of his companions.

  49. No doubt there were many escapes of which it is impossible to obtain the particulars.

  50. Having a journal kept during my incarceration in and escapes from Southern prisons, I was advised and decided to amplify and publish it if possible with a view to promoting these projects.

  51. Without her guardian's knowledge she, before the design goes further, escapes with a lover of her own choosing.

  52. As a consequence of the freedom and rapidity with which the water operated upon escapes from the narrow blades, the depression at the stern of the vessel caused by the action of the ordinary propeller is greatly reduced.

  53. Most of the fire escapes are put up so as to conform to the letter of the law; and in such manner that no one but a sailor or an acrobat would be likely to trust himself to them.

  54. By this arrangement the water operated on escapes freely astern from every blade--that from No.

  55. No improvement in it escapes his observation, and he is ever on the alert to avail himself of everything promising to increase the efficiency of his establishment.

  56. The Jesuit makes Creagh's escapes miraculous, but admits that he was on parole not to leave the Tower.

  57. Sidenote: Desmond escapes from Dublin, and resumes the Irish dress.

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