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  1. Throughout Northern and Western Europe rugs were seldom used, except for wall hangings and table covers, until the time of the Reformation in Germany.

  2. The hangings were of Rouen cretonne imitating old Normandy chintz, and the Louis XV.

  3. The walls are covered with faded Cordova leather hangings figured in gold and dull colours, and a magnificent rococo screen separates the sacristy from the middle aisle.

  4. By acknowledgment portrait painting in the present day is exceedingly earnest: it admits of no decorative luxuriousness, no sport with hangings and draperies, no pose; and English likenesses have this severe actuality in the highest degree.

  5. Specific gifts of silks, rich articles of clothing and embroidered hangings fitted to adorn the Church of God, to make chasubles and copes, or altar curtains and frontals, are common.

  6. There are also numerous payments for singers at the services held on the feast days of the guild, and for banners and other hangings for processions.

  7. By will he left to his parish church a piece of worked tapestry, and the clause by which the bequest was conveyed shows that the church already possessed many costly hangings of this kind.

  8. I am well satiated with the beholding of these gay hangings that garnish here every wall.

  9. The sitting-room, with its yellow, hangings snugly drawn and its pervading but soft light, was a grateful change.

  10. The carpet was a golden brown, the hangings in the tall windows yellow.

  11. The windows had heavy double hangings before them, which accounted for Sally's impression of the house.

  12. Before him was the staircase and he roused himself and mounted to the floor above, walked a few steps along a hall exactly similar to the first, parted the heavy double hangings over a doorway, and entered.

  13. A room that contains unclean articles in drawers or closets, unclean floors, unclean rugs and hangings and unclean walls, should not be tolerated for an instant.

  14. It is the sunshine, more beautiful, more valuable than expensive hangings that shut it out.

  15. Amidst of it was now a great pile of wood hung about with flowers, and hard by it a stage built up with hangings of rich cloth on one side thereof.

  16. He entered large halls where the carpets were of silk, the lounges and sofas covered with tapestry from Mecca, and the hangings of the most beautiful Indian stuffs of gold and silver.

  17. First a bed with complete hangings all cloth of gold, which cost a thousand sequins, and another like to it of crimson stuff.

  18. At times she cried uneasily for her babe, nor could they soothe or appease her until the little Rhiwallon was brought and laid beside his suffering mother in the great state bed, with its dark gorgeous hangings and curious antique carving.

  19. To Gwynneth the long corridors and stately chambers with their quaint hangings of tapestry recalled her early home.

  20. Thus in textile design for dress and hangings (excepting for tapestries) the fact must never be lost sight of that they will be subject to disturbance by crossing folds and crumplings, which will break up the lines of the pattern.

  21. Hangings for the churches, coverings for the altars, robes for the priests, occupied the artist and the embroiderer.

  22. When the hangings were worn, or became for any reason distasteful, they were replaced by others, often by gifts or spoils from friendly allies or conquered kings.

  23. For instance, the embroidered hangings of the eighth century at Gerona, in Spain, have been more than once quoted as proofs of tapestries having been manufactured there at that period.

  24. Clemens Alexandrinus says that behind the hangings of the Egyptian temples were hidden their "foolish images.

  25. But to this rule there are notable exceptions, of which Charles the Bold's hangings for his tent (now at Berne) furnish a brilliant example.

  26. When the crewel-work hangings ceased to be the fashion, home work took another direction.

  27. When coloured glass came into general use, embroidered hangings mostly disappeared.

  28. The pictorial tapestries of the Gobelins have carried the beauty of wall hangings to the utmost perfection.

  29. The consequence is that science and art still contribute their efforts in the machinery, the colouring, and the designing of hangings of which the materials[412] and the execution are unrivalled.

  30. Woltmann and Woermann appear to lean to the suggestion that permanent imitations of hangings were carried out in painted or encaustic tiles covering the masonry of Chaldean buildings at Nimroud and Khorsabad.

  31. The altar is fairly draped with good hangings behind, and the chancel fitted with new oak stalls and seats, all as neat as a new pin.

  32. Her white form was swallowed up by the dark hangings and the young man climbed the stairs of the tall south tower.

  33. Again the rich hangings parted and the archer stood once more before them, his eyes on the ceiling and lips prepared to whistle.

  34. It was, indeed, a pleasant spot in so stern a fortress, shut off by heavy velvet hangings from the apartment out of which it projected and forming thus a little square room half inside the castle and half in the open air.

  35. The archer, a smile coming into his cherubic face, dived behind the hangings and disappeared.

  36. Polychrome figures of saints and Eighteenth Century hangings with mythological scenes were reflected in the deep azure mirrors above the consoles.

  37. In some rooms the high walls, simply whitewashed, were covered by rows of ancient paintings, and in others were concealed by rich hangings of gay colors which time had failed to destroy.

  38. The hangings are black, and over that crimson.

  39. The lamb, the yellow hangings strewed with stars, the seven columns, candlesticks, and seals all recall them to us.

  40. Oh, very probably; there's reason the less for you looking so excessively conscious.

  41. Early in the eighteenth century the walls of rooms in some Massachusetts houses began to be covered with "painted paper" hangings imported from England.

  42. Flowered Paper, or Paper Hangings for Rooms, to be Sold; Inquire of the Printer.

  43. Beautiful Arras-Hangings for a Room" to be sold at vendue.

  44. Hangings for a room of green paragon (1678).

  45. I think they are handsomer and better than Painted hangings done in Oyle so I beg your particular Care in procuring this for me and that the patterns may be taken care off and Return'd with my Goods.

  46. Families of wealth covered their walls with hangings brought from England.

  47. So, also, those who stained colored or stamped paper for hangings were known as "paper stainers.

  48. This upstairs chamber had wall hangings which were valued at L2.

  49. Suddenly the cotton hangings fluttered again, and a tiny child in the scantest of smocks rushed out and scampered across the court.

  50. The rooms are furnished with old rugs, pottery, brasses, the curious embroidered hangings which line the tents of the chiefs, and other specimens of Arab art.

  51. Neither pottery nor brass-work nor enamels nor fine hangings survive; there is no parallel in Morocco to the textiles of Syria, the potteries of Persia, the Byzantine ivories or enamels.

  52. Jansoulet had tended them almost as holy relics, and they had come out of their coverings, with their panels, their hangings and their gold fringes, as shining and new as the day they were made.

  53. So many canopies and massive hangings hid the vulgar body of the hearse, as it trembled and quivered at each step from top to bottom as though crushed beneath the majesty of its dead burden.

  54. As for the Nabob, the perfectly unconscious subject of that ghastly chronicle, he was quietly playing a game of écarté with the Due de Mora in a small salon to which the blue hangings and two shaded lamps imparted a meditative air.

  55. He threw back the hangings and came towards Sylvia, addressing her distinctly.

  56. Suddenly a slight feeling of fear came over her, when in one corner she saw the hangings move, and from behind the tapestry a hand, a very long white hand, appear.

  57. Already the summer cottages were being opened, aired, and put in order, and even some of the houses had gayly figured hangings at the windows and a film of smoke could be seen issuing from the chimneys.

  58. As they went the boy caught a glimpse of gleaming porcelain walls; ebon-hued stoves resplendent with nickel trimmings; a blue and white tiled floor; and smart little window hangings that matched it.

  59. The man laid a strong emphasis on the word "you," and turning to look at him, as held back the hangings of the tent, the young knight thought he recognised an old familiar face.

  60. Dacre looked anxiously on his friend's face; but Woodville heard it calmly; and when the hangings were drawn back and a royal officer entered, followed by a party of archers, no change came upon his countenance.

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