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Example sentences for "gritted"

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gristmill; grit; grito; grits; gritstone; gritting; gritty; grizly; grizzled; grizzlies
  1. He felt each step would be his last, but with each step he told himself through gritted teeth that he could do ten more--and then ten more--ten more.

  2. Mr. White gritted his handsome teeth, shrugged his shoulders, and made as if he intended to go down off the bridge.

  3. Commandant Balliot gritted his teeth, and rubbed at his scrubby beard, and melodramatically vowed revenge.

  4. Bill gritted his teeth and planted himself threateningly in front of her.

  5. He gritted his teeth and lifted until his muscles cracked.

  6. Two days in succession I have been disturbed," he gritted out.

  7. Arizona's fists clenched, and his teeth gritted with rage as he deduced his facts.

  8. Harry drew a long breath, and his teeth gritted together.

  9. Harry's teeth gritted slightly, but he relapsed into his former semi-cataleptic state, as if forced to listen, and unable to move.

  10. Mimi felt like a martyr but she gritted her teeth and bore the persecutions.

  11. Just ahead, as the horses struggled into a well traveled highway, where the runners gritted on the half-bare ground, was a lamp in a window.

  12. He judged his distance well, gritted his teeth, and rolled close to the heap of embers.

  13. Squint, he gritted his teeth, and I knew all the rankling that he had done inside of him was as nothing to the rankling that he was doing now.

  14. There must be no failure," says Squint, not heeding him, and he jabbed the knife into the ground and gritted his teeth.

  15. Billy Louise gritted her teeth over the treachery of it.

  16. She gritted her teeth after it and forced a laugh.

  17. Burros ain't any extincter than what you'll be when I git through with yuh," gritted Casey savagely, shutting off the gas.

  18. He gritted his teeth ominously when Casey Ryan came down upon the crossing at double the legal speed.

  19. He gritted his teeth when he swung back the single-jack and landed a glancing blow on the knuckles of his left hand instead of the drill end.

  20. He gritted his teeth and suffered tortures until Joe returned and gave him a drink of whisky in a chipped granite cup.

  21. If he were highjacked (Casey gritted his teeth and said he hoped the highjacker would be Smiling Lou), he was to permit himself to be robbed, worm himself as far as possible into their confidence and return for further orders.

  22. The touch of my lips on her sweet, smooth flesh made me tremble, and I knew the madness was creeping over me, but I gritted my teeth, and our eyes met again.

  23. As she caught my look she turned to Brocton, and I gritted my teeth and listened.

  24. Priests grew pale and gritted their teeth when they saw the management of Rameses XIII.

  25. The Asiatics cursed, the prince gritted his teeth.

  26. Men lay down and wept, or cursed, or gritted silent teeth, according to the nature that was in each.

  27. A mere suggestion," he gritted and stalked out.

  28. Jordan gritted his teeth and wadded up paper with an odd gesture, as though his fingers were encircling someone's neck.

  29. Disguise sounded mighty soothin' to Promotheus, so he gritted his teeth, an' said he wouldn't go back on his word.

  30. He gritted his teeth, though, an' bore up under it like a hero, until Eugene begin to chip in with what he knew about squirrels.

  31. The passion that the mate saw in Beekman's face, as he fairly gritted his teeth at him, startled him a little.

  32. She burst into tears, and George Harnash could say nothing to comfort her, but only gritted his teeth as he tore himself away, revolving all sorts of plans to accomplish his own desires.

  33. Staggering from the shock of the horrible self-revelation, he gritted his teeth.

  34. Murphy gritted his teeth, got a good toe hold, and prepared for the next.

  35. Joe gritted his teeth, and mentally scored Clara, who had brought his friend to such a pass.

  36. Then she gritted her teeth and aroused herself to action.

  37. Rosalind gritted her teeth and wondered if the dog would really bite.

  38. Some of the women were sobbing, others almost fainting, while the men, pale and with gritted teeth, groaned at their helplessness.

  39. You said something about my lying," Stan gritted as he swung around to face the flier.

  40. One has escaped," cried Benedetto, from between his gritted teeth, "but the other shall suffer for it.

  41. The Thousand Years shall come a thousand times over and on the earth shall reign----" The key gritted in the lock.

  42. He gritted his teeth viciously, as if he could gladly have bitten a piece out of his arm.

  43. Winds blew away the snow immediately from the bottom of the pass, and the hoofs of horses gritted everywhere on a stony road.

  44. Still, at times a scythe struck a scythe, at times a stone gritted under a foot, and by those noises it was possible to know that they were pushing forward unceasingly.

  45. Kmita turned in his place, as if thrust with a point, and began to draw in air with a hiss; at last he gritted his teeth, and casting himself on the bench, rested his head on his palms in silence.

  46. Kmita began to tell; and though he gritted his teeth, and even threw his cap on the ground, still his mind escaped from misfortune, and he calmed himself somewhat.

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