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  1. In the centre of the coal-field is an elevated moorland tract formed of the grits and shales of the Millstone Grit series.

  2. North of Broughton-in-Furness, Ulverston and Cartmel are the Silurian rocks around Lakes Windermere and Coniston Water, including the Coniston grits and flags and the Brathay flags.

  3. An upper series of sandstones and grits is seen for a short distance west of Lamington.

  4. Some of the French leaders wished to accept their challenge, but Joan ran to the city gates, and bade them desist "for the love and honor of holy Sunday.

  5. Around the flanks of Muilrea, beds of purple quartz-felstone with tuff are interstratified with the Upper Silurian grits and slates.

  6. Sir Peter bought a large estate here for a song when the Grits of Brosedale smashed up.

  7. JUDD GRITS HIS TEETH Judd was the object of curious eyes the first night out.

  8. Elsewhere we find a predominance of shales passing into grits at the top of the system, the change indicating the incoming of the shallow-water phase before the commencement of the second continental period.

  9. Much of the material of the grits and muds may be derived from volcanic rocks, though how far this is so cannot be stated in the absence of information obtained by detailed petrological examination of the rocks.

  10. The Wenlock beds consist of shales, and the Ludlow beds of gritty shales beneath, and massive flags and grits at the summit.

  11. They consist chiefly of basal conglomerates, succeeded by alternations of grits and shales, though the latter are often converted into slates, owing to the subsequent production of cleavage.

  12. The Llandovery-Tarannon rocks are of the graptolite-shale type, intercalated with fine grits in the case of the beds of Tarannon age.

  13. The Upper Ludlow beds consist mainly of grits and flags, often coloured red towards the summit.

  14. Cooked hominy grits or chopped boiled macaroni may be used in place of rice.

  15. Hot hominy grits (which have been cooked 2-3 hrs.

  16. Jud sent me a case of Grits and I fed most of it to this critter.

  17. In north Devonshire these rocks consist of sandstones, grits and slates, while in south Devon there are, in addition, thick beds of massive limestone, and intercalations of lavas and tuffs.

  18. Then you have to get some hand seed cleaning screens just large enough to pass the grits but not pass the hulls (most of them).

  19. So we make porridge from whole oat groats that we coarsely grind to grits (steel-cut oats) in an electric seed/spice mill just before cooking.

  20. That young Carruthers the Grits are bringing out will be sure to rake up this story if I run next fall; and those MacDonalds are double-dyed Grits already.

  21. She was now harnessed with Grits in the lead; and she pulled along bravely.

  22. Harry hired Grits and another mule at a low rate, as there was not much for mules to do at that time of the year.

  23. Grits and thin Hector were the leaders, and Polly and old Selim were the pole-horses, so to speak.

  24. When they reached the bottom of the hill the pulling became harder; but Grits had no idea of stopping for that.

  25. The soybean grits tend to absorb more liquid than the flakes, and therefore an adjustment must be made in the recipe when using these products.

  26. The soybean grits usually resemble coarse corn grits but are sometimes pulverized to resemble corn meal.

  27. Sift the dry ingredients and combine with the soybean grits or flakes.

  28. Soybean grits and flakes can be used as cereals, in baked products where a crisp texture is desirable, or as meat extenders.

  29. Some processors of soybeans are now preparing soybean grits and flakes, and there is promise that they will be on the retail market in the near future.

  30. Kisli ang mais únà lung-ága, Wash the corn grits before you cook them.

  31. B6; c1] for corn grits to come out lagatlat.

  32. B6; a12] for corn grits that are supposed to be cooked dry to come out wet and unevenly cooked.

  33. Nagmais lang mi kay barátu man kay sa humay, We had corn grits as our staple food because it is cheaper than rice.

  34. A; a2] {1} remove unhusked rice or corn grains or pebbles from a batch of rice or grits one is about to cook.

  35. Nagpálit na run mi kay nahurut na ang abut námù nga mais, We are buying corn grits now because we used up our stock of corn.

  36. Mahal na ang prisyu sa bugas mais karun, The price of corn grits has increased.

  37. A; c1] separate the very fine corn starch (tiktik) from the grits by shaking in a winnower, or separate the very fine grains from coarser ones.

  38. A; a] boil rice or corn grits soft, but not watery.

  39. Mulagatlat ang linung-ag ug daghan ang túbig ug kúwang sa káyu, Corn grits come out wet and unevenly cooked if you use too much water and not enough fire.

  40. A; b5] polish rough rice or corn grits by pounding.

  41. The sanded floor that grits beneath the tread.

  42. Note: This term, derved from the grauwacke of German miners, was formerly applied in geology to different grits and slates of the Silurian series; but it is now seldom used.

  43. Conybeare in 1821 to the coal-bearing strata of England and Wales, including the related grits and limestones immediately beneath them.

  44. These are dark slates and thin-bedded grits with enormous masses of interbedded igneous rocks, lavas and ashes, the product of contemporaneous volcanoes.

  45. The rocks of Cardiganshire consist of shales, slates and grits which have been folded and uptilted so that nowhere do they retain their original horizontality.

  46. Devon are the Devonian limestones, grits and shales; the corresponding Old Red Sandstone type of the system (marls and sandstones) being exposed over a large part of Herefordshire, stretching also into Shropshire and Monmouth.

  47. The Coal Measures rest upon the Millstone Grits in most places, generally in synclinal basins.

  48. Devon is occupied by the Culm shales, limestones and grits of Carboniferous age.

  49. In the same two areas we find the Silurian rocks, shales and limestones with grits and flags.

  50. In all cases where a man worked, he received the regular weekly allowance of one peck of grits and one pound of meat, in addition to what he received for his work.

  51. One peck of grits and one pound of pork to a family of seven for one week was the regular Red Cross supply, and this was given to all who needed assistance, and the laboring men received one peck and one pound for their work.

  52. The living ration for a family of seven was half a peck of grits a week and a pound of pork, simply as an insurance against starvation for those not having work.

  53. All the workmen were paid from headquarters through their overseer, who received the clothing, grits and meat, and proportioned it to each man.

  54. I kept a complete record of all goods received and everything given out, from a pint of grits to a barrel of clothing.

  55. Food stuff was distributed in the following amount: Grits 1,527 bushels.

  56. Near Rothesay and along the hill slopes west of Loch Fad there are parallel strips of grits and phyllites.

  57. The way he grits his teeth is something awful.

  58. And the chickens, featherless but indomitable, were enjoying the milder weather as they pecked at the grain and grits which the steward had just placed in their feeding-trough.

  59. Dey raise de food and have grits ground in de grits mill.

  60. Immediately opposite to this building is a small shed, which they call the cook's shop, and where the daily allowance of rice and corn grits of the people is boiled and distributed to them by an old woman, whose special business this is.

  61. The Reformers, as the Clear Grits preferred to call themselves officially, should perhaps have been content with so much progress.

  62. In Denbighshire and Merionethshire the upper portion of the Denbighshire Grits belongs to this horizon: viz.

  63. In the Silurian area of the Lake district the Coldwell beds, forming the upper part of the Coniston Flags, are the equivalents of the Lower Ludlow; they are succeeded by the Coniston Grits (4000 ft.

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