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Example sentences for "herded"

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herbs; herby; herculean; herd; herde; herden; herder; herders; herding; herdman
  1. The Germans' notion of a woodland is everywhere that of a dense forest such as their barbarous tribes primevally herded in.

  2. The fields, flat and wide, were dotted with familiar shapes of Holstein cattle, herded by little girls, with their hair in yellow pigtails.

  3. Some of the women herded the children into the very center of the island, while others fed the fires with feverish haste.

  4. At the last point to which the flood-tides would carry them the rafts had been abandoned--herded together into a quiet cove, and lashed to the shore by twisted vine-ropes against some possible future need.

  5. There was considerable rough house with knife and gun, until the guards subdued the vaqueros, jumped on their heads, and herded them into No.

  6. When they broke to scatter, the trails were all blocked with troops, and then they were herded back into the ranche.

  7. He was an orphan now, poor as a wolf, hunted, desperate, herded with thieves.

  8. Moreover, the men were herded aft by the tradesmen, who were armed.

  9. It was near dusk, well on in the first dog-watch, when the mates let up with their driving, and herded all hands aft to the main deck.

  10. Those who could not secure bunks herded dressed in a big field bed, which also accommodated some of the men, likewise sleeping in their clothes.

  11. She talked little and with effort, and people herded together in large numbers rendered her quite dumb.

  12. Why had he chosen to isolate himself from his fellow-workmen, who herded together near the town where they could slip down to the saloons after their work?

  13. The Indians had no weapons which were effective on buffalo at long range, so they constructed corrals of brush into which the animals could be herded for killing.

  14. The next afternoon, Alyrus let Lycias through the dark prisons in which the Christians were herded like beasts.

  15. Hundreds of Christians have been herded into the prisons, the uprising of the multitude yesterday was but part of the game.

  16. Was there ever such a freight of human souls on the sea as these humans with whom I am herded on the Elsinore?

  17. The other was Bill Quigley, one of a forecastle group of three that herded uniquely together, though the other two, Frank Fitzgibbon and Richard Oiler, were in the second mate's watch.

  18. The gates of the Acropolis are closed at sunset by the guards, and lingering visitors are insistently herded into groups and driven downward to the gate like sheep by the little band of blue-coated custodians.

  19. All morning he herded them there as his brother had done before him, and that was an easy task.

  20. The lad was ready to take the risk, so all morning Boots herded the hares in the paddock, and in the afternoon he took them out to the hills, as the bargain was.

  21. The young man saluted with his cane, and herded his three exhibits out.

  22. I have already stated that La Ferté was a Porte de Triage--that is to say, a place where suspects of all varieties were herded by le gouvernement français preparatory to their being judged as to their guilt by a Commission.

  23. An uncontrollable joy gutted me after three months of humiliation, of being bossed and herded and bullied and insulted.

  24. Now all the milkmaids are herded in mills and factories; and the children,--well, there are no children any more!

  25. Young and old, gentle and simple, murderers and thieving children--all herded in together.

  26. On large plantations the young children of the field-women are left with them only at night, and are herded together during the day, in a separate cabin, in charge of nurses.

  27. Here salmon are hatched by hand and folded and herded with a shepherd's care.

  28. Mothers kinder herded their young folks in a corral when he slung his smile their way.

  29. Presently Cranston herded the passengers in from the forward coaches.

  30. My son herded them by day and put them in the village at night.

  31. Nine-thirty" slept on the other side of the cattle kraal, under the propped-up roof of an abandoned native hut; during the day he herded the cattle.

  32. Burning rays herded them into the hexan sphere and into a small room, whose door clanged shut behind them.

  33. But the crew of the captor was alert, and no sooner did a clear space show itself between them and the mass than a ray picked them up and herded them back into place.

  34. Without a word the old woman herded her charges ahead of her.

  35. In a whirlwind of activity she snatched up the smallest child and herded the others through the door ahead of her.

  36. If a river should be turned into some dark cave where unclean beasts have herded and littered for years, the bright waters would sweep out on their bosom all the filth and rottenness.

  37. The unwelcome necessity, by which men that have their portion in this world are hounded and herded out of all their sunny pastures and abundant feeding, is the thought that underlies the image.

  38. Death huddled and herded his reluctant sheep into a fold where they lay inactive but struggling and restless.

  39. We shall build not a great hospital where many are herded together, but cottages where those who seek refuge here may each have his zone of pure air and something of the rest and freedom of home,” said Dr.

  40. By this time all the Germans in sight had either been killed or taken prisoners, and a whole bunch were being herded back to our lines.

  41. Finally we were halted in one of the villages and herded into a filthy horse stable.

  42. In Heaven you will not find them herded in the Hosannah Chorus with the great, good women of history, like Jane Addams and Frances E.

  43. And if God is God, as I do firmly believe in spite of all I have heard to the contrary, there will be something "doing" in Heaven when these saint-pecked sinners are all herded in.

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