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  1. The most important have pillared facades, Doric, Ionic, and even a hybrid mixture of both orders.

  2. Wellington[13] and others have shown that first generation seed from crosses of suitable varieties show a marked increase of vigor (heterosis or hybrid vigor) over either parent or over the later generations.

  3. Thus is brought to birth that mongrel form, that hybrid conception of False Time criticized above.

  4. The top of the hill immediately behind Barmouth was called Craig-Storm, a hybrid Cambro-English word.

  5. I think there is rather better evidence on the sterility of hybrid animals than you seem to admit: and in regard to plants the collection of carefully recorded facts by Koelreuter and Gaertner (and Herbert) is enormous.

  6. It is highly spoken of, both as regards flesh and flavour; and it is said to be the only hybrid which is able to perpetuate its race.

  7. A hybrid woodpecker and its significance in speciation in the genus Dendrocopos.

  8. Most Hybrid Perpetuals, Teas, and Hybrid Teas have five leaves, but most ‘stocks’ have seven or nine leaves.

  9. Hybrid Teas are a cross between Teas and Hybrid Perpetuals, and are considered stronger than pure Teas.

  10. Hybrid verses appear as an aural and visible symbol of the race-mixture that began almost immediately; there are thus stanzas composed of blended verses of Portuguese and Tupy, of Portuguese and African.

  11. Questions of race in Europe are greatly obscured by the prevalence of hybrid types having more or less fixity and being more or less distinctly localised.

  12. The existing European peoples are hybrid mixtures of two or more racial stocks.

  13. The inquiry at this point, therefore, will apparently have to content itself with arguments of probability drawn from the varying behavior of the existing hybrid types under diverse conditions of life.

  14. Sicily under the Normans offered the spectacle of a singularly hybrid civilisation.

  15. Altogether this church must be reckoned one of the most curious specimens of that hybrid architecture, fusing and appropriating different manners, which perplexes the student in Central Italy.

  16. We find Lilburne latinized as de insula tontis, as though it were the impossible hybrid de l'isle burn, and Beautoy sometimes as de bella fide, whereas foy is the Old French for beech, from Lat.

  17. This tree is by some botanists believed to be a hybrid between shagbark and pignut.

  18. The technological cycle and the human cycle are so closely interwoven that one can predicate the hybrid nature of technology today: machines with a live component.

  19. Pragmatic requirements and anti-elitist political considerations collided with the literate model and a strange hybrid resulted.

  20. As a hybrid between art and science, engineering accepts the logic of scientific discovery only in order to balance it against the logic of aesthetic expectations.

  21. The hybrid Polyantha Rose Psyche is a seedling from the dwarf Polyantha Rose Golden Fairy, crossed with the pollen of the Crimson Rambler.

  22. Munson has introduced more hybrid grapes than any other man in America and probably in the world.

  23. According to Fuller, 1867, a hybrid from Jacob Moore, of Rochester, New York.

  24. The parents of Brighton were Diana Hamburg, a hybrid of Vinifera crossed with Labrusca, and Concord, a pure-bred Labrusca.

  25. The hybrid supposition is certainly corroborated to a degree at least by the characters being more or less intermediate between the parent species and also by the fact that up to date no wild form of Bourquiniana has been found.

  26. Of the numerous hybrid Riparia grapes, Elvira seems to have given the best coign of vantage for breeding work and is the parent of a number of worthy pure-bred and cross-bred varieties.

  27. The originator of August Giant has managed to secure a hybrid of Vitis labrusca and Vitis vinifera in which the fruit characters are decidedly those of the latter species.

  28. A hybrid of San Jacinto and Brilliant; from Munson, about 1906.

  29. The grape which bears the name Beauty is an Aestivalis hybrid with Labrusca, one of Jacob Rommel's seedlings.

  30. Moreover the characters of Vinifera and Labrusca have been transmitted to Bailey through Triumph, in which variety they are as well combined as in any other hybrid of the two species.

  31. As was the case with the preceding grape, Regal is also a second generation hybrid of Vinifera and Labrusca, the parent of this variety being Lindley, which, as the technical description shows, it much resembles.

  32. A Labrusca-Vinifera hybrid given by the Canada Experimental Farms Report, 1896, as originating in London, Ontario.

  33. There is however at the present time, a variety of one of the native species cultivated under the name of 'Bland's grape', a hybrid no way in my opinion inferior to some of the best European grapes.

  34. Othello is interesting as being so far the most valuable hybrid between Vinifera and Riparia, having attracted much attention in Europe as well as in America.

  35. A half century ago Allen's Hybrid was the vine of promise in America.

  36. He came into the world to create a new and inimitable style of hybrid beauty in those gates of Paradise.

  37. Only the Renaissance could have produced a hybrid so successful, because so deeply felt.

  38. Spock hybrid and to give herself exclusively to motherhood and child development.

  39. For she too was an American, that autocratic hybrid of conservative and liberal property owners, espousers, and defenders of ownership who wanted to dictate moral rules sententiously in accord with ownership agendas.

  40. For this reason and because it was not looked for, no syndactylism was noted in the first hybrid generation.

  41. Actually I found, as Darwin (1876) did, that the chicks of this first hybrid generation were all wholly black.

  42. However plausible such an interpretation might appear when based on the first hybrid generation alone, it becomes untenable when subsequent generations are taken into account, as we shall see later.

  43. The reason for the precocious development of black pigment over the belly and primaries of the hybrid chicks is probably the presence of an extension factor (cf.

  44. The hybrid chicks may be said to have the extended pigmentation dominant over interrupted pigmentation.

  45. In the first hybrid generation all somatic cells are hybrid.

  46. To get further light on the nature of inheritance of booting we pass to the examination of the second hybrid generation (table 34).

  47. Combinations in zygotes of the second hybrid generation of the spangled strain.

  48. Distribution of boot-grades in offspring of parents one or both of which belong to a hybrid generation beyond the first.

  49. Comparing tables 10 and 11, it is at once clear that in the second hybrid generation the proportion of extra-toed offspring has decreased.

  50. Eleven years later a seedling appeared in the famous Van Houtte Nurseries, Ghent, Belgium, thought to be a hybrid between psittacinus and G.

  51. Gladiolus cruentus, blood red and white, pollenized with a selected Childsii variety resulted in the magnificent scarlet hybrid Princeps, acknowledged the first of its color yet produced.

  52. Leichtlini, scarlet and yellow, allied to Saundersii, when crossed with cruentus, is a striking brilliant crimson hybrid of much vigor, but when blended with other species entirely loses its individuality.

  53. Some years after the introduction of the Gandavensis, Victor Lemoine, of Nancy, France, brought out a new hybrid to which he gave his own name, Lemoinei.

  54. The tizon is believed to be a natural hybrid between the mandarin and the pomelo.

  55. Possibly the panuban may be an accidental hybrid between the pomelo and the orange or mandarin; if it is simply a mutation it is certainly one of the most striking in this species.

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