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Example sentences for "hags"

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  1. Half a dozen old hags with the parchment also sat upon the rocks in the sun, spinning from distaffs, exactly as their ancestors did in Greece two thousand years ago, I doubt not.

  2. A group of old hags begin beating a poor child as we approach, to excite our compassion for the abused little object, and draw out centimes.

  3. Hecate in Middleton has a son, a low buffoon: the hags of Shakespeare have neither child of their own, nor seem to be descended from any parent.

  4. It was useless to allege that with the destruction of the old hags all danger had ceased.

  5. The two old hags and their noxious brood shall be brought to the stake.

  6. But with the disappearance of the malignant old hags who had so long infested the neighbourhood, had all mischief and calamity ceased, or were people as much afflicted as heretofore?

  7. The old hags will have enjoyed a long term--much longer than might have been anticipated.

  8. These old hags shall no longer vex you, good Master Nicholas.

  9. Mistress Nutter and the two old hags who hold you in thrall would lead you to destruction.

  10. I shouldn't wonder if she has dealings with the old hags she defends--Mother Demdike and Mother Chattox.

  11. Looking cautiously round, to ascertain that they were not overheard, the two hags cowered nearer to the fire, and chuckled heartily.

  12. These hags were very ugly but when one-eyed Blinkie whispered her orders to them they grinned with joy as they began dancing around Gloria.

  13. Trot rubbed her eyes to prove that she was wide awake and seeing clearly, for her astonishment was great when the three lovely maidens turned into ugly, crooked hags again, leaning on broomsticks and canes.

  14. Still the hags made no other answer, than by increasing their speed in the circle, and occasionally raising the threatening expressions of their chant, into louder and more intelligible strains.

  15. Admonished by so terrible a warning, the hags scattered themselves, like vultures frightened from their prey, still screaming, and but half diverted from their purpose.

  16. Look at these hags of squaws, friend Doctor; I have no judgment in savage tempers, if they are not bloody minded, and ready to work their accursed pleasures on us all.

  17. Had I run like a bustling woman to have given you freedom, these hags of the Siouxes would have seen the same, and then where would you both have found yourselves?

  18. But withered beldams, auld and droll, Rigwoodie hags wad spean a foal, Louping and flinging on a crummock, I wonder didna turn thy stomach!

  19. From the fasting hags a rumble, rather than a laugh, went up.

  20. Hags with threatening fists shrieked themselves into a frenzy: "To the Tuileries!

  21. The young man went off more afraid than he would say, but glad of the crumb of comfort.

  22. The frightened valet still looked out of the window and howled at intervals, as though he himself were already in the hands of the Turks.

  23. At one time we came upon a sight I would gladly have spared her--the spectacle of some wrinkled hags strangling a dog by the light of a fire.

  24. No sooner the withered hags were free Than out they swarmed for a midnight spree; I couldn't tell all they did in rhymes, But the Essex people had dreadful times.

  25. On entering this I found all dark and drear; and a little distance before me there was a light burning, around which was gathered a group of hags hideous beyond all expression.

  26. Then they pointed to the dead bodies; and the hags took the Chief Hag, and the paupers the Chief Pauper, and laid them side by side on the central altar.

  27. But these now began to rise, and the hags took up the corpse of the dead, and the paupers swarmed around with cries of "Mut!

  28. In three joms," continued Almah, "all you hags and paupers shall be sent to exile and death on Magones.

  29. To all you hags and paupers we grant the splendid and unparalleled boon of exile to Magones.

  30. He made signs to them, shook hands with them, accepted their gifts, and even tried to do the agreeable to the formidable hags and the child-fiends around him.

  31. At this the hags and paupers gave a horrible yell of applause.

  32. Norway hags Had squeezed from heaven and bottled up in bags.

  33. At these words the old hags were thrown into such a state of fury that one or two died of rage there and then.

  34. Hecate in Middleton has a son, a low buffoon: the hags of Shakspeare have neither child of their own, nor seem to be descended from any parent.

  35. Ye'll still see the track yet down from the peat hags like a scar on the hillside, but the stories of the road are lost in the swirling mists, and carried away in the winter gales.

  36. We came up over the last of the three lonely hills, with bare moorlands and peat hags fornent us, and away below the sea, and I held on for the house on the moor that once was McCurdy's hut.

  37. In Italy we hear of the hags arraying themselves under the orders of Diana (in her triple character of Hecate, doubtless) and Herodias, who were the joint leaders of their choir.

  38. Isobel took upon herself, and imputed to her sisters, as already mentioned, the death of sundry persons shot with elf-arrows, because they had omitted to bless themselves as the aerial flight of the hags swept past them.

  39. Upon the Session Stone the elders were already greeting one another, mostly white-headed men with dinted and furrowed faces, bowed and broken by long sojourning among the moss-hags and the caves.

  40. It was a witty saying and a true, and many a day I lay in the moss-hags and wished that I had said it.

  41. So after that we played yet another game, hiding together in the hags and crawling from bent bush to rush clump with mighty caution and discernment, making believe that the troopers sought us both.

  42. She was on a lonely place on the moors, with deep moss-hags and holes in the turf where men had cut peat.

  43. Look upon me now--so crooked by the caves and the moss-hags that I could not go upright to the scaffold.

  44. And even as he prayed for the Spirit to come on these poor folk, that were soon to be scattered again over the moors and hags as sheep that wanted a shepherd, the Wind of the Lord (for so I think it was) came breathing upon us.

  45. There were no beds except the wanderers' beds in the moss-hags that road for twenty lang Scots miles.

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