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  1. His idea of bridge-building had the simplicity of genius: it was simply to pick up the neighbouring mountains and throw them into the sea.

  2. He was not without valuable assistance from persons who possessed powers even more remarkable than his own.

  3. Empire to an extent that was only surpassed by the shadowy Emperor Yü who lived in the third millennium B.

  4. They are still in existence, as any inquirer may see for himself by visiting the Kuan Ti temple in Weihaiwei city.

  5. Conversely, if only 3/4 of the water of hydration be expelled during the baking of gypsum, the material obtained should hydrate itself more slowly.

  6. Now, if it be the case that anhydrous calcium sulphate has a greater attraction for the first half molecule of water, then the operation of hydration will proceed very rapidly at first, more slowly afterward.

  7. The hydration and consequent disintegration continue until the deep stain of the iron-oxide is removed, and a semi-pulverulent whitish material remains.

  8. On its west slopes are exposed yellowish-white tuff-like rocks, evidently the prevailing basic clay-tuffs which have become bleached through the hydration accompanying the weathering process.

  9. The original colour of these deposits is bluish-grey, but as generally displayed they are pale-brown and considerably affected by hydration and are known as “soapstones” in the group.

  10. In the next stage the hydration of the iron-oxides begins, and the glass becomes opaque and yellowish or reddish-brown, and has a more granular appearance, polarising feebly.

  11. In places, where these rocks have been subjected to much hydration in the weathering process, they become red in colour, as is found on the flanks of Mount Mariko.

  12. Most of that which is detailed below is not according to my views palagonitisation, but the effect of hydration in the disintegration of this material.

  13. Originally grey in colour, they have been largely affected by the hydration accompanying the weathering process.

  14. Lithium phosphate trace Water of hydration (by difference) 7.

  15. Lithium phosphate trace Water of hydration (by difference) 3 per cent.

  16. A hydrous salt; a salt combined with water of hydration or crystallization.

  17. Containing water of hydration or crystallization.

  18. Thus, diastase of malt, ptyalin of saliva, and boiling dilute sulphuric acid all convert starch by hydration into dextrin and sugar.

  19. In other words, as the temperature rises, the heat of hydration of calcium oxide diminishes, and calcium hydroxide becomes constantly a less stable material.

  20. We understand that peptones are the products of the hydration and cleavage of previously formed proteoses.

  21. Lastly, peptones, the final products of pepsin-proteolysis, are the result of the hydration and possible cleavage of deuteroproteoses.

  22. All of its members are prone to suffer hydration and cleavage, passing through successive stages until leucin, tyrosin, and other simple bodies are reached.

  23. The albumose precipitable by sodium chloride, although different from an albumid, evidently comes from the anti-group and is a cleavage product which in turn may undergo further hydration and splitting by continued treatment.

  24. Is the proteid transformed into a soluble and diffusible peptone as a result of hydration and cleavage, or is it a transformation which results from a simple depolymerization of the proteid molecule, i.

  25. Hydration and cleavage leave their marks upon the products, and thereby we know that solution of the proteid is the result of something more than a mere rearrangement of the atoms in the molecule.

  26. During dehydration these crystalline substances remain clear and transparent, and the pressure of the water vapour which they emit varies with the degree of hydration or the concentration of water in the mineral.

  27. Defn: Containing water of hydration or crystallization.

  28. The minerals newly formed by these chemical processes of hydration and carbonization are notably lighter, and hence more bulky than the minerals from whose constituents they have been largely formed.

  29. These minerals are a common product of hydration weathering in rocks which are rich in magnesium and iron—especially those that contain biotite, pyroxene, or hornblende (see below).

  30. This, however, is a 'net' result, and leaves undetermined the degree of hydration of the recovered cellulose as of hydrolysis of the original to groups of lower molecular weights.

  31. In regard to the proportion of hydration attending the resolution, we have shown on constitutional grounds that this must be relatively small.

  32. Bronnert finds that a previous hydration of the cellulose--e.

  33. Addicted to childish superstitions, and yet eminently prosaic, practical, and utilitarian.

  34. But these annals do not profess to go back further than to about 2500 B.

  35. Such a system is cumbrous in the extreme, and involves spending many of the best years of life in acquiring the first rudiments of knowledge.

  36. This invention relates to an improved construction of apparatus for the hydration of gases, and more particularly chlorine gas for the manufacture of chlorine water for use in the industrial arts of bleaching, etc.

  37. Proteids also undergo hydration during mixing, some water being chemically united with them, changing their physical properties.

  38. This hydration change is necessary for the full development of the physical properties of the gluten.

  39. However, there is not complete agreement that the folding in the gypsum is due to the hydration of anhydrite.

  40. As hydration occurred and the anhydrite was converted to gypsum, the gypsum expanded, thereby exerting both lateral and vertical pressure on the beds around it.

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