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  1. Once again his mouth twisted into that strange android grin as he added, "if you send in a hurry call to Cybernetics and have a truck come out for us, we'll be de-telepathed in time for work this morning.

  2. It would wiped out every android in the neighborhood, and probably a good many human beings careless enough to get in the way.

  3. But from now on, neither I nor anyone else would ever be troubled by an android rebellion.

  4. Finally the android asked, "How are you coming along on the contract?

  5. The metal mouth gaped in what was undoubtedly an android smile.

  6. Mansard's son, but an android had no legal right of inheritance from his owner.

  7. There were instances of android nursemaids who were virtually members of the families owning them.

  8. I'm afraid it's your decision whether to let him go on living as a man or to tell him he's an android and claim ownership as Dr.

  9. The only activity was the almost noiseless buzzing as the hotel android ran the cleaner over the living room.

  10. Drowsily his mind wandered from the hotel's android servants .

  11. At this point, temporarily entrusting King to destiny, the tenth android took a taxicab to the Park Hill Hospital where he entered, went to the desk, and inquired about a friend of his, a William Matson.

  12. A short time ago you hooted the android idea.

  13. And from somewhere in the synthetically created mind of the tenth android there came a question: Was it undesirable to become nonfunctioning?

  14. He allowed the tenth android to go on his way.

  15. Somehow, Crane had to get on the track of the tenth android Taber was hunting.

  16. Men I assigned to search out the last android have been taken off the job, transferred away from me without notice.

  17. In a sick rage, Taber looked in both directions and saw the android dive through a group of people half a block away.

  18. This was noted and recorded, after which the tenth android called a finish to the night's activities and retired to the small room he'd rented on a quiet street on the Lower East Side where, if you bothered no one, no one would bother you.

  19. From the street, the tenth android saw Rhoda and Frank enter the elevator.

  20. But about that android that's supposed to be walking around loose.

  21. The ninth android hobbled back to his chair and waited quietly.

  22. He got off one shot as the elevator door was closing and saw the android spin away from the controls as the impact of the slug smashed the bone of his shoulder.

  23. That made the ninth android unapproachable, so his counterpart-leader withdrew to the end of the corridor and waited until Doctor Corson came out.

  24. So I'm betting that the ten androids were sent here on a trial-and-error basis, with the objective of perfecting them and creating an android army to move in and take us over.

  25. As their minds joined they heard the android Tuly cry out, "Good.

  26. Hilton leaned forward and walloped the android a tremendous blow on the knee.

  27. The android almost missed a step, but said nothing.

  28. Fourth, the android Omans were developed on Ardry, by the human escapees from Ardu and their descendants.

  29. The android brightened up immediately and hurried to obey.

  30. There is menace enough in the blasphemy of android life, my son.

  31. To tell such a man what the Creche is would be to tie a rope around the neck of every android alive.

  32. He selected his android from an Emporium, and did her as he pleased.

  33. Men got together sometimes, and ate and drank, and had android orgies; no doubt the Girls did likewise.

  34. His android was his, and was never dissatisfied; and so, neither was he.

  35. The skilled android technicians in the thought-control center had labored hard to complete this amnesia, to obliterate any remnants of memory.

  36. He never had a chance to find out, for the android walked past him and continued up the stairs.

  37. In Bavaria they show us the brazen android which Albertus Magnus had so cunningly contrived as to serve him for a domestic, and whose garrulity had so much annoyed the studious Thomas Aquinas.

  38. Android robots, developed by Varney, one of Snyder's scientists, helped greatly in this work, especially one young female android who was a true genius.

  39. I'm an android just a few thousandths of an inch tall.

  40. They might be under observation in any of a hundred different ways: by probe beams, hidden cameras, or by individuals, android or human, whom they did not know.

  41. Some of this was the android power in him.

  42. But who could hurt an android with a human fist?

  43. Therefore, this was an android attack, clear and simple--to minds blurred by fear and fury.

  44. The real source of success--if it was that--was in a basic kinship of android vigor with the stars.

  45. An android is a refined machine, you might say.

  46. That evening a message came from the World Capital: "Let us meet and confer with android representatives and earnestly apply ourselves to a binding solution.

  47. Were they to demonstrate, even unintentionally, android superiority in yet another field?

  48. But the picturesque android had long since vacated his lodgings.

  49. Among android leaders, he was certainly the greatest.

  50. In addition to his massive costume, this android who hated his kind was wearing an aura of low-speed neutrons, constantly being projected from the filaments on his armor.

  51. Or could it have come just as well from an android throat?

  52. A normal android has protective mechanisms that make accidents and subsequent discovery impossible.

  53. And all this might have worked if the Alice android had not been defective also.

  54. But the Alice android failed, and you set out on a course to uncover us.

  55. The replacement is an android supplied by the Council.

  56. I don't know how an android thinks or feels.

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