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Example sentences for "actuating"

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  1. This is designed for actuating different figures through the play of the steam and of the several way cocks that I have mentioned.

  2. Ache to admit us to his side scenes for the sake of our readers, and to initiate us into the processes of actuating his figures; for, aside from the artistic aspect, there is here a very interesting application of physics.

  3. No hostile demonstration was made as they dropped lower and lower, however, and Seaton, with one hand upon the switch actuating the zone of force, slowly lowered the vessel down past the reflectors and to the surface of the water.

  4. This bar is moved by a rotatory crank f, which has its motion by pulleys from any actuating power.

  5. This causes the electric currents actuating the electro-magnet to oppose each other, the magnetism to cease, and the lock to fall back, preventing another staff being withdrawn.

  6. On the contrary, they are radically defective and corrupt; they are a body without a soul; they want the vital actuating principle, or rather they are animated and actuated by a false one.

  7. He writes a letter to Trueman, setting forth his hopes that the interests of the people will ever remain Trueman's actuating principle.

  8. With an abiding faith in the justice of the Almighty, you have bided your time; tolerance has ever been your actuating principle; reason has dictated every appeal that you have made to your masters.

  9. It appears to us to be specially destined to become a rival to the bichromate of potash pile for actuating electric motors applied to the directing of balloons.

  10. In a few minutes, had not the defect been noticed, the actuating rod would have become detached, with the result that the wing, no longer held in position, would have folded itself.

  11. Locking the wings, and trimming them at the furthermost limit of the bent actuating rod, Blake made the comforting discovery that the planes were in the best possible position for a prolonged glide.

  12. One of the actuating rods of the left wing, bent by the violent impact of the base of the shell, was thrown out of action.

  13. Having given a rapid report on what had taken place, Dick assisted the inventor in replacing the actuating rod.

  14. Evidently there was something that attracted his attention to a greater: extent than did the motors and wing-actuating mechanism.

  15. But he perceived from the president's attitude that he could not do so without betraying the vindictiveness actuating him; and so he remained silent for the present.

  16. It creates by laws more closely connected with the reason; it has strong emotion as its actuating and formative cause; it aims at results of a definite and weighty character.

  17. Defn: Moving in the same direction; -- said of a lever or pulley in which the resistance and the actuating force are both on the same side of the fulcrum or axis.

  18. But that, past or present, the reward was his actuating motive, it wouldn't occur to anybody to question.

  19. But his actuating instincts, his psychical reflexes, stretched their roots away back to the Middle Ages.

  20. In this form the unequal length of the arms of the lever secures very delicate movement, and, moreover, only a small portion of the weight of the body tube is transmitted to the thread of the vertical screw actuating the movement.

  21. This plate is connected with one of the poles of a dry battery, the other pole of which is connected to the metal case of the clock for the purpose of actuating an ordinary magnet alarm bell.

  22. The upper T is rocked up and down by a cord and spring, the handle actuating the cord also shifting on the milled screw-head a very small distance every time it is rocked backwards and forwards.

  23. The mechanism for actuating the feed at the end of the return stroke only, is shown in Fig.

  24. Referring again to the mechanism for carrying the cutting tool and actuating it to regulate the depth of cut in Fig.

  25. A cam in which the actuating surface is on its side or sides.

  26. It is to be observed, however, that by placing the pin actuating the rod E, Fig.

  27. The adjustment of the spring tension is made by a worm actuating a worm wheel on a rod passing through the spring, and to which one end of the spring is attached, the other acting on an arm that projects into a slot in the governor spindle.

  28. The actuating shaft G carries the bevel-wheel g, more clearly seen in the figure at side, which drives the drill spindle, whose ends are of different lengths, for convenience in reaching to different distances.

  29. A similar locking device is provided for the pinion B for actuating A; thus in Fig.

  30. On this account, as well as on account of the direction of motion, the shape of the actuating cam may be more nearly that of the form required to be produced in proportion as the pivoted centre falls directly beneath the tool point.

  31. A cam in which the actuating surface is in the form of a groove.

  32. A revolving disc whose actuating surface is not a true circle.

  33. C, the thickened line R representing the rod actuating the slide and line on the line of motion of the cutting tool.

  34. Instinctively Drake thrust over the lever actuating the elevating planes, and the aerial craft leapt upwards.

  35. The diaphragm bends, thereby actuating a valve, which cuts off the gas supply.

  36. Actuating the half-compression or relief cam as the motor slows down, in order to prevent the recoil due to the compression; 5.

  37. The spring F comprises two continuous coils contained in a brass casing, and actuating a steel striking or percussion-pin.

  38. That seems to be the actuating principle of it.

  39. After each opening of the valve the exhaust-valve actuating lever was automatically locked in the valve-open position by a spring-loaded pawl, or catch.

  40. All the valve-actuating mechanism was similar to that of the vertical 4, and the engine had the usual compression-release mechanism, the detail design being carried over directly from the 4-cylinder.

  41. The lever had attached to it a small side extension, or bar, which, when properly forced, would release the catch and free the actuating lever.

  42. That is, the mechanism was put into operation by pulling a wire running from the pilot to a lever actuating the cam which moved the control rod.

  43. The actuating magnet 1, as has been stated, is polarized and when energized by currents in one direction, the rocker arm moves the pawl 6 so as to step the segment one notch.

  44. This spring, which is so bent as to close the contacts at the right when not prevented by the switch lever, also serves as an actuating spring to raise the lever 2 when the receiver is removed from it.

  45. The contact springs are shown at 4, 5, and 6, and this latter spring 6 is so designed as to make it serve as an actuating spring for the hook.

  46. The essential feature of the subscriber's telephone equipment in this system is the step-by-step actuating mechanism which performs also the functions of a relay.

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