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Example sentences for "should die"

  • He had lived alone with God, and it was fitting that alone with God he should die.

  • The reality is the same to all devout men; though one be swept to heaven in a whirlwind, and another lady slowly away in old age, or 'fall sick of the sickness wherewith he should die.

  • The same exclamation which fell from Elisha's lips, as he saw the chariot sweep up the sky, was spoken over him as he lay sick 'of the sickness whereof he should die.

  • It is not often I give way, for I know and am sure it was best and right that mother should die.

  • If I should die, or anything happen to me, would you care for Willie?

  • They found within his chamber where his arms of battle hung A parting message written all in the Moorish tongue: "Dear friends of mine, if ever in Gelves I should die, I would not that in foreign soil my buried ashes lie.

  • Ali went and said to the woman: "Get me some boiling water, for your husband told me to wash him when he should die.

  • What iustice euer other iudgement taught, 4 But he should die, who merites not to liue?

  • Should die vnknown, & buried be in thankle//e thought.

  • What justice ever other judgement taught, justice > [system of justice] 4 But he should die, who merits not to live?

  • That is, through the righteousness which he should accomplish, and the death that he should die.

  • But it broke her heart that her child should die in the arms of another old woman who had always been to her as an enemy.

  • That this child should die before her, should die in his youth, did not shock her much.

  • It is so horrible that he should die, and die while all this is going on.

  • And unless I should die, thou shalt find her on thy return, intact in body if not in heart, because thought is beyond the control of gentlemen.

  • My horoscope predicted that I should die by the love of a great lady.

  • God that I should die, or that from wise and sound comprehension my brain should be turned?

  • But by my faith I should die of grief, for my life is bound up in my good, young, virtuous wife.

  • I will never marry you, not if I should die an old maid.

  • So that if to-morrow I should die, you could claim, as my widow, your half of my personal property and your life-interest in my estate.

  • She shall have the marriage certificate in her own keeping, and every legal protection and defense; so that even if I should die suddenly--" Nora gasped for breath.

  • I might be murdered, but they would never dare to molest you,--and if I should die, you would not allow them to rob my baby of her name?

  • If I should die before we meet again, you will not allow them to trample upon my child?

  • It might be a comfort to him, and if he should die?

  • To hide nothing from you, I have been told that I was to be killed at the first grand ceremony I should undertake, and that I should die in a carriage.

  • Oh, Isabel, I can soon tell you that; I should die.

  • I thought of my mother's face, as she leaned back to watch the sky, crying out, "I should die.

  • Agonizing as it would be to their feelings, they felt that they must go and see their son before he should die.

  • Since I have been sick, and especially since what the doctor told me, I have been thinking what would become of her if I should die.

  • If not with love he should die at her feet.

  • It does not matter while I live," pursued Miss Ludington; "but what if I should die?

  • Meanwhile I will see to it that, if I should die, you will be left secure and well provided for, even if you never marry any one.

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