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Example sentences for "fabricator"

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fabricate; fabricated; fabricating; fabrication; fabrications; fabrick; fabricks; fabrics; fabrique; fabriques
  1. Her character, whether drawn by herself or some fabricator who wrote in her name, comes out clearly in the correspondence.

  2. Astronomy also is useful for the purpose of investigating the fabricator of all things, and contemplating as in most splendid images the ideal world, and its ineffable cause.

  3. Now just this copying of a fabricator is what we find in the Annals.

  4. What is easier than to conceive that, if the writings on the map were forgeries, the fabricator had before him at the time these very fac-similes, and astutely determined to introduce the expressions in question, with the peculiar spelling?

  5. Going to teach you a trade--fabricator nurse, see.

  6. Fabricator number forty-one was a multiple.

  7. What they want, you should make that fabricator spit out nice parts, see?

  8. Ain't no use you waste your time being no fabricator nurse.

  9. Sounds interesting," he broke in, "but suppose they find some fabricator operator out in the woods, heating up metal instead of working on a regular job?

  10. I could prevail upon neither party to meet before the journey; nor could I draw from my father the base fabricator of the calumnies by which he has been thus abused.

  11. The mention of a fabricator again brought Mr Monckton to her mind, and not all her unwillingness to think him capable of such treachery, could now root out her suspicions.

  12. It is strange that the producer of the raw material has thus far in the history of the world taken a subordinate place to the trader in this material and to the fabricator of it.

  13. The trader and fabricator live in centers that we call cities.

  14. Lind, Shelley became an habitual fabricator of mendacious letters, each of the epistles being made up of false statements, for which the power and activity of his imagination can in no degree be held accountable.

  15. But the fabricator of these fragments, if fabricated they are, has attempted and accomplished a good deal more than this.

  16. If they are forged, the fabricator must have known what scholars would be likely to expect in genuine fragments, and have set himself to fulfill their expectations.

  17. A standard bed covered in glimmercloth was the only furniture here; the clothing storage and fabricator were both built into the wall across from the bed.

  18. The fabricator had included an ankle-length cloak with heavy silver embroidery and the Imperial Seal; she considered that for a moment, settled it over her shoulders long enough to admire it in the mirror, and removed it.

  19. Medart took the badge and pinned it to the holder the fabricator had provided on her equipment belt.

  20. Do you not, also, perceive the great advantages that accrue to your city from the moon, from him and by him the fabricator of all things?

  21. The Ignatian fabricator writes under the influence of the popular sentiment.

  22. The fabricator proceeds more cautiously in his letter to the Romans.

  23. The individual who uttered them is not named by the pastor of Lyons; and, after the death of that writer, a fabricator might put them into the mouth of whomsoever he pleased without any special danger of detection.

  24. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fabricator" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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