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  1. Those who dwell in the tower of ancient faiths look about them in constant apprehension, misgiving, and wonder, with the hurried uneasy mien of people living amid earthquakes.

  2. The old hopes have grown pale, the old fears dim; strong sanctions are become weak, and once vivid faiths very numb.

  3. Faiths have to shift nowadays if they're to stand.

  4. Buddhism is the earliest, by many centuries, of the faiths that claim descent from a personal founder.

  5. These are the faiths which still maintain a mighty influence over the minds of mankind.

  6. Close alliance of both faiths with the State, 434.

  7. To me the faiths of old are daily bread; I bless their hope, I bless their will to save, And my deep heart still meaneth what they said.

  8. Besides, the shallow sense philosophy of that time readily lent itself to mechanical and materialistic interpretations, and for a while it seemed as if all the higher faiths of humanity were permanently discredited.

  9. It has also done good service in helping these faiths to better rational form, and thus securing them against the defilements of superstition and the cavilings of hostile critics.

  10. Philosophy has already done good service, and never better than in recent times, by destroying pretended knowledge and making room for the higher faiths of humanity.

  11. To shift to other and more ancient faiths can never be considered at all, for the "higher criticism" and "pragmatism" have left them all in even a worse plight.

  12. Jews, Arabian idolaters, immigrants from Christian Syria, torn by schisms, thronged its public places, and this confusion of faiths sharpened the religious and debating instincts of its people.

  13. Their next step was to try an introduce the political element into this conflict of faiths by putting a ban upon the house of Hashim and confining it to Abu Talib's quarter of Sheb.

  14. Considering therefore these two faiths in all their characteristics and tendencies we are warranted in concluding that Hinduism must wane and vanish.

  15. The Agency and Means Recognized and Appealed to by those Faiths Respectively.

  16. Let us consider, then, these types of the two faiths which we see in that land.

  17. No other land has been so prolific in religious thought or has founded faiths which have commanded the allegiance of so large a portion of the human race.

  18. This aspect of the two faiths is not unexpected when we remember: (b) Their very dissimilar conceptions of God.

  19. However manifestly the Sikh religion is going the common way of all the new faiths and religious revolts of India—the way of reabsorption into Hinduism—it has done much to create and foster a strong national feeling.

  20. Yes, it will be a good day for Christianity when the great contest is thus narrowed down, and when the deepest teachings of the two faiths will be placed in clear and simple juxtaposition.

  21. It is indeed more a congeries of faiths than a simple religion, like Christianity.

  22. The scattered lights of other faiths find here their centre, and all their prophesies find here fulfillment.

  23. On the other hand we know Hinduism and other non-Christian faiths better than our fathers did.

  24. This difference of ideal between the two faiths is fundamental and must work for very diverse results.

  25. Whatever may be said in favour of other faiths we must say of them that they are, in many respects, perverted and are inadequate as a means of salvation.

  26. The common ground furnished by this doctrine to the two faiths is not adequately appreciated.

  27. Thus not a few of the great Faiths of the world are at present represented, and are struggling either for existence or dominance, in the land of the Vedas.

  28. Oriental faiths have no organization; there is no head of Hinduism, Buddhism, or hardly of Mohammedanism.

  29. The representatives of all faiths wear ostentatiously their badges, pray in public, and no one sneers at all religions.

  30. When the United States entered the Great War, this was clearly brought out and it required an Act of Congress to render possible the appointment of chaplains of the faiths not then represented in the body of chaplains.

  31. This same fact refuted the argument against segregation; men of all faiths used the J.

  32. I read a brief Jewish service, followed by Chaplains Bagby and Stewart in the Protestant and Father Kelley in the Catholic burial service, and at the end the bugle sounded "taps" for all those men of different faiths lying there together.

  33. As I said above, the logical climax of friendly cooeperation comes when ministers of different faiths assist each other in their own work.

  34. Do you prostrate humanity in the place of the disciples and the astonished crowd at the foot of the mountain, then you have an idea of the life of the religious faiths more and more adopted in America.

  35. Knowing that God is a more merciful judge than man, we believe that there we shall see many faiths prostrate in adoration of the one great LORD, who is for all, and "above all, and in us all.

  36. Needless to say the faiths of those who worship "unknown gods," from whatever source they may have come, differ.

  37. But I have gone far enough to show, I trust, that the two faiths are at many points antipodal, and that their ideals clash in matters fundamental and crucial.

  38. Their lives and their doctrines and the faiths which they promulgated reveal strangely diverse contentions and tendencies.

  39. It has given birth to the greatest ethnic religion the world has seen; it is also the motherland of one of the three great missionary faiths of the world.

  40. Of all the faiths of the "Far East" none dwells so much upon these profound religious realities, or engages in such lofty flights of spiritual aspiration, as does this religion of the Brahmans.

  41. And it is just here, for this very reason, that the faiths which they promulgated represent, the one the perpetual buoyancy and cheer of youth, and the other the weariness of discouraged age.

  42. We have also come into touch with the three most intolerant faiths of the world,--Christianity, Mohammedanism, and Judaism.

  43. Hinduism has always exercised a great benumbing influence upon all faiths which have come into contact and conflict with it.

  44. Thus the faith of the Arabian prophet has lost, in India, not only its vigour, but also its prestige and purity, by contact with the lower faiths of the land, especially with the ancestral faith of India.

  45. Christian and Jew, they carry out one plan, For though of different faiths each is in heart a MAN.

  46. For the old faiths loosen and fall, the new years ruin and rend.

  47. The ghosts of words and dusty dreams, Old memories, faiths infirm and dead.

  48. In his Ancient Faiths Embodied in Ancient Names, Dr.

  49. It will help us in our proposed investigation, if we first notice that the ecclesiastical doctrine as to an impending destruction of the world is not solitary, but has prototypes and parallels in the faiths of other nations and ages.

  50. This absorption in material things and evanescent affairs engenders in the spirit an arid atmosphere of doubt and denial, in which no efflorescence of poetic and mystic faiths can flourish.

  51. The old faiths and forms are worn too threadbare by a thousand disputations to bear the burden of the new democracy, which, if it is not merely to win the battle but to hold the country, must be ready with new faiths and forms of her own.

  52. On the issue of faiths the Crussols divided.

  53. For the truth of rational religion is that into which all that is true in lesser faiths resolves itself.

  54. He entered into no analysis of the passions or faiths of men, but assured himself that such and such passions and faiths were grounded in our common nature, and not in the mere accidents of ignorance or disease.

  55. XII The faiths and forms of yesteryear are waning, Dropping, like leaves.

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