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Example sentences for "humankind"

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  1. Greater than humankind she seem'd to look, And with an accent more than mortal spoke.

  2. One sees the interest which he takes in his humankind as represented by certain types of Dutch pictures, and also his love for spiritual beauty, when not belittled by insipidity.

  3. My brother’s great love for his humankind was a direct inheritance from the man who was one of the founders in his city of nearly every patriotic, humanitarian, and educational endeavor.

  4. At that moment he had little faith--much less faith than usual--in the decency of any human being; and for many years his faith in humankind had been expressed by a contemptuous snap of his finger.

  5. Furthermore, a distinction exists between various groups of humankind according to lineage, each group forming a racial unity separate from the others.

  6. It is evident that humankind without exception is sheltered beneath His mercy and protection.

  7. For, without a common conviction about the course and direction of human history, it is inconceivable that foundations can be laid for a global society to which the mass of humankind can commit themselves.

  8. It is a dark day with humankind when the sphere of a woman's action lies rigidly between her toilet table and the drawing-room.

  9. He prospered, but being of that vast majority of humankind to whom prosperity proves a sort of mental hobble, he made up his mind one day to go prospecting.

  10. All the virtues of humankind are summed .

  11. All the virtues of humankind are summed up in the one word ‘steadfastness’, if we but act according to its laws.

  12. He loved them surely because they were living things, and he was drawn towards all living things, not because he detected any semblance to humankind in them.

  13. Now Jefferies certainly had keener sympathies with humankind than Thoreau, and these sympathies intensified as the years rolled by.

  14. When I saw her last she was as sweet and blithe as a bobolink--we were on the trail together, so far above the miasma of humankind that her girlhood seemed uncontaminated by any death-affrighted soul.

  15. One of the great strengths of the masses of humankind from among whom the newly enrolled believers came lies in an openness of heart that has the potentiality to generate lasting social transformation.

  16. As the century advanced, the same creative Force that was awakening the generality of humankind to its oneness was progressively releasing the powers inherent in the Cause and opening a new role for it in human affairs.

  17. With the proliferation of telegraph and telephone communication, Western society anticipated the moment when it would be freed of the limiting effects that geographical distances had imposed on humankind since the dawn of history.

  18. In itself, it served for all with eyes to see as a compelling vindication of the truth of the oneness of humankind which the Master had tirelessly proclaimed.

  19. For long years, the Soviet system created by Vladimir Lenin succeeded in representing itself to many as a benefactor of humankind and the champion of social justice.

  20. Realization of the uniqueness of what Bahá’u’lláh has brought into being opens the imagination to the contribution that the Cause can make to the unification of humankind and the building of a global society.

  21. Here I am fain these flowers to inter; but humankind will laugh me as a fool.

  22. And so long as men are content to believe that it is God's will that the majority of humankind should have too little happiness, so long will it be impossible effectually to get them to listen to the answer to this great question.

  23. Am I to be thought the only criminal, when all humankind sinned against me?

  24. I leave you, and in you the last of humankind whom these eyes will ever behold.

  25. Many nights the Chapel kindred have spent there, in part or as a party; and it is the centre of the wonderful days of our Spring Questing, when humankind brings a thirst almost intolerable for the resuming of the Mother's magic.

  26. Humankind is basically one in meaning, in aim and in destiny.

  27. Then will the light of reality shine forth, and when reality illumines the world, the happiness of humankind will become a verity.

  28. Therefore, Bahá’u’lláh hath said that the various races of humankind lend a composite harmony and beauty of color to the whole.

  29. Bahá’u’lláh has said that both belong to humankind and that in the estimation of God they are equal, for each is the complement of the other in the divine creative plan.

  30. May 1912 Talk at Hotel Plaza Chicago, Illinois Notes by Marzieh Moss According to the statement of philosophers the difference in degree of humankind from lowest to highest is due to education.

  31. When this hatred burns in human hearts, it becomes the cause of revolution, destruction, abasement of humankind and deprivation of the mercy of God.

  32. The meaning is that every individual member of humankind is exhorted and commanded to set aside superstitious beliefs, traditions and blind imitation of ancestral forms in religion and investigate reality for himself.

  33. The world of humanity, too, is like a garden, and humankind are like the many-colored flowers.

  34. America has arisen to spread the teachings of peace, to increase the illumination of humankind and bestow happiness and prosperity upon the children of men.

  35. It is a day in which the oneness of humankind shall uplift its standard and international peace, like the true morning, flood the world with its light.

  36. The truth is that God has endowed all humankind with intelligence and perception and has confirmed all as His servants and children; therefore, in the plan and estimate of God there is no distinction between male or female.

  37. They will take him to a street where the spooks used to contend with humankind for the possession of the houses in which they lived:--the contention was finally referred to the Gaon of Wilna.

  38. But all that humankind has achieved to date, all that we are seeking to accomplish, and human existence itself can be undone in an instant--in the catastrophe of a nuclear war.

  39. In their heaven the sainted hosts, Robed in violet unflecked, Gaze on humankind as ghosts: I draw down a ray direct.

  40. The Alternatives Pressing Humankind Let us note that allowing land to lay idle is, as a matter of fact, the best possible way to make the switch to organic farming.

  41. Still, we must do what can be done to exercise the little remaining hope for humankind and the Earth.

  42. The historical religions would seem to represent, to some extent, the attempts of humankind to arrive at a religion of this kind.

  43. These religions appreciate the difficulty there exists for humankind of itself to transcend the world of sin, and are of two types--one type expressing a merely negative element, the other a negative and positive element.

  44. Manhood Of Humanity In a previous chapter I have said that the World War marks the end of one vast period in the life of humankind and marks the beginning of another.

  45. Nature offered humankind two logical areas for the establishment of civilizations.

  46. Beyond civilization" lifestyles are being planfully introduced in order to save humankind from impending disaster.

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