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Example sentences for "humanly"

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  1. Sending three inexperienced soldiers to boat down the Yellowstone with so humanly precious a freight in their care cannot but strike one as about on all fours with other blunders that led up to the tragic climax of that disastrous campaign.

  2. The risk would have to be run, but to minimize it as far as was humanly possible I planned to keep to my room as much as I could, and to disguise myself by dressing as a gentleman or a drummer when I had to venture upon the streets.

  3. They didn't mind giving the crowd its share of thrills, but at the same time they didn't want tragedy to play a major role in the events of the day if it was humanly possible to prevent it.

  4. He was determined to reach the dangling wire if it was humanly possible.

  5. It was humanly impossible to crowd another single facility within its four tight brick walls.

  6. Certainly it was the larger faith; though the moment must always come when the narrower, nearer, more humanly protecting arm of orthodoxy lends closer comfort.

  7. I am humanly fond of honors that happen, but chary of those that come by canvass and intention.

  8. Success made Samuel Clemens merely elate, more kindly, more humanly generous.

  9. The letters which went from the Aurora miner to Orion are humanly documentary.

  10. The best years of his life are going, and, humanly speaking, there is not any chance of his changing his mind, at least till he has made a trial of the Church of Rome.

  11. Humanly speaking, there is far, far more to keep them fast than to carry them away.

  12. The Billy of her could also be humanly inelegant when she felt like it, as you see.

  13. She kept on working through the years, and as far as was humanly possible she kept Jase working.

  14. The merchant's obligation is made humanly intelligible by considerations of profit or prestige.

  15. It is not only that they are more momentous; they are different in kind, in that their decision involves a result which, humanly speaking, is irreversible.

  16. Be this as it may, it was humanly impossible for such a vast country with such vast resources in men and raw materials to remain permanently quiescent during an universal conflagration when there was so much to be salvaged.

  17. Too long had the moral sense of educated men been outraged by common fraud and deceit for any continuance of a regime which had disgraced China for four long years to be humanly possible.

  18. For if this actual Neuburg should leave no male heir, as is now humanly probable,--the Line of Neuburg too is out; and then great things ought to follow for our Prussian House.

  19. The only concern is that it shall run as quickly and safely as is humanly and mechanically possible and shall not discriminate between one shipper and another, one community and another, one consumer and another.

  20. To remove the rope was humanly impossible.

  21. He had fired at least seven shots at the black-robed figure, and it was not humanly possible that all could have gone wide of their mark.

  22. We have faith in you; we know that you will do all that is humanly possible to save us.

  23. I am convinced that you will accomplish everything that can be humanly accomplished.

  24. Believe me, the most important thing for us is to secure the person of our enemy, and, by heavens, I swear to do all humanly possible to catch him.

  25. Humanly speaking, non-human existences become valuable by their efficacious bearing on humanity, by their propitious or their disastrous relations to human consciousness.

  26. This is the economic question and it obviously is a question wholly ethical in import--more broadly and inclusively ethical, in fact, than the ethical question in its earlier and more humanly inviting form.

  27. I may then, in view of these reflections, hold myself safe in assuming that the world we live in was not made for us; that, humanly speaking, it is open to improvement in a great many directions.

  28. But he only saw her divinely aloof and himself most humanly mortal.

  29. I believe Messer Simone to have been as much in love with Monna Beatrice as it was humanly possible for such a man to be in love with such a maid.

  30. These noble sentiments, to which there is nothing contradictory in the whole life of Hongwou, would alone place his reign high among the most civilizing and humanly interesting epochs in Chinese history.

  31. In a time when calumny would attack an Archangel, and when its bitter barbs have been known to reach even the humanly perfect life of Queen Victoria, no shadow has ever crossed the curtain of her character.

  32. I do not criticise the nonsense of the Commandments, but I am man all the same, and act humanly in just this,--that I still leave them uncriticised.

  33. Had the Romish hierarchy been willing to consent to moderate reforms, they might not humanly speaking, have lost their influence, and the whole of Europe might still have groaned under their power.

  34. They well knew the danger, humanly speaking, to which they were exposing themselves, but not for a moment did they hesitate doing what they knew to be right.

  35. For the people of Maria's visions were humanly real to her, and as such she liked and understood them.

  36. Just as God can cure miraculously a disease that is humanly incurable, so can He pardon a sin which, according to its nature, is unpardonable; for He is able to bring hope and repentance to those who were in despair, for example.

  37. If the drunkenness is fully voluntary and culpable, but the sins that ensued were not foreseen and could not humanly have been foreseen, the drunkard is excused at least in part from the guilt of these sins.

  38. Virtual intention suffices during the course of prayer, for a continuous and uninterrupted actual intention is humanly impossible.

  39. It was humanly impossible for him to argue with a youth like me.

  40. Socially a success, but humanly a barren affair.

  41. There was something almost humanly winning and temptatious in it.

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