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Example sentences for "fragmentary"

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fragilitas; fragility; fragmens; fragment; fragmental; fragmentation; fragmented; fragments; fragmentum; fragrance
  1. Footnote: This fragmentary note is written on the margin of a drawing of two legs.

  2. Leonardo's original writings on the theory of Architecture have come down to us only in a fragmentary state; still, there seems to be no doubt that he himself did not complete them.

  3. The world is not to him the fragmentary incoherent whirl of feelings and events which it is to Miss Richardson.

  4. No, women's faces are only one of the tablets on which that is written in its partial, fragmentary symbols.

  5. Is it necessary to add that the echoes of many characteristic tales, dating from that picturesque time, still linger about here in more or less fragmentary form, to be caught by the attentive ear?

  6. If it had succeeded, we should have been up to the Freya Stellung, another fragmentary trench system, the second and inferior line of resistance of the whale-back, and we might not have had to wait another two weeks for victory.

  7. From the fronts of the 1st and 32nd Divisions the fragmentary trench system of the Kriemhilde ran northeasterly to a point just opposite the bend.

  8. The solidity of these fragmentary pages defies time; the work interrupted by the German shell is none the less erected for eternity.

  9. But still, isolated and by itself, it would furnish but a fragmentary feeling for the fancy, without a true beginning, and without end or aim, or proper conclusion.

  10. When these were removed there were found fragmentary remains of at least three adults, lying in confusion, as if only the folded dismembered skeletons had been placed here.

  11. The femur of the larger individual was just 19 inches long; the other frame was much smaller; but all other bones were in such fragmentary condition they could not be measured.

  12. He was the exponent of ideas which in fragmentary way had been expressed by others, but he gathered into himself in amazing fashion the impulses of his age.

  13. Out of them, even in their fragmentary state, a well-articulated system might be made.

  14. On my word, I tried to note down soberly what lay before me, but the eye tired, and the pencil ran off into fragmentary ejaculations.

  15. I see now where the fragmentary school of novelists get their material from.

  16. Tradition, and the acknowledged existence of other written records of the teaching of Jesus oppose any exclusive claim to this fragmentary saying.

  17. It is evident, that so short and fragmentary a phrase cannot prove anything.

  18. Winton, I am inclined to regard the fragmentary specimen as the skin of the neck and shoulder-region with part of the left cheek.

  19. Among the fragmentary bones of the Ground-Sloth, it is easy to recognise evidence of three individuals, which do not differ much in size.

  20. According to Hauthal, the remains of the Guanaco were found along with fragmentary bones of Deer, shells of Mytilus chorus, branches of trees, and dried leaves, in the superficial dust of the cavern near the outer wall.

  21. These fragmentary gleams excited a momentary curiosity and were almost forgotten, when Faraday independently alighted on the same facts; and, instead of stopping, made them the inlets to a new and vast region of research.

  22. In these works Oak and Nemos were agreed that there were scattered fragmentary bits aggregating several volumes so worked over by different writers in different ways as to render it impossible to determine the exact authorship.

  23. It is thus possible to give in a general way the authorship of each volume, barring fragmentary writing.

  24. Doubtless the angels could sing from them fragmentary melodies of the universe; but to us they reveal no more than wave–marks on the shores of the ever–rolling sea.

  25. Ole Bull had long contemplated revising and filling out his fragmentary notes on the violin and its construction, jotted down at various times.

  26. Then, O wise monarch, some time after, when the time came, each of the queens brought forth a fragmentary body.

  27. It chanced, O virtuous king, that I beheld the fragmentary bodies of thy son.

  28. A fragmentary thought is all of genuine that is left us out of a whole immortal harangue; some powerful ejaculation stands for an entire oration, and dimly suggests, not explains its astonishing effects.

  29. Of this gate, which is associated with so many interesting events, only fragmentary ruins remain.

  30. Ternaux[1190] printed a French translation of a mutilated text; but it has never been printed in the condition, fragmentary though it be, in which it was recovered by Boturini.

  31. Sudden and vast enrichment by the treasures of gold wrung from the natives, first in their fragmentary ornaments, and then by compulsory toil from the mines which would yield it in heaps, were the lure and passion of the invaders.

  32. At present he could only wait patiently in the hope, doubtful, fragmentary of revelation.

  33. The reference, therefore, to a principle of sufficient reason is simply a concession to the fragmentary and imperfect condition of all knowledge.

  34. Philosophies are not manufactured piecemeal out of isolated and fragmentary thoughts; they grow from a single root, absorbing from their environment whatever of sustenance offers itself, and maturing in one splendid fruit of spiritual truth.

  35. Meantime the men lingered outside, and hardly any of them except the singers, who had a humming and fragmentary rehearsal to go through, entered the church until Mr. Irwine was in the desk.

  36. As for Hetty, she was soon in the wood again--her waking dreams being merged in a sleeping life scarcely more fragmentary and confused.

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