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  1. It may be said that the atomistic synthesis, but yesterday so decried, is to-day triumphant.

  2. Atomistic ideas also have undergone evolution, and this slow evolution has been considerably quickened under the influence of modern discoveries.

  3. On the contrary, the whole mechanical and atomistic view of nature is approaching its bankruptcy, and its defenders have to learn that something more is concealed behind nature than action and reaction.

  4. For certainly even every plain wall contains support and burden; but here the two are still fused together.

  5. But it is the moral element which, according to the testimony of our inmost consciousness, is the whole concern: and this lies only in the individual as the tendency of his will.

  6. This was controverted by Esquirol, and since then much has been said for and against it.

  7. The Atomistic Philosophy is therefore a mediation between the Eleatic and the Heraclitic principles.

  8. Hegel characterizes the relative position of the Atomistic Philosophy as follows, viz.

  9. Consequent upon this, we find as the prominent characteristic of the later Atomistic school (Diagoras the Melier), polemics against the gods of the people, and a constantly more publicly affirmed Atheism and Materialism.

  10. The Jaina doctrine that aggregates are formed from the atoms--by them called pudgalas--we do not undertake to refute separately as its refutation is already comprised in that of the atomistic doctrine given in a previous part of this work.

  11. IV (12) points out that the line of reasoning followed in the preceding adhikara/n/a is valid also against other theories, such as the atomistic doctrine.

  12. Both systems, or rather both schools of philosophy, teach the theory of eternal indestructible atoms, following the ancient atomistic school of Kanada.

  13. If we want to form an adequate representation of optical phenomena in ponderable bodies, the conceptions of the molecular and atomistic theories naturally suggest themselves.

  14. An atomistic view of this kind is also necessarily anti-historical, inasmuch as it considers society in its spatial attributes and not in its temporal ones; and because it reduces social life to the existence of a single generation.

  15. Once started on this downward grade of logical deductions it was inevitable that this atomistic theory of state and society should pass on to a more advanced position.

  16. Fascism replaces therefore the old atomistic and mechanical state theory which was at the basis of the liberal and democratic doctrines with an organic and historic concept.

  17. This doctrine which I call atomistic and which appears to be anti-historical, reveals from under a concealing cloak a strongly materialistic nature.

  18. The former of these is much the more valuable work, for in it for the first time a Christian undertook systematically to refute the atomistic theories of Epicurus and his followers.

  19. Too often the logical import of its professed doctrines was almost anti-social in their atomistic individualism, anti-human in devotion to brute sensation.

  20. But the atomistic and unrelated sensations which he had in mind were purely fictitious products of his rationalist fancy.

  21. Some sixty years after Dalton had established, purely hypothetically, the theory of the atomistic structure of matter, scientific research was led to the observation of actual atomistic phenomena.

  22. The observations of electricity in a vacuum, therefore, yield no confirmation whatsoever of the atomistic view of matter.

  23. Knowing that the appearance of electricity depends on a process of atomization of some sort, we shall expect that where electricity becomes freely observable, it will yield phenomena of an atomistic kind.

  24. Observation of the nature of solid matter has led atomistic thought to regard a physical body as a heap of molecules so far apart that by far the greater part of the volume occupied by the body is just 'empty' space.

  25. Their philosophy is a modified survival of atomistic Pelagianism.

  26. As a corrective to the atomistic spirit of Federalism we may quote a view which seems to us far more tenable, though it perhaps goes to the opposite extreme.

  27. The atomistic theory regards society as having no existence other than that of the individuals who compose it.

  28. Nicolaus of Autricuria had to recant his teaching of the atomistic theory.

  29. Hence we may, and even without an atomistic enumeration of the individual services and products of labor, consider the continued duration of that labor-power itself as the continued duration of the value of the consumed means of subsistence.

  30. It is in that interpenetrative duration, not in this atomistic clock-time, that our deeper human experiences take place.

  31. In the first place we have to get rid of the overpowering influence of an atomistic psychology.

  32. Boyle then went into considerable detail to show how this can take place through the action of ferments, combined with a theoretical exposition of atomistic philosophy, which we do not have time to go into at present.

  33. However, the decline of this vitalistic rationalism coincided with the rise of a mechanistic rationalism which had its roots in ancient Greek atomistic theories of matter.

  34. If, in rejecting the obsolete forms of religious thought, she rejects religion and its sanctions altogether, atomistic individualism can be the only result, and with it wide moral corruption will eat out the vitality of the national life.

  35. Louis Napoleon to the atomistic proportions of their own sham brains.

  36. However, in justice to Mr. Lincoln, he is pure, and has no despotical longings, but he has around him some atomistic Torquemadas.

  37. This idea was dressed out in the atomistic psychology which Hartley built out from Locke--and was returned at usurious rates to later economists.

  38. For the latter are severally the result of a conception which, from the very first, was a whole--they never could have been produced by any successive agglomeration of atomistic parts.

  39. But in reality it only becomes so conditionally, through the atomistic splitting and diffusion of false ideas, and by the mass of its followers, when once every thing is resolved into elementary decomposition.

  40. This atomistic view of nature can not, for one moment, be regarded as or explained by an error of the reason.

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