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Example sentences for "flavours"

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flavour; flavoured; flavouring; flavourings; flavourless; flaw; flawed; flawes; flawless; flaws
  1. The salt of good fellowship, if it cannot work miracles as to quantity, converts the small loaf into a respectable abstract feed, by the zest and satisfaction with which it flavours it.

  2. Soufflé à la Crème de Riz Is made by using ground rice instead of the common flour, finishing the same, and using any of the flavours directed in the three last.

  3. I often introduce onions, eschalots, or even a little garlic in some of my most delicate dishes, but so well blended with other flavours that I never have a single objection even by those who have a great dislike to it.

  4. As one gives up these artificial accessories, which really serve to blunt the palate, rarer and more delicious flavours in the sweet natural taste come into evidence.

  5. The Veddas of Ceylon, the Senois of Malacca, and the Toalas of Celebes are apparently races which have resulted from the "crossing" of true pygmies with other normal-statured races inhabiting the islands in which they are found.

  6. There is one important cause of animal odours and flavours upon which I have not hitherto touched.

  7. Although it is generally believed that cheese ripened at low temperatures is apt to develop a more or less bitter flavour, the flavours in the cases described were found to be practically perfect.

  8. From these, attractive cream soups may be prepared, and a combination of flavours often gives good results.

  9. She possessed affections, too, though hitherto acrid and disagreeable, as are the richest flavours of unripe fruit.

  10. There were flavours on his palate that had lingered there not less than sixty or seventy years, and were still apparently as fresh as that of the mutton chop which he had just devoured for his breakfast.

  11. Certain flavours of the honey counteract one disorder and others another.

  12. These waters are given their different flavours by the properties of the soil, as is also seen in the case of fruits.

  13. Put the milk into a lined saucepan, with the sugar and whichever of the above flavourings may be preferred (the lemon-rind flavours custards most deliciously), and let the milk steep by the side of the fire until it is well flavoured.

  14. Stale yeast produces, instead of vinous fermentation, an acetous fermentation, which flavours the bread and makes it disagreeable.

  15. The colours and flavours of the various dishes should contrast nicely; there should be plenty of fruit and flowers on the table, and the room should be well lighted.

  16. This being so, and the tastes of savages being so unlike the taste of civilised men, they should lead them to form very different ideas with regard to flavours and therefore with regard to the odours which announce them.

  17. Preserve the child's primitive tastes as long as possible; let his food be plain and simple, let strong flavours be unknown to his palate, and do not let his diet be too uniform.

  18. I do not deny that he is the occasion of a few provocations, and the simile of the fly is just; but are not provocations an element in the interest of every pursuit, the pepper which flavours all pleasant occupation?

  19. Many flavours mingle in it, some familiar enough, some unknown to me.

  20. We leave those who love these things to use them as they like; their flavours can be very extemporaneously produced by chilly-juice, or essence of Cayenne (No.

  21. With respect to the flavours to be introduced, these are infinite; that which is most common, however, is the best, viz.

  22. Tastes are so different, and the praise the cook receives will depend so much on her pleasing the palate of those she works for, that all her sagacity must be on the alert, to produce the flavours to which her employers are partial.

  23. Meat, fish, and solid ingredients should be seasoned some time before using, so that they may absorb the flavours of the seasoning.

  24. To change flavours and make some food more appetizing.

  25. The same sort of difficulty is presented if we enquire how it is that certain flavours and odours give pleasure, and others displeasure.

  26. The value of bacteria in producing butter and cheese flavours is noticed elsewhere.

  27. It may be bitter or somewhat tainted, and just as sure as these flavours develop in the cream, so sure does the quality of the butter suffer.

  28. Every one knows the great difference in flavours of different cheeses, and these flavours are due in considerable measure to factors other than the simple mechanical process of making the cheese.

  29. Moreover, the flavours and the tastes that arise have a decided resemblance in many cases to the decomposition products of bacteria, strikingly so in Limburger cheese.

  30. During the ripening there are developed in the cheese the peculiar flavours which are characteristic of the completed product.

  31. At other times various spots of red or blue appear in the manufactured cheese; while again unpleasant tastes and flavours develop which render the product of no value.

  32. The hoary rime of dewy night, And suns that glow with tempered light Lend fresh cool flavours to the rill That sparkles from the topmost hill.

  33. If these aromatic foods are used, they should be employed according to those methods which will not cause odours or flavours to appear in the milk.

  34. Various expedients are resorted to for the purpose of communicating particular flavours to insipid wines.

  35. The latter gives a nutty flavour to the former, whilst the sugar imparts some of its own essence to the nuts, and a mixture of flavours is produced that is popular amongst all classes.

  36. Others, again, of a more meditative turn of mind, take the favourite posture of sitting on their heels, and give the whole force of their minds to the enjoying of the flavours contained in their favourite fruits.

  37. They, however, that eat carefully discriminating the flavours of the viands prepared for them, should be known as persons still tied by the bonds of action.

  38. They that are eaters of Vighasa eat without taking any notice of the flavours of the edibles placed before them.

  39. The mixture of foods produces a conglomeration of tastes in which any particular or distinct flavours are obscured, resulting in a general sameness.

  40. In all probability they find a considerable range of flavours in the great varieties of grasses commonly found together in a pasture.

  41. Flavours are really odours, and the word smell would be more appropriate.

  42. It is often stated that as an ordinary flesh-eater has the choice of a greater range of foods and flavours than a vegetarian, he can obtain more enjoyment, and that the latter is disagreeably restricted.

  43. Thus there may be little to choose between the mere range of flavours that give enjoyment to each class of persons.

  44. Such strong and rank flavours (the odour is suggestive to us of putrefaction) should be discouraged by those who would cultivate a refined taste in food.

  45. Yet the infinite variety of flavours which may be introduced into our table mustards should sufficiently reward us for the little trouble entailed in mixing them.

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