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Example sentences for "extremely rare"

  • Absence of the penis is an extremely rare anomaly, although it has been noted by Schenck, Borellus, Bouteiller, Nelaton, and others.

  • Entire absence of the male sexual apparatus is extremely rare, but Blondin and Velpeau have reported cases.

  • Of course, menstruation before the third or fourth year is extremely rare, most of the cases reported before this age being merely accidental sanguineous discharges from the genitals, not regularly periodical, and not true catamenia.

  • There is a possibility of the contamination of such food by the salts of lead or tin, but such contamination to an extent which is injurious to health must be so extremely rare as to be hardly worth considering.

  • Jenner says that in typhoid fever laryngitis independent of pharyngitis is extremely rare, but the German writers express a different opinion.

  • Among the earlier and more common symptoms of note are those dependent upon gangrenous inflammation of the lungs, a lesion, according to Hirsch,[1] extremely rare in bubo plague.

  • Congenital dislocation of both bones of the forearm is extremely rare.

  • In this deformity, which is extremely rare, the great toe deviates from the middle line of the foot; it occurs chiefly in children in conjunction with other deformities, and interferes with the wearing of boots.

  • Congenital deficiency of the ulna is extremely rare.

  • Gratari is extremely rare in Latin, being found only in the poets and historians; grAtulAri was of course not available (except for grAtulor) for use in dactylic verse.

  • Suppuration has been known to occur in gastric cancers, but it is extremely rare.

  • In extremely rare cases it is an accompaniment of the disease.

  • The occurrence of simple ulcer of the stomach under ten years of age is extremely rare.

  • The pure myxoma is extremely rare, and clinically resembles the lipoma.

  • The #Rhabdomyoma# is an extremely rare form of tumour, met with in the kidney, uterus, and testicle.

  • Why should it be extremely rare in California, when it is very common in New York in the same latitude?

  • Intermarriage, though permitted by law in the British Colonies, is extremely rare, and illicit unions are uncommon.

  • A good many natives have firearms, but acts of violence seem to be extremely rare.

  • Whilst it is extremely rare to find persons to whom the nature of God is a problem.

  • We obtained four specimens in Mindanao and one in Basilan; it is extremely rare in the latter island, at least in the portion over which we collected.

  • This well-marked species is extremely rare in Masbate.

  • The black-tailed godwit is extremely rare in the Philippines, the only specimens examined by me being two killed near Manila, in February, 1908.

  • Collapse, or at least non-expansion of the lung to some extent, is by no means unusual: consumptive disease to such an extent in the new-born infant as to interfere with the establishment of breathing is extremely rare.

  • It is this circumstance which renders the disease so serious, and recovery from it so extremely rare.

  • But finally, in extremely rare instances, the vomiting of pregnancy is due to a definite disease whose existence may be recognized by special methods of analyzing the urine.

  • It is extremely rare to have labor progress so rapidly that the child is born before the doctor arrives.

  • If the cobra capelo, or hooded snake, be a native of the island, as some assert, it must be extremely rare.

  • In the Gold Coast and surrounding countries complete nudity is extremely rare, except when circumstances make it desirable; on occasion clothing is abandoned with unconcern.

  • Not only is it extremely rare to see any Yao uncovered, but both men and women have the strongest dislike to exposing their persons even to the inspection of a doctor.

  • It is extremely rare, even in its milder types, in this country.

  • True chromidrosis is extremely rare; most of the cases formerly thought to be such are now known to be examples of pseudochromidrosis.

  • Pelman holds simulation in the mentally normal to be extremely rare, and he always finds himself at a loss to differentiate between that which is simulated and that which represents the actual traits of the individual.

  • Thus Pelman[10] holds simulation in the mentally normal to be extremely rare, and he always finds himself at a loss to differentiate between that which is simulated and that which represents the actual traits of the individual.

  • In the last stage of Vespertilio this line appears still more frequently, whilst in EuphorbiƦ it is extremely rare, and when present it only appears as a faint indication.

  • The last of the four generations which occurs in Virginia is extremely rare, so that it must be regarded either as one of the generations now supposed to be originating, or as one now supposed to be disappearing.

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