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Example sentences for