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  1. The gears will be badly jolted in use and will soon need repairs.

  2. Gears (1) Remove the lubricant from or put, too light a lubricant in the transmission and other gears.

  3. And so, sweating with relief, Dawson meshed gears and tooled the little Army car around to the left of the searchlight, that winked out as he went by, and got back into the middle of the night-darkened road again.

  4. Repairing British and American plane landing gears in Farbin Factory Number Six?

  5. The German smiled, shifted gears and drove away from the curb and on down the street.

  6. Tiring further, cognizance seemed as the jammed teethed gears and wheels of a mechanical clock--it seemed so.

  7. Extending immediately below the camshaft is another vertical shaft, driven by bevel gears from the crank-shaft, and terminating in a worm which drives the multiple piston oil pumps.

  8. There are two suction and one pressure type oil pumps driven through gears at half-engine speed, and two 12 spark magnetos, giving 2 sparks in each cylinder.

  9. The sun-and-planet arrangement, with gears of equal size, was adopted by Watt for nearly all the rotative engines that he built during the term of the "crank patents.

  10. Mechanisms that employed screws, cams, and gears were certainly in use by the beginning of the Christian era.

  11. A systematic, if not rigorous, approach to the design of gears and cams also is usually presented in such a course.

  12. Anyway, this old car had so much play in the gears and the differential and the axles that you could let up slowly on the clutch, and when all the slack finally wound out of all the gears, the car would leap forward.

  13. The brakes and the gears together wouldn't hold the Maxwell and the load.

  14. The motor had gotten up pretty good speed by the time all the gears took up the slack and the hind wheels began to push forward.

  15. He said something in a low whisper to the driver and the next instant there was a grinding whirr as the gears were connected and the car rolled forward.

  16. There was a grinding and buzzing as the gears meshed and the aeroplane began to scud off.

  17. Yes," was the response; "one of your gears is stripped.

  18. Typical Cam-Shaft, with Valve Lifting Cams and Gears to Operate Auxiliary Devices Forged Integrally.

  19. If there should be a tight spot between these two gears it will react disadvantageously on the magneto.

  20. The excess flows back through pipes and through the train of gears to the crank-case.

  21. The statement often made in the past, that the gearing down of an engine costs more in the weight of reduction gears and propeller shaft than is warranted by the increase in horse-power, is seldom heard to-day.

  22. Grinding noises in the motor are usually caused by the timing gears and will obtain if these gears are dry or if they have become worn.

  23. All gears are made of chrome vanadium steel, heat-treated.

  24. If the gears are properly marked the valve timing and magneto setting will be undisturbed when the parts are replaced after overhauling.

  25. The Walschaert and Other Modern Radial Valve Gears for Locomotives.

  26. Shows the different valve gears in use, how they work, and why.

  27. One of these gears is driven by suitable means, and as it turns the other member they maintain a flow of water around the pump body.

  28. In this case not only the cams but also the gears used in driving the auxiliary shafts are forged integral.

  29. Describes all representative types of free engine clutches, variable speed gears and power transmission systems.

  30. With a mighty roar, and the blue flames spitting from the exhaust ports, the two great machines bounded forward, and almost with one movement Bert changed the gears from first to second, from second to high.

  31. Accordingly, when he got on to the main road, he threw the gears into high speed, and soon they were bowling along at a rapid, but safe, pace toward their camp.

  32. There was a grinding sound of clutch and gears as the power was transmitted to the rear wheels, and the "Red Scout" lunged forward.

  33. The motor took on a deep, vibrating note, and the hum of the gears rose to a higher pitch.

  34. Then a shout went up, and Hanson jerked his eyes from the gears to focus on a group of rocs that were landing at the far end of the camp.

  35. He seemed to sense a hesitation in his mind, and then the impression of jeweled gears turning.

  36. He got only a hasty glimpse of gears that seemed to be back on their tracks before Sather Karf was beside him, driving the cranks with desperate speed.

  37. Another set of gears broke from the housing.

  38. The motors are made to run at a high rate of speed and must be reduced in motion by pulleys or gears to suit their condition of operation.

  39. The lever has worked loose; I can't get my gears in properly," replied Marjorie.

  40. Somewhere outside Godalming the gears began to burr and slip.

  41. The gears ground again, the motor took up its burden, and they lurched ahead, churning through the deepening snow.

  42. Gradually the straining progress of the bus slowed, finally stopped, the gears clashed, and they lurched backward several hundred feet.

