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  1. Europeans, and many South Americans too, read of the Uruguayan battlefields and deeds of arms, yet they learn nothing of the undercurrent of industry that has flowed onwards all the while beneath the turbulence of the wild warrings.

  2. Over and over again the Uruguayans have strewn the battlefields with their dead; yet during each interval they have continued to plant the soil with its proper and more profitable seed.

  3. Thus Colonia had long afforded a bone of contention between the two nations, and even Maldonado had provided several battlefields ere the present capital was colonised or thought of.

  4. When the eyes of the world are turned toward the battlefields and death is an ever-present reality, it is natural that human thoughts occupy themselves with visions of a life after death.

  5. I see the battlefields of the earth--grass grows upon them, and blossoms and corn; I see the tracks of ancient and modern expeditions.

  6. Perfume from battlefields rising--up from foetor arising.

  7. The Sketch Maps and Plans of certain areas and battlefields are only intended to give, by means of a few hachures, contours, and form-lines, a general impression of topographical features.

  8. Upon the battlefields of the civil wars, moreover, they sustained at their expense the charges of the cavalry.

  9. The battlefields are scarcely altered; the combatants are as unequally matched, and represent analogous races.

  10. Bavarian soldiers quarreled with Prussians, accused them (unjustly) of shirking the Somme battlefields and leaving the Bavarians to go to the blood-bath.

  11. He was not likely to attack on a big scale while the battlefields were in that quagmire state.

  12. The continual hammer-strokes of the British and French armies on the Somme battlefields strained the German war-machine on the western front almost to breaking-point.

  13. Beyond were the battlefields of the Somme where every yard of ground is part of the great graveyard of our youth.

  14. For a week the enemy had been advancing across the old battlefields after the first onslaught in the morning of March 21st, when our lines were stormed and broken by his men's odds against our defending troops.

  15. To the Germans (barely less to British troops) the Somme battlefields were not only shambles, but a territory which the devil claimed as his own for the torture of men's brains and souls before they died in the furnace fires.

  16. The slime of the battlefields had engulfed them.

  17. How many warriors on this dreadful planet at this fearful hour would willingly drink of Lethe and wake up on their respective battlefields when the war is over?

  18. Since when have I walked within range of thy tossing spray, thou sea skirting the crimson battlefields of Europe.

  19. It was the brilliant prowess of the Confederate army on the battlefields of Spotsylvania that shed such dazzling lustre on the Union arms at Gettysburg.

  20. The march to Appomattox was over the battlefields of Spotsylvania, and Appomattox was only the culmination of the courage and carnage of those fields.

  21. The number gotten from the different battlefields and buried in the ground purchased by the association numbered about fifteen hundred.

  22. Your fellow Americans have given a magnificent account of themselves--on the battlefields and on the oceans and in the skies all over the world.

  23. The power of Germany must be broken on the battlefields of Europe.

  24. The broad oceans which have been heralded in the past as our protection from attack have become endless battlefields on which we are constantly being challenged by our enemies.

  25. I have walked over many of the battlefields in the North--gruesome sights, beyond words to describe.

  26. Wild said that a puzzling and unexplainable feature of these battlefields was that so many of the dead were found lying on their backs with rigid arms stretched straight up toward heaven--a ghastly spectacle.

  27. But, in the 18th century, the monarchy, hypnotized by the classical battlefields of Flanders and Italy, madly squandered the fruits of Colbert's work as so much material for barter and exchange.

  28. He who had led men to death on battlefields with a smile and a shout!

  29. Two battlefields of the civil war, where his father had led a regiment of troops in the last desperate engagement with Sherman's army two weeks after Lee had surrendered at Appomattox, kept them busy each afternoon for a week.

  30. He had walked over battlefields at night and heard the groans of the wounded, the sighs of the dying, the curses of the living, beneath the silent stars and felt that in the end it must be good.

  31. All night long wounded Turks crawled the battlefields and cried in the cold.

  32. This, he tells us, was largely taken over by him from a journalist who visited our battlefields during the lull of summer.

  33. These little trips to old battlefields resulted in a great demand for books dealing with the wars of that period, and the crew's library of the Denver was more popular than it had been for months.

  34. On the battlefields I saw innumerable quantities of equipment, together with guns and ammunition, which had cost millions to produce but were valueless in so far as their future use was concerned.

  35. From the English Channel to the Persian Gulf her battlefields are littered with brass and iron and wood and steel.

  36. They are going to board the Government transport--to die on the battlefields of Kentucky and Missouri.

  37. And they bore away to new battlefields thousands of fresh-faced boys from Wisconsin and Michigan and Minnesota, gathered at Camp Benton.

  38. This morning I set out early with my servant, tramping back across the long, long battlefields which our boys have won.

  39. It is now three days since I have been frightened," said a young English officer, who, I fancy, was never scared in his life before he came out to see these battlefields of terror.

  40. Not a sign of any human being could I see as I gazed over the great battlefields of France.

  41. Those grey eyes of theirs will be haunted by the memory of battlefields at night, when the stretcher-bearers are searching for the wounded who lie among the dead.

  42. The dance music of life had changed into a funeral march, and the alluring rhythm of the tango had been followed by the steady tramp of feet, in common time, to the battlefields of France.

  43. The wounded men who pour down from the battlefields are incredibly patient.

  44. How queer are the battlefields of life and the minds of men!

  45. And Francis, whose letter lay open by him on the table, lay dead on the battlefields of France.

  46. It was awful to come back from the battlefields of Flanders, from sieges and sackings and slaughter, and see the women flashing fire at each other.

  47. Down the street they come, beginning their pilgrimage of alleviation and succor on the battlefields of France.

  48. Illustration: Down the street they come, beginning their pilgrimage of alleviation and succor on the battlefields of France.

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