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  1. Have the plaintiffs lost their franchises by "due course and process of law"?

  2. It makes no difference, that this property is to be holden and administered, and these franchises exercised, for the purpose of diffusing learning.

  3. They ask only to hold the property of which they are owners, and the franchises which belong to them, until they shall be found, by due course and process of law, to have forfeited them.

  4. The first act does, in fact, if it can have any effect, create a new corporation, and transfer to it all the property and franchises of the old.

  5. After forfeiture duly found, the king may re-grant the franchises; but a grant of franchises already granted, and of which no forfeiture has been found, is void.

  6. Corporate franchises can only be forfeited by trial and judgment.

  7. By the acts, nine other trustees and twenty-five overseers are admitted, against their will, to divide these franchises and immunities with them.

  8. And is there any difference, in legal contemplation, between a grant of corporate franchises and a grant of tangible property?

  9. The twelve individuals who are trustees were possessed of all the franchises and immunities conferred by the charter.

  10. Least of all was there a necessity, or pretence of necessity, to infringe its legal rights, violate its franchises and privileges, and pour upon it these overwhelming streams of litigation.

  11. Mr. Hume gives the reason; it is, that such franchises were regarded, in a most emphatic sense, as private property.

  12. They were further of opinion "that no Act of Common Hall can endanger the Charters or Franchises of the city, and wee think that the right of petitioning a necessary consequence of a lawful assembly.

  13. Also the Myner hath such franchises to enquire the Myne {74c} in every soyle of the Kings of which it may be named {75a} and also of all other Folke To dige in ye king's soyle or any other.

  14. You begin by ascribing to the franchises of Old Sarum the sacredness of property; and you end, naturally enough, I must own, by treating the rights of property as lightly as I should be inclined to treat the franchises of Old Sarum.

  15. Are they ignorant that there are even now large towns with very popular franchises, with franchises even more democratic than those which will be bestowed by the present bill?

  16. These company bonds were to be secured by mortgages on all the properties and franchises of the companies.

  17. Along with the rest it defaulted, and in the summer of 1860 its property and franchises were sold to the state upon foreclosure.

  18. A fourth kind is that derived from franchises for public service corporations, such as those supplying electricity, gas and water.

  19. These charters and franchises are granted sparingly in most European countries.

  20. These franchises are granted to private capitalists to induce them to invest capital in enterprises that are helpful to the community.

  21. Perhaps it may be said that to the exercise of the feudal power and of the royal franchises the presence of free tenants was necessary.

  22. The franchises of the city of London, and of all towns and boroughs were declared inviolate.

  23. Personally many suffragists would prefer a less restricted measure, but the immense importance and gain to our movement in getting the most effective of all the existing franchises thrown open to women cannot be exaggerated.

  24. Bill for the simple removal of the sex disability from existing franchises came on for second reading in February.

  25. Public franchises entitle the owners to special, sometimes exclusive, privileges, and protect them legally from competition.

  26. Sidenote: Franchises guard the growing rents from the influence of substitution] 4.

  27. Sidenote: The capitalizing of franchises for public-service corporations] Notable cases of this sort arise in connection with public franchises.

  28. The power of the legislative bodies to grant franchises and to permit the use of public property to corporations, constantly gives opportunity for dishonesty and occasion for scandal in the larger cities.

  29. Not all franchises are valuable; many street-railways are unfortunate ventures, the earnings being insufficient to pay expenses, to say nothing of interest on the investment.

  30. The Speech House was so called from its being intended for the use of the ancient Court of "the Speech," as mentioned in the Laws and Franchises of the Mine.

  31. Indeed, the tradition now in vogue amongst the Foresters, is, that their ancestors were made free miners in return for the aforesaid services; but it has been shown that the franchises of the mine date from an earlier period.

  32. It is depriving us of the local franchises and local self-government which we have extorted from the central power in a struggle of forty years.

  33. Count Eudes, and certain franchises and other measures of relief for the plebs of the city were agreed on.

  34. The plants and franchises of the old and new companies are worth something.

  35. There is talk of combining these suburbs with Chicago, as you know, which would allow these three down-town franchises to become mutually operative with our own.

  36. By now also, Cowperwood had invested about one hundred thousand dollars in his gas-company speculations, and he was jubilant over his prospects; the franchises were good for twenty years.

  37. Did they not know that long-time franchises were practically the basis of all modern capitalistic prosperity?

  38. I have a right to an extension of my franchises for fifty years, and I am going to get it.

  39. I've said all along that these public franchises were worth more than they used to be worth.

  40. I understand Hand says that he'll never get his franchises renewed except on terms that'll make his lines unprofitable.

  41. He knows now that he can't get his franchises without a compromise that will eat into his profits, and if that happens he can't sell his Union Traction stock.

  42. In addition he must now plunge into this new realm, gaining franchises by the roughest and subtlest forms of political bribery.

  43. This was justified on the ground that any such radical change as that involved in the introduction of a public-service commission might disturb the peace and well-being of corporations with franchises which still had years to run.

  44. It is certainly important that we get these franchises renewed for fifty years," Addison used to say to him, and it was seriously and disagreeably true.

  45. The franchises left to them are enumerated in sections 25.

  46. The day appointed for the display of the grand and solemn pageant of the perambulation of the liberties and franchises of the city of Dublin had arrived.

  47. But you ought to be devilish strong against a man who is proposing to have the state break existing contracts, take back power rights and franchises and make you simply a lessee of what you already own!

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