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Example sentences for "frets"

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fret; freta; fretful; fretfully; fretfulness; fretted; fretting; fretty; fretwork; freudig
  1. In the character which gives name to the play, there is excellently represented the reluctance of a battered debauchee to come into the trammels of order and decency: he neither languishes nor burns, but frets for love.

  2. For it is said that there is nothing frets and angers these monsters so much as a watchful eye.

  3. It frets in like rusty iron, my son; and Andy's supped his fill of it.

  4. And how he will look, because he always frets and fumes about the prince!

  5. The Wife is an old Coquet, that is always hankering after the Diversions of the Town; the Husband a morose Rustick, that frowns and frets at the Name of it.

  6. But thee, O mother, overworn old age, exhausted and untrue, frets with vain distress, and amid embattled kings mocks thy presage with false dismay.

  7. Lucy frets at the postponement of seeing him, but it does not touch her looks; she is a trifle stouter, and her cheeks are a lovely rose pink.

  8. Poor dear, I've no doubt it frets her to be kept in the dark, and it may make her doubly anxious about me and the others.

  9. About a dozen curved brass frets were tied to the fingerboard with silk cords, and as Hawksworth watched, the player began shifting the location of two frets, sliding them an inch or so along the neck to create a new musical scale.

  10. His hand flew over the frets until it seemed every fingertip commanded a string, each embellishing a theme another had begun.

  11. He frets about them, and about what will become of them when he is gone.

  12. Mamma and I don't mind; but he is a man, and it frets him.

  13. Then some days, when I am not going abroad and Mistress Margery frets me too much, I will send for you to sit with me, and you shall listen to the gossip when a visitor drops in to have a dish of tea.

  14. The metal, as it enters the water, and for some seconds afterwards, frets and moans piteously; and I expected to see it fly to pieces with the sudden shock.

  15. What conduces to render the journey unpleasant is, that it frets the boy, who has acquired two jaw teeth since he left you, and still talks of gampy.

  16. The girls bewail the sufferings of their dear papa; the boys wish themselves in his place; Frederick frets at the badness of the horse; wishes money could put him in thy stead.

  17. And it is a rest from human frets and passions.

  18. She frets them by using too many words about everything.

  19. Forbearance and unselfishness were recompensed by the calm tenderness with which she could regard one who at the outset had appeared likely to cause nothing but frets and misunderstandings.

  20. Another medallion with frets and dragon heads is shown in Plate M, Fig.

  21. The rectangular frets represent bodies of which conventionalised heads alone betray their origin.

  22. Even when the central medallions and corner figures are of frets or stiffly conventionalised dragons, the fields are often covered with delicate scroll or foliate sub-patterns that support floral forms resembling the lotus or the peony.

  23. The rectangular frets and floral forms are combined in an unusual stripe (Plate N, Fig.

  24. In a few pieces, the stripe has a well-balanced scroll which has been developed from designs of conventionalised dragons and frets that appear in the central medallion and in the corners of the field.

  25. Frets are conspicuous in the fields of large numbers of these pieces.

  26. It is not what we really want, but what we think we want, that frets most of us.

  27. He lives again through the jars and frets of those few burning days, the growing mistrust of them, the sense of jealous terror and insecurity--and then through the anguish of desertion and loss.

  28. Soomtimes I think he knows t' boys are dead--an then soomtimes he frets 'at they doan't coom an see him.

  29. The father frets and fumes, pays the debts, prepares the way for a new campaign, and merely shrugs his shoulders about the proposed marriage, which he regards simply as an impossibility.

  30. The three strings pass over eleven frets or wide movable bridges, and the shape of the body is rather like that of a guitar.

  31. For coming seasons' frets What aids, what amulets, What softenings, or what brightenings?

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