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Example sentences for "fouls"

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foulest; fouling; foull; foully; foulness; found; foundacion; foundation; foundational; foundations
  1. It is an ill bird that fouls its own nest.

  2. Who spits against the wind, fouls his beard.

  3. When a man has fallen into the mire, the more he flounders the more he fouls himself.

  4. We have a saying that it is an ill bird that fouls his own nest.

  5. It's an ill bird that fouls his own nest, and we are all Scots folk and all Hieland.

  6. He carries somehow handily about His spite nor fouls himself!

  7. Bivalves are generally very hardy, but if death happens to one, the production of sulphuretted hydrogen is very rapid, and quickly fouls the tank.

  8. Small fishes make the best diet for this beetle; but as this food fouls the water, it is best to keep them in clear jars, with a few pebbles and weeds, and once a week remove them to another vessel, to be fed.

  9. It's an ill bird that fouls his own nest, and we are all Scots folk, and all Hieland.

  10. This is only the beginning of what I've got to tell you of the Englishman who fouls the nest of England--who fouls the nest of all that matters in the future history of mankind.

  11. Every wun on em quicker 'n scatt--wen i found um, an ef Yude a bin thare then i guess you Wuddent razed not more'n ten thowsen more fouls to cheet Peeple with after ide a gut a holt on yure desaitful gullet.

  12. SIR: Them fouls you sent me, got the sore-hed.

  13. I know I'll make a million fouls and we'll lose the game.

  14. The girls all adored Betty and had been sorry to see her left out in the first election on account of the fouls she always made.

  15. The third man proved a harder proposition, for he knocked innumerable fouls all over the place, after Tom had wasted two balls on him, and refused to have his fate settled.

  16. Sanborn began to pop up fouls and put every Amesville player’s heart in his mouth half a dozen times.

  17. The man who deliberately besmirches the uniform of his Country's army by appearing in public drunk or by other misconduct, not only fouls his own nest, but he also dishonors the uniform worn by his self-respecting comrades.

  18. It is a fact recognized by all that a highly polished steel surface rusts much less easily than one which is roughened; also that a barrel which is pitted fouls much more rapidly than one which is smooth.

  19. Then House provided a half dozen attacks of heart disease when, with three balls and two strikes on him, he knocked fouls to nearly every point of the compass in his endeavor to secure a safe hit and score Caspar.

  20. Tom managed to strike out Jensen after that player had knocked six fouls into various parts of the field, and managed, too, to hold Loring on second.

  21. The rules for points and fouls coincide with the British.

  22. Qui coupe son nez dégarnit son visage = It is an ill bird that fouls its own nest; He who cuts off his nose spites his own face.

  23. Though one kills every other Ratcliffe that fouls the air, the stain will never be washed clean.

  24. Honest muck fouls no pools, an' I thowt onybody wod hev knawn we belonged to Wayne o' Marsh.

  25. Mylert tried to advance him by sacrificing, but after sending up two fouls was struck out by Rance.

  26. Then two fouls were called simultaneously--and both on Dolorez Vincez.

  27. Two more fouls gave each side a free throw, but nowhere near the basket came the much-abused ball.

  28. I could not keep my eyes off the ball, so did not see the fouls as much as I should.

  29. He actually believed that we could not penalize for fouls off the playing field.

  30. Then the next Harmony batter managed to send up several high fouls that kept Big Bob in right hustling; though he finally succeeded in getting hold of one, and putting the man out.

  31. The judges, one for each side, should watch for fouls and report points made by their respective sides to their scorers.

  32. Where fouls have been scored, the team finishing first, with the fewest number of fouls, has first place, etc.

  33. Fouls score for opponents, as stated under "Fouls.

  34. There should be a judge of fouls for each team and two judges at the finish.

  35. All fouls are penalized by the opponents' scoring one point, except for a ball that goes afield (outside the boundaries): that scores two points for the opponents.

  36. Fouls may score or not, as explained under "Fouls.

  37. The method of punishing fouls is optional and should be determined before the game begins.

  38. Fouls are called for the following:-- Standing more than half erect.

  39. This is entirely a defensive game, the score being made on opponents' fouls and failures.

  40. There should be a judge of fouls for each team and two judges at finish.

  41. Sile Crane, trying hard to bring Stone home, made four fouls in succession, and then struck out.

  42. Sanger really seemed to be off his feet, and Sleuth Piper, trying for a hit, drove two fouls into the crowd on the bleachers.

  43. More than half of the fouls called on the Red had been made by Grafton.

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