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Example sentences for "flavouring"

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  1. The greatest possible attention is given to the preparation of the aromatised or flavouring essences, in France called 'infusions.

  2. A general name for vegetable substances possessing aromatic and pungent properties, and employed for seasoning or flavouring food.

  3. To economise this substance, we should use lukewarm water only; and when flavouring matter is to be added to it, this is better deferred until after the paste is made.

  4. It is used as a flavouring by cooks, confectioners, and liqueuristes; and in medicine as a carminative.

  5. These are made of the same materials as lemonade powders, the flavouring ingredient being varied to suit the particular case.

  6. A similar article is prepared by flavouring sweetened spirit with the new 'raspberry essence.

  7. The materials employed in the preparation of liqueurs or cordials are rain or distilled water, white sugar, clean flavourless spirit, and flavouring ingredients.

  8. In managing the still, the fire is proportioned to the ponderosity of the oil or flavouring substance, and the receiver is changed before the faints come over; as these are unfitted to be mixed with the cordial.

  9. A solution of bichloride of mercury disguised by the addition of a little flavouring and tinctorial matter.

  10. Dissolved in rectified spirit it is much used as a flavouring substance by confectioners and liquoristes.

  11. Used as a condiment and flavouring ingredient.

  12. It is found in fir plantations in the spring, at which season it is collected from the fir woods around and sent to Vienna, where it is only used for flavouring sauces under the name of "Nagelschwämme.

  13. In both these genera, the individuals can be dried so readily that they are the more valuable on that account, as they can be used for flavouring in winter when fresh specimens of any kind of fungus are difficult to procure.

  14. Latin Caryophyllum, and referring to the spicy odour of the flower, which seems to have been used in flavouring wine and other liquors to replace the more costly clove of India.

  15. Sweetened or cordialized gin is obtained by adding sugar and flavouring matter (juniper, coriander, angelica, &c.

  16. The use of the juniper for flavouring alcoholic beverages may be traced to the invention, or perfecting, by Count de Morret, son of Henry IV.

  17. Some invalids like a little of this jelly warmed as broth; in this case omit the lemon-peel, and use as flavouring a tea-spoonful of thyme leaves finely minced and sewn up in a bit of muslin, removing the muslin before the jelly is strained.

  18. All antiseptics, preservatives, and artificial flavouring agents should be avoided as suggestions of the devil.

  19. Any flavouring that may be liked can be used.

  20. Any special flavouring liked may be added at this time, but if the liquor has been properly cooked its flavour will be sufficiently good.

  21. Soak Allinson wholemeal bread in cold milk and water until soft, then rub smooth, grate 1 onion, beat up 1 egg, and add a few flavouring herbs, and pepper and salt to taste.

  22. Proceed as in recipe of "Madeira Cake," adding the cocoa and flavouring with vanilla.

  23. French plums, 4 eggs, 1 pint of milk, 1 teaspoonful of Allinson cornflour, sugar and flavouring to taste.

  24. When the mould is nearly full, pour over the mixture the custard of milk and eggs with the flavouring added.

  25. Remove the outer hard pieces from the celery, saving them for flavouring soups or sauces; wash well and cut up in pieces about 3 inches long.

  26. This is made in almost the same way as the savoury omelet, but without the addition of flavouring herbs.

  27. Add sugar to taste and whatever flavouring might be desired, this latter giving the cream its name.

  28. The Dauglish process is well suited for producing small goods, such as cakes and scones, where flavour can be artificially imparted by means of currants, flavouring essences, &c.

  29. The rapid formation of a solid crust is no doubt likely to retain some of these flavouring essences.

  30. The art of flavouring is also one which should be studied by every housewife.

  31. A good liquid food can be quickly made by warming a dessertspoonful of "Emprote" or "Malted Nuts" in a glass of milk, and flavouring to taste.

  32. Phosphated gelatine 1 teaspoonful, Horlick's Malted Milk 2 to 4 teaspoonfuls, sugar and flavouring to suit.

  33. Marmite, Nutril and Carnos make good additions to stock for flavouring soups and gravies.

  34. Brazil nuts, a few drops ratafia flavouring essence, and 3 teaspoons of mixed spice.

  35. This saves much time and labour and answers better for flavouring soups, gravies, or savouries of any kind.

  36. Agreeable volatile oils and flavouring substances in fruits attract birds and animals.

  37. Very much of the great difference in food is due to the non-essential flavouring and stimulating part, rather than to that part which is essential and nourishing.

  38. It has been much over-estimated as a food either for invalids or healthy persons; still it is often valuable as a flavouring to add to soups, beef-tea, etc.

