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Example sentences for "hirer"

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  1. We repeat then that it is for the interest of the hirer to push his slaves to their utmost strength, provided he does not drive them to such an extreme, that their constitutions actually give way under it, while in his hands.

  2. The hirer desired him to fix his own time, whereupon the writer drew a promissory note, making it payable at the day of judgment.

  3. The inquiry here is, whether a cruel and unreasonable battery on a slave by the hirer is indictable?

  4. In England, however, if the hirer does not have this right the contract is a sale.

  5. In the United States such a contract is generally treated as a conditional sale, and the term hire purchase is also sometimes applied to a contract in which the hirer is not free to avoid future liability by surrender of the goods.

  6. If the hirer dies before the time fixed for the termination of the contract has elapsed, his heir succeeds to his rights and obligations in respect thereof.

  7. The hirer ought to observe all the terms of the contract, and in the absence of express agreement his obligations should be ascertained by reference to what is fair and equitable.

  8. The hirer of animals was under a legal obligation to take proper care of them, and omission to do so involved a penalty.

  9. But if an accident occurred which the hirer could not be expected to foresee or prevent--such as an attack by a lion--the owner had to bear the loss.

  10. Wilful negligence was not to be condoned, but on the other hand, the consequence of unforeseen and unavoidable accidents was not to be visited upon either hirer or employee.

  11. Some say that he will repay his hirer the sum of Rs.

  12. Two or three days before the end of the carnival I went to a hirer of carriages, as I had to go to a ball at some distance from the town.

  13. For twenty-four roubles the chevochic (hirer out of horses) engaged to carry me to Moscow in six days and seven nights with six horses.

  14. These are framed on the just principle that the hirer was responsible only for damage or loss which he could have reasonably prevented.

  15. For lesser damages to the beast the hirer had to pay compensation on a fixed scale.

  16. But if the hirer killed the ox through carelessness or by beating it unmercifully, or if the beast broke its leg while in his charge, he had to restore another ox to the owner in place of the one he had hired.

  17. Tappings and clankings and strange rhythmic creakings awoke as the intrepid hirer pedalled out into the country.

  18. When the hirer returned, a heated pedestrian, Grubb would ignore all verbal complaints, and examine the machine gravely.

  19. Of course, the rule would be changed if the hirer assumed the management of the car: then the hirer alone would be liable for the chauffeur's negligence.

  20. And if it is used in a different way and for a longer time, the hirer may be responsible for a loss even though this was inevitable.

  21. Where a machine is hired for joy riding on Sunday, it has been held that the contract is illegal and the hirer cannot recover for the use of the automobile.

  22. If the hirer should sell the automobile without authority to a third party, the owner or bailor may bring an action against even an innocent purchaser who believed that the hirer had the title and power to sell.

  23. Suppose the hirer misuses the car, what can the owner do?

  24. If lost through theft, or is injured as a result of violence, the hirer is only answerable when these consequences were clearly the result of his own imprudence or negligence.

  25. He, therefore, and not the hirer is responsible for the negligence of the chauffeur.

  26. If a definite sum is not stated in the contract between the parties, there arises an implied undertaking that the hirer shall pay a reasonable amount.

  27. In case the hirer is a corporation, there may arise the question whether the agent of the company making the contract has authority to bind the company.

  28. Nor is the rule changed should the hirer be an unskilled person, unless he was an immature child or clearly lacking in mental capacity, or was intoxicated.

  29. The bailor is not responsible generally for any negligence of the hirer in operating the car.

  30. Preparation of the Khan of Khiva's Kervanbashi for the Journey through the Desert Line of Camels Ilias Beg, the Hirer of Camels Arrangements with Khulkhan Turkoman Expedition to steal Horses in Persia Its Return.

  31. Thus did the ancient Babylonians punish those who offended against their laws, and protect property (for the slave-hirer was undoubtedly saddled with a heavy responsibility).

  32. Thereafter the Egyptian ruler took from these farmer-thralls a fifth part of the produce, which compares well with the half or third exacted by the owner of a field in Babylonia from the hirer (law 46).

  33. Glancing about to assure himself that no one heard except his single auditor, the erstwhile hirer of assassins bent over his saddle pommel.

  34. Kinnard Towers, hirer of assassins though he was, spoke with a certain dignity that savored of sound logic.

  35. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hirer" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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