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Example sentences for "flagons"

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  1. The flagons and silver decanters, filled with spiced wines and circulating from hand to hand, redoubled the conviviality of the hour.

  2. The seigneurs, having according to usage doffed their armor to don their gala dress, seized the table knives and the flagons of glass and silver to defend themselves.

  3. With this parchment in his saddle-bags the Count and his comrades quitted the town, drinking in half flagons the health of the Archbishop, because there was not left in Treves enough wine to fill the measures to the brim.

  4. Into the silence of the square broke the sound of song and the clash of flagons upon the oaken table.

  5. On a table were flagons of wine and empty cups, together with some light refection, upon all of which the Archbishop looked with suspicious eye.

  6. Garnache bowed in token of his perfect satisfaction, and at that moment two servants entered bearing flagons and beakers, fruits and sweetmeats, which they placed upon the table.

  7. So he waved him gracefully to the table, where a brace of flagons stood amid the steaming viands.

  8. Why I talked myself well-nigh hoarse, and stayed out the drinking of two flagons of sour Sabine to boot, while I canvassed him to become one of us and join the Family forthwith.

  9. All was silent in the porch, all was silent in the vestibule and outer hall, but as he ventured across its marble pavement, he heard the bustle of preparation, and the din of flagons within.

  10. The room in which he found himself was filled with men, young and old, who sat at tables upon which stood flagons of red wine.

  11. Slaves walked noiselessly across the hall, appearing and vanishing in the wall of foliage, bearing dishes of gold and of silver and flagons filled with rare wines.

  12. There were drinking horns standing side by side with the most exquisite vases of silver, pewter cups and flagons cheek by jowl with the consecrated vessels.

  13. They had been used, I thought, to enwrap the flagons and cups.

  14. Some of the ruffians were filling their flagons and cups, but as the two approached, bearing what the Admiral had called the sepulchre, they all came forward and crowded around this new object of interest.

  15. The Smith loitered, pretending to gather up the silver flagons and cups that lay strewn about.

  16. Here is the price of a few flagons of sack, friends.

  17. After this Jeffreys ordered fresh flagons of wine, and asked Paignton Rob for his story.

  18. A few flagons of wine were drunk, and the interview ended.

  19. In the course of conversation he inquired laughingly why I had bought one of his flagons of mercury.

  20. At supper he told me, jestingly, that I ought to stop in Portici the next day to make forty-five carlini out of the three other flagons of mercury.

  21. My plans were laid, and I asked him to let me have one of the flagons of mercury at the current price, and took it to my room.

  22. In the next room I saw several large vessels of muscatel wine and four flagons of mercury, each containing about ten pounds.

  23. Merrily the feast progressed, with constantly augmenting talk and laughter as the delicately chased silver flagons emptied their sparkling streams into the tankards held beneath them.

  24. His mother was much surprised to see the great tray, twelve dishes, six loaves, the two flagons and cups, and to smell the savoury odour which exhaled from the dishes.

  25. There he saw, which he had not observed in any of the other halls, a sideboard set out with seven large silver flagons full of the choicest wines, and by them seven crystal glasses of the finest workmanship.

  26. Presently Ramiro caught up one of the flagons and applied it to his cup.

  27. It yielded to her touch and Odo followed her down a dark passageway to the empty room where rows of old Faenza jars and quaintly-shaped flagons glimmered in the dusk.

  28. A chill stole upon Odo as he looked at the dust-shrouded furniture, the painted harpsichord with green mould creeping over its keyboard, the consoles set with empty wine flagons and goblets of Venice glass.

  29. Every drop of moisture not in the men's bottles and flagons in the form of cider was raining as perspira- tion from their foreheads and cheeks.

  30. Flagons of cider were rolling about upon the green.

  31. Who never lost, are unprepared A coronet to find; Who never thirsted, flagons And cooling tamarind.

  32. Bring me the sunset in a cup, Reckon the morning's flagons up, And say how many dew; Tell me how far the morning leaps, Tell me what time the weaver sleeps Who spun the breadths of blue!

  33. Then the tables were laid and they ate; after which the dishes were removed and they washed their hands and the wine-service was set on with flagons and bowls in due order.

  34. Then they brought the wine- service and set on sasses and cups and flagons and beakers of gold and silver and bowls of crystal and gold, and they poured out the wines and they filled the flagons.

  35. Bowls of sunrise for breakfast Brimful of the East, Foaming flagons of frolic His evening's gay feast.

  36. A rope of shriveled onions from the Nile, 185 A rusty ham, a jar of broken sprats, And wine, the refuse of our country vats; Five flagons for four causes!

  37. The same end was promoted by the flagons of oil and honey.

  38. Robin Turgis was prompt; flagons and pipkins rattled as the men and women gathered round their table and Renéwed their drinking and dicing with fresh zest from the scuffle they had just witnessed.

  39. Jehan le Loup banged his fist heavily on the table in furious protestation till the cans and flagons rattled.

  40. He looked at the solemn pages who stood about him with golden cups and golden flagons in their hands, and he tried to remember how he had escaped from the society of Master Robin Turgis into this gilded environment.

  41. He rose and crept across the soft grass to the table and lifted one of the golden flagons gingerly, sniffed at it fearfully and poured some of its contents carefully into a golden goblet.

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