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Example sentences for "forlornness"

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  1. There was a forlornness in the confession; almost a despair.

  2. That, and the writing on the sand, and her forlornness--the forlornness of a delicate Dresden shepherdess set to drive a flock of real sheep to the shambles.

  3. I know that, sir," said David, with a concentrated forlornness in his voice of which Anthony was immediately aware.

  4. Rotha looked and ran away; and as her feet went painfully clumping along the streets in Antoinette's big boots, some tears of forlornness dropped on the pavement.

  5. A weary sense of loneliness and forlornness came instead, and at last found its safest expression in a good hearty fit of weeping.

  6. And Rotha, in her forlornness and in the gentle mood that had come over her, laid her head down on his shoulder, or rather in his neck, nestling to him.

  7. He told her of the forlornness of the Drive and the Row, and how at that season only summer tourists invaded Hyde Park, and even then only north of the Serpentine.

  8. Though no lightest word of love passed between them, she seemed to cling to him with a broken autumnal forlornness that touched him more than once as time went on.

  9. Then she sent for a doctor, and clung to that kindly eyed man, when he came, with the pitiful forlornness of a lost and homesick child.

  10. For Raeburn on this particular afternoon there was a curious forlornness in the dry and tainted air.

  11. Nioche knew his own language, and his appealing forlornness was quite the perfection of what the American, for vague reasons, had always associated with all elderly foreigners of the lesson-giving class.

  12. Newman only half understood it, but it amused him, and the old man's decent forlornness appealed to his democratic instincts.

  13. This forlornness was due not merely to the abrupt disappearance of the older forms of communion, but to the failure of the new attempts at communion.

  14. This forlornness of the genius is not the sign of some capital error in his philosophy.

  15. Faust, who is a symbol of the solitude of knowledge, seeks to escape from his forlornness by recovering this warm contact.

  16. In the forlornness that follows upon the collapse of her sham communion she meditates suicide.

  17. The forlornness at the loss of faith is curiously combined in many of the romanticists with the mood of revolt.

  18. No forlornness is greater than that of the man who has known faith and then lost it.

  19. Molly, in a low voice, not looking up, however, for fear of catching another glimpse at Aimee's sudden forlornness of expression and deepened colour.

  20. It was too much; and with a sort of wailing cry, which in its forlornness reached and wrung even Mr. Copley's nerves, she broke into a terrible passion of weeping.

  21. Somehow, the despair and the forlornness had gone out of Dolly's heart.

  22. I mused incessantly on the forlornness of my condition.

  23. Some were on foot, bearing in their countenances the tokens of their recent terror, and filled with mournful reflections on the forlornness of their state.

  24. Then the bewilderings of all the loneliness and forlornness of all my forlorn and lonely life; all these bewilderings and the whelmings of the bewilderings rolled over me; and I sat down without the house, but could not weep.

  25. When they met he yielded to an impulse which the invalid's forlornness inspired, and went on to see him off.

  26. To Westover, who had gone with the increasing forlornness a man feels in such pleasures after thirty-five, it seemed as if the two were in each other's company the whole evening.

  27. The faint forlornness and regret of the excuse made Lateefa's sharp face soften.

  28. In the commercial triumph she lost the sense of the tragic forlornness of boarding-house existence, as it had struck her on the day of her arrival.

  29. The forlornness of the bookcase gave a stricken air to the whole room.

  30. Probably if his change had left him anchorless and forsaken, as it leaves many men, he would have been ready enough to submit, in terror lest his own forlornness should bring about hers.

  31. The whole forlornness of my outcast and eleemosynary condition rushed over me simultaneously with the flood of warmth caused by the Perkins elixir, which nerved me the next moment for the encounter with the elements.

  32. A house which chilled Mrs. Ochterlony to the heart when she first went there with her little children in the first forlornness of her widowhood.

  33. The forlornness of these trenches was heartrending.

  34. It was the most dreadful thing that I saw at the front, surpassing the forlornness of any destroyed village whatsoever.

  35. Despair and forlornness succeeded to anger and fear; and, on the top of them, the poor boy accused himself of disloyalty to his house, to his cousin, to herself.

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