  39. Melted butter made to be mixed with flavouring essences, catchups, &c.

  40. For various methods of making and flavouring oatmeal gruel, see No.

  41. The pyroligneous vinegar is perfectly free from all flavour, save that of the pure acid; therefore, it is a very valuable menstruum for receiving impregnations from various flavouring materials.

  42. The flavouring ingredients of Indian pickles are a compound of curry powder, with a large proportion of mustard and garlic.

  43. This is of proper thickness to be mixed at table with flavouring essences, anchovy, mushroom, or cavice, &c.

  44. For the various ways of flavouring broth, see No.

  45. Any flavouring may be used, but perhaps there is nothing better than grated lemon-peel, and for those who like it, powdered cinnamon or grated nutmeg.

  46. Herbs for the proper flavouring of the Turtle Soup are supplied by Bellis; these should be put in about an hour before the turtle is finished, and be tied in muslin.

  47. Cream of a superior kind is now everywhere to be had in jars, condensed milk answers well, and by the use of Nelson's Gelatine, and any flavouring or syrup, excellent creams can be made.

  48. The wine is perfectly pure, no flavouring extracts or spirit being employed in the composition of the liqueur, which, is composed merely of sugar-candy dissolved in fine old wine.

  49. The essential oil is largely obtained by distillation for use in medicine as an aromatic stimulant and carminative, and as a flavouring material in cookery and in liqueurs for drinking.

  50. In the north of Europe they are much used as a spice and flavouring material for cakes and liqueurs; and they are very extensively employed in the East for chewing with betel, &c.

  51. Alcohol, for example, tells us at once that it is bad for us; yet we manage so to dress it up with flavouring matters and dilute it with water that we overlook the fiery character of the spirit itself.

  52. It is eaten either as an hors d'oeuvre, particularly in Russia and northern Europe with kummel or other liqueurs, or as a savoury, or as a flavouring to other dishes.

  53. Both blanched and green it is stewed and used in soups, the seeds also being used as a flavouring ingredient.

  54. The pods and seeds when properly dried furnish the flavouring extract of commerce.

  55. Vanilla, which is used in flavouring chocolate as well as many other dishes, was also found in use among the Aztecs at the time of the Spanish conquest.

  56. It is also made by putting marrons into a plain rich white cream, flavouring it with the wine and serving it on whipped cream; in any form it is always a delicious dessert.

  57. The Nesselrode pudding is made in various ways, most of them very elaborate; probably the simplest is a caramel cream with preserved figs and marrons cut up fine in it, with a flavouring of wine.

  58. Both the fermenting and flavouring principles reside chiefly in the fresh cane juice, and in the skimmings of the clarifier; because, after the syrup has been boiled, they are in a great measure dissipated.

  59. Camphor is also a constituent of the compound tincture of camphor; but in this case it may be considered only a flavouring agent.

  60. Its smell is exactly the same as that from the oil or essence of bitter almonds; and it is from this circumstance, under the name of "essence of mirbane," much used in the preparation of perfumes and flavouring agents.

  61. A woman, aged 30, tasted a liquid used for flavouring pastry, which was afterwards chemically identified as pure nitro-benzene.

  62. Used as a flavouring or zest by cooks, liqueuristes, and confectioners.

  63. Very rich; like the last, any suitable flavouring matter may be added to it.

  64. The Germans add it to common rum, to form the flavouring for their 'pine-apple ale.

  65. As a condiment and flavouring ingredient, it is perhaps one of the most wholesome of the aromatic kinds, and is less acrid than the peppers.

  66. The caraways, ginger, and other flavouring ingredients are preferred in the form of fine powder, or are made into an essence, by digesting them in spirit of wine; the first is the most common method.

  67. This preparation is very convenient for flavouring cordials, pastry, &c.

  68. Coriander is chiefly used by confectioners and distillers as a flavouring ingredient.

  69. The warm, smooth paste which passes from the mill is then placed in a mixing mill, and incorporated with refined sugar, and usually vanilla or other flavouring substance.

  70. The first is used chiefly as a colouring and flavouring substance by cooks, confectioners, wine and cordial brewers, &c.

  71. Latterly, however, it has been still more largely employed as a flavouring matter in the different kinds of “Cattle Feeds.

  72. In Cyprus it is commonly used as a flavouring in cooking.

  73. The plant is an annual, native to the Mediterranean region, and the seeds, which are used in the East for flavouring curries, etc.

  74. She always gave you a feeling of delicately intertwined reticencies and avowals, a faint New England flavouring which she had never lost.

  75. Only with her, formality was a flavouring of intimacy, a curious fragrance like a faint clinging of unseen pot-pourri.

  76. Plum marmalade may be made in this manner, flavouring it with pounded plum-kernels.

  77. Or you may make a sauce by flavouring your melted butter with a glass of port wine, and an anchovy boned and minced.

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