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Example sentences for "firebox"

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  1. The ash-pan should be kept as nearly empty as possible, for a full ash-pan will check the draft and cause the grate in the firebox to burn out.

  2. The fire in the firebox is supported by the grate, which is in the form of metal teeth or bars, so as to permit air to pass through the fuel from underneath.

  3. When the dampers are arranged as mentioned, the hottest place on the surface of the stove is between the firebox and the stovepipe, and the coolest place is behind the damper h.

  4. The oven, which lies directly back of the firebox and is really an enclosed chamber in which food may be cooked, receives its heat from the hot air that passes around it.

  5. Therefore, in order that each stove may work properly, some way in which to furnish air for the fire in the firebox must be provided.

  6. The appetite of that firebox is seemingly insatiable.

  7. There is hardly a moment during the run that it is not clamoring to be fed, and that the fireman is not hard at it there on the rocking floor of the swaying tender, reaching from tender coal to firebox door.

  8. Four bronze mud plugs and a blowoff cock are fitted to the base of the firebox so that the sediment thus collected can be removed (figs.

  9. A deep firebox was necessary because a wide, shallow box suitable for coal burning, allowed the fuel to burn so quickly it was difficult to fire the engine effectively.

  10. The rear of the boiler is attached to the frame by two large cast-iron brackets, one on each side of the firebox (fig.

  11. For the firebox 5/16-inch thick sheet was used, for heavier sheet would have blistered and flaked off because of the intense heat of the fire and the fibrous quality of wrought-iron sheet of the period.

  12. The firebox is as narrow as the boiler shell and fits easily between the frame.

  13. The firebox is of the Bury type, which was in common use up to 1850.

  14. To do this, the firebox was increased in area by making it considerably wider, so that a greater amount of soft coal could be burned.

  15. This trailer truck, which is fulcrumed a short distance back of the main driver, is so designed that it has lateral motion, and provision is made for ash pan as well as firebox clearance.

  16. A foot lever which operated a small steam engine opened the door of the firebox and Tim stepped on the lever.

  17. The fireman was busy with a long firehook and the glow from the open door of the firebox lighted the cab with a ruddy brilliance.

  18. There was something strange and mysterious about the woods being on fire and it troubled Tim, who sought some solution as he swayed from tender to firebox and back to tender.

  19. When the iron doors of the firebox slammed shut and the fireman straightened up, the engineer introduced his fireman, Harry Benson.

  20. The firebox was not very large but ample.

  21. The sides and top were Henry's collection of brilliant boulders, carefully and artistically laid in blue mortar, and over the firebox was set Peter's slab of gray sandstone.

  22. In the firebox stood a squat pair of black andirons, showing age and usage.

  23. Take into the firebox with you a piece of clean waste with which you will wipe off the ends of the flues and flue sheet to remove any soot or ashes that may have collected around them.

  24. The fact that a firebox is no pleasant workshop may have had something to do with it.

  25. We will look in at his firebox, and we will see what is called a "thin fire," but every part of the firebox is hot.

  26. You will then get back in the firebox with your tools and have someone place a small sheaf of wheat or oat straw under the firebox or under waist of boiler if open firebox, and set fire to it.

  27. I never saw a man go into a firebox and stop the leak but that he came out well pleased with himself.

  28. An open firebox or compartment below may be similarly used.

  29. Fire-clay linings for the firebox and flue are not absolutely necessary except when required by fire regulations or where hot fires are maintained for long periods.

  30. The base or firebox B protects the burner from stray drafts of air, and also supports the boiler.

  31. Holes should be punched or drilled in the side of the firebox to give the burner a sufficient supply of air.

  32. A suitable firebox for the boiler is shown clearly in Fig.

  33. The boiler should be well set; the firebox large, with large grate surface if a locomotive type of boiler is used, and the number of flues should be sufficient to allow good combustion without forced draft.

  34. See that the grates in the firebox are in place and all right; then fill the boiler with clean water until it shows an inch to an inch and a half in the water gauge.

  35. The firebox should be filled full of wood at all times.

  36. A special feature of this engine is that the rear axle comes behind the firebox instead of between the firebox and the front wheels.

  37. Push the fire as far to the back of the firebox as possible and cover it over with very fine coal or with dry ashes.

  38. Clinkers in front can easily be taken out by hooking the poker over them toward the back of the firebox and pulling them up and to the front.

  39. The firebox will burn wood, coal or straw, a fire brick arch being used for straw, making this fuel give a uniform heat.

  40. A special straw-burning engine is constructed with a firebox extension in front, and straw passes over the end of a grate in such a way as to get perfect combustion.

  41. Regulate the fire by the damper alone, never opening the firebox door even if the fire gets too hot.

  42. The force of the steam drives the air out of the stack, causing a vacuum, which is immediately filled by the hot gases from the firebox coming through the boiler tubes.

  43. The engine is supported by a bracket bolted to the side of the boiler, and a pillow block bearing at the firebox end bolted to the side plate of the boiler.

  44. Before descending a hill it would be well to close your dampers and keep the firebox door closed tight all the time.

  45. In the upright type of boiler the boiler cylinder is placed on end, the fire is built at the lower end, which is a firebox surrounded by a water jacket, and the smoke and gases of combustion rise straight up through vertical fire flues.

  46. The boiler is of the round bottom firebox type, with dome in front and an ash pan in lower part of firebox, and is unusually well built and firmly riveted.

  47. The firebox spreads considerably in width toward the top, as shown in the section, Fig.

  48. A low gilt screen, painted with chrysanthemums, divided the floor in two, in the front part of which was a firebox in finest bronze, representing a dragon coiled round a blossom of the lotus.

  49. He cooked himself an excellent supper, toasting bread and frankfurters in the firebox of the roller.

  50. The glow from the firebox kept him warm and dry.

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