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Example sentences for "expectorated"

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  1. In one of the three lung cases two small hydatids were separately expectorated at an interval of about a month.

  2. There is one case represented where numerous hydatids were expectorated after hepatitis, whence it was concluded that they were originally connected with the liver.

  3. Even when material has to be expectorated there is often much more fuss and effort made over it than is needed.

  4. Sometime afterward this patient expectorated two pieces of bone and a piece of gum blanket in which he was enveloped at the time of the injury.

  5. At last, after this long-continued suffering, following a strong convulsion and syncope, the coin descended to the stomach, and the young man expectorated great quantities of pus.

  6. The patient had little hemorrhage, but had expectorated and swallowed much blood.

  7. Joe Bates expectorated with much precision and care over the parapet in the direction of the Germans.

  8. The clerk smoked his pipe and expectorated on the floor.

  9. They coughed and expectorated with difficulty a viscid phlegm.

  10. The same happens to the mucus expectorated in coughs, which is thus thickened by absorption of its aqueous and saline parts; and the same of the feces of the intestines.

  11. A lady, between forty and fifty years of age, had been indisposed some time, was then seized with cough and fever, and afterwards expectorated much digested mucus.

  12. In sleep the secretions have generally been supposed to be diminished, as the expectorated mucus in coughs, the fluids discharged in diarrhoeas, and in salivation, except indeed the secretion of sweat, which is often visibly increased.

  13. In some instances, the expectorated portions are osseous, of loose texture, irregular margins, and dark colour, exhaling an odour intolerably fetid.

  14. When the ulceration extends deeply, portions of the cartilages sometimes become diseased; the soft parts surrounding them are destroyed, they become necrosed, and are expectorated along with a quantity of highly fetid purulent fluid.

  15. It affects some people after intoxication, when the lungs remain slightly inflamed, and by the greater heat of the air in expiration the mucus becomes too hastily evaporated, and is expectorated with difficulty in the state of white froth.

  16. He rose to his feet, and, going to the taffrail, expectorated over the side with unnecessary violence.

  17. It is also most essential that the room should be thoroughly ventilated, and all the expectorated matter, stools, &c.

  18. Declute expectorated on the coals and scratched his head.

  19. Accordingly he stretched his person about four inches higher and expectorated on a pair of beaded moccasins hanging from the counter.

  20. Three years ago this fall I had catarrh in its worst form, till from three gills to one and one-half pints of corruption would be expectorated in twenty-four hours.

  21. The offensive matter expectorated grew less every day and when I had taken the whole of one bottle I could sleep all night without coughing, and have been well ever since and weigh 178 pounds.

  22. She had also a terrible cough and expectorated a great deal.

  23. The expectorated matter is at first whitish, opaque, and tenacious, mixed sometimes with a frothy mucus, requiring considerable coughing to loosen it and throw it off.

  24. The carbon in some cases is expectorated in considerable quantity for some time previous to death; in others, it is retained, and accumulates to a great extent in the lungs.

  25. They used gunpowder in considerable quantity:--and all expectorated carbon.

  26. During the last week of his life, he expectorated considerable quantities of black fluid, and died exhausted, January 1837.

  27. Neither expectorated black matter, and both died from the bursting of a carbonaceous cyst into the bronchi, producing suffocation.

  28. He expectorated bloody tough mucus without any tinge of black matter.

  29. He had at no time expectorated carbon, even during many severe paroxysms of cough.

  30. At the beginning of March and at the end of April he again expectorated blood, and the terrible, tragical nights began again.

  31. Towards the end of December the cough and respiratory symptoms increased, and at the beginning of January he expectorated clots of blood, due to a passive congestion of the right lung.

  32. To show his contempt he expectorated violently, and with deadly precision, into an adjacent spitkid.

  33. He cleared his throat noisily, and expectorated with extraordinary violence into the sea.

  34. A small quantity of phlegm and occasional clots had been expectorated since.

  35. The patient expectorated at first fluid, then clotted, blood in considerable quantity.

  36. The patient arrived at the Base on the sixth day; he said he expectorated some blood at the end of about ten minutes after being shot, and experienced a 'half-choking sensation.

  37. In coughing to-day, I expectorated two mouthfuls of blood, and Madame Wang sent some one here to find you so as to tell you to ask the doctor round to minutely diagnose my complaint, and have you instead brought this to mock me with?

  38. But who'd have thought it, you have again to-day expectorated blood.

  39. When he had secured the attention of the crowd he walked solemnly to the door, opened it and expectorated upon the porch.

  40. Grimes shuffled his feet frequently and expectorated nervously without regard to direction or consequences during this unusually long speech.

  41. At first the Patients spit up only a little Phlegm; but in the Decline of the Disorder, they expectorated freely.

  42. He always expectorated in such an emergency, and left his sentence unfinished.

  43. Oncet it got past Cold Spring--" He shook his wizened head slowly, leaned, and expectorated gravely.

  44. Robb turned his head and expectorated on the concrete floor.

  45. Painfully was this the case when Penton madly expectorated over an incredible distance upon the poor doctor's curtains.

  46. Catching sight of the fireplace, he expectorated neatly into it.

  47. Mr. Blair started violently as Spotty, seeing the fireplace, expectorated towards it with astonishing accuracy.

  48. When he expectorated Sir Lyster's eyes wandered from Spotty to the fireplace, as if to assure himself that a bull had really been registered.

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