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Example sentences for "foully"

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fouler; foules; foulest; fouling; foull; foulness; fouls; found; foundacion; foundation
  1. Suspicions that the young prince had come foully by his death became prevalent immediately after that event.

  2. I found him desperate and raging; he abused me foully for having left him there so long.

  3. And, by your leave, men's spirits are so foully inclined to all of us, that it needs neither York nor Lancaster to spur them on.

  4. It hath come to mine ears that he was foully done by.

  5. Not more foully was the blameless Don Sancho done to death than I upon this Friday murdered the ballad that recounts his fate.

  6. Rodney Potts, dean of the Slocum County bar, was enjoying a quiet stroll along our beautiful river bank near Cady's mill, he was set upon by a gang of ruffians and would have been foully dealt with but for his vigorous resistance.

  7. Be on your guard, that you may not say I acted foully towards you.

  8. Clarence Stuart and his wife were foully deceived and separated by the machinations of old Mr. Stuart.

  9. You must hear my story together--you two who have been so foully wronged and parted.

  10. Oh, to think of L'Estrange so foully abusing the Earl's friendship; we shall have a fight I hope.

  11. Among other things he said: "Mangus-Colorado had years ago been foully murdered after he had surrendered.

  12. You, whose hands still reek with the blood of my betrothed, dare to address words of passion to the woman you have so foully wronged!

  13. Colonel Fairfax's reprieve was signed two days since, but it was foully and maliciously kept back by Secretary Poltwhistle, who designed that it should arrive after the Colonel's death.

  14. There I heard that my father had been foully murdered--hung for a crime which I was supposed to have committed, for which I had not even been tried.

  15. Danton, like H├ębert, was foully murdered, and Robespierre remained alone, virtually dictator.

  16. Through the influence of his despairing foes a successful conspiracy was formed and in the autumn of 1753 he was foully murdered.

  17. Meanwhile Judith's messenger was speeding on his way to the Primate, while the unfortunate knight who had striven so hard to stop him was thus foully entreated, lest he should himself be the bearer of some such message.

  18. Mine herte is fulle of dysmal dred Lest hee be foully done to dedde, For I have promised him to wedde!

  19. What possible motive could any one have in so foully killing a beautiful, high-minded, and charming woman, whose whole life was known to her associates, whom the breath of scandal had never touched?

  20. The man who could so foully slay a gentle, kindly, high-minded woman deserved the utmost rigor of the law, no matter what the circumstances that led to the commission of the crime.

  21. What other inference can be drawn than that she was foully done to death?

  22. You should rather be thankful that when you had been so foully ensnared by their wiles, good Osbert brought you off with your life away from those bloody doings.

  23. Should by a villain be so foully us'd, As you have been-- FUL.

  24. So foully vanquish'd by the spiteful Senses!

  25. O, you were plaguy frayed, and foully rayed-- GRIPE.

  26. You will, perhaps, next deny that a young man was foully murdered within that house in The Boltons; that you were present, and that you are aware of the identity of those who committed the crime?

  27. I saw the closed door of the drawing-room, and knew that within that room the young man whose name I knew not had been foully done to death.

  28. She had known that man who had been so foully murdered in her mother's home.

  29. Among Sevier's troops was young John Kirk, whose mother, sisters, and brothers had been so foully butchered by the Cherokee Slim Tom and his associates.

  30. King Richard himself made me a knight," Cuthbert said proudly, "after having stood across him when his steed had been foully stabbed at the battle of Azotus, and the whole Moslem host were around him.

  31. He landed safely on the coast, and was journeying north with a view of joining his sister at the Court of Saxony, when he was foully seized and imprisoned by the Archduke John.

  32. The character of the Syracusans was already too foully corrupted for one to expect that liberty could again be established among them, without the personal superintendence of a Timoleon.

  33. One by his hand was slain, one foully shent; Seldom he stopt, and ever onward went.

  34. In silence prince Zerbino hears him tell His story, gazing upon Odoric's brow, In pity, more than hate, as he perpends How foully such a goodly friendship ends.

  35. Besides, you by the laws of chivalry Are bound to venge the damsel foully shent.

  36. Foully did Ninus' wife and impiously For her own son a passion entertain; Loved was Pasiphae's bull and Myrrha's sire; But mine is madder than their worst desire.

  37. But each, though he would willingly forbear, And much desired his sovereign to obey, Stood out against the Moorish monarch's prayer: Since either deemed he would be foully shent Who to this treaty first should yield consent.

  38. IV Such, and no other were those ruffians two, Whom good Rinaldo from the damsel scared, Conducted to these valleys out of view, That none might wot of her so foully snared.

  39. If she had not been foully dealt with she must have gone with Langhetti.

  40. I believe that the man who wronged me so foully was fully capable of murder.

  41. It seemed to him now that she must have been foully dealt with in some way.

  42. The fiercest and most high-minded of the Roman Pontiffs, while bestowing kingdoms and citing great princes to his judgment-seat, was seized in his palace by armed men, and so foully outraged that he died mad with rage and terror.

  43. The time was approaching, however, when he was to be stripped of that robe which has never, since the Revolution, been disgraced so foully as by him.

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