  43. Plan and Elevations of Engine Lathe] =Selecting the Change Gears for Thread Cutting.

  44. Every machinist, however, should know how to determine the size of gears used for cutting any number of threads to the inch.

  45. First find the number of threads per inch that is cut when gears of the same size are placed on the lead-screw and spindle, either by actual trial or by referring to the index plate.

  46. The driving gears are gear a on the spindle stud and gear c on the intermediate stud, meshing with the lead-screw gear, and the driven gears are gears b and d.

  47. These change gears for different speeds are listed on a speed and feed plate attached to the headstock of the machine (see Fig.

  48. Index Plate showing Gear Changes for Threading] Intermediate gear b does not need to be changed as it is simply an "idler" for connecting gears a and c.

  49. For example, if there were no gears of this size, some other multiplier as 5 or 6 might be used.

  50. The big vehicle pulsated with power and there was the crash of gears as they lurched ahead and the left rear wheel dropped off the jack.

  51. She threw in the gears and the car lurched away along the dusty road that wound through the hills to the main highway some miles away.

  52. With the motor roaring heavily, Curt threw in the gears and swung the big vehicle about in a sharp circle.

  53. It's both gears this evening," said the Wheel, kicking joyously in the first rush of the icy stream.

  54. Ordinary gears are cut on milling machines by rotary cutters, or may be manufactured on a Bliss press without cutting the original lines of fibre.

  55. Bevel gears cut by Mr. Hugo Bilgram, of Philadelphia, turn with hardly any friction whatever, although in some wheels the teeth run askew, or are sections of cones which do not meet at their apices.

  56. The importance of accurate and easy-running gears increases steadily; they are, for example, applied to steam turbines whose velocity must be reduced in the actuation of ordinary machines.

  57. The red roadster slid off with gears singing their metallic song as she shifted through to high.

  58. It was fascinating to put shafting and gears and a motor and a set of insentient wheels together and make the assembled whole a thing of pulsing power that leaped under the touch of a finger.

  59. Nell was obviously shifting the gears of her opinion about this stranger.

  60. You're trying to throw sand in the gears o' progress, as the feller said.

  61. Ingenious mufflers have subdued the sputtering exhaust, the gears are made to run in oil or are so carefully cut as to mesh perfectly, rubber tires deaden the pounding of the wheels, and carefully designed frames take up the jar.

  62. This difficulty has been overcome by cutting the axle in two and placing between the ends a series of gears which permit the two wheels to revolve at different speeds and also apply the power to both alike.

  63. The exhausted gas coughed resoundingly, the gears groaned and shrieked loudly when improperly lubricated, and the whole machine rattled like a runaway tin-peddler.

  64. Now I'm off," and with a short nod of his head Jarley Bangs threw in the gears of his machine and rattled away, slowly gathering speed as he proceeded.

  65. He speeded it up, threw off the brake, put the gears in the "low," and slipped in the clutch.

  66. The whir of the gears and the furious discharge of the used-up gas seemed increasing momentarily.

  67. The proportions of the teeth for cast gears generally accepted in this country are those given by Professor Willis, as average practice, and are as follows: Depth to pitch line, 3/10 of the pitch.

  68. Small bevil gears may also be represented by simple line shading; thus in Figure 247 the two bodies A and C would readily be understood to be a bevil gear and pinion.

  69. The smallest wheel of a pair of gears is termed the pinion.

  70. All of the sprockets and the shutter K are connected together by a train of gears (see Figure 30, which is the gearing of the Motiograph machine) and when properly adjusted they all work in proper relation to each other.

  71. After the machine has been used for a considerable time, it is advisable to wash out the gears thoroughly.

  72. The relative number of revolutions made by two gears connected together is in proportion to their number of teeth.

  73. A bevel gear is one in which the shafts of the two gears are not parallel.

  74. It was a proud day when he occupied the driving seat, threw out his clutch, and set the gears in mesh.

  75. Jim felt the gears engage as he shifted the lever, and once more opened the throttle of the engine.

  76. The rock drill, on the other hand, pounded away, the engine revolving the drill, while the crew of the machine saw that the gears were thrown out when necessary, and an extra length added to the drill.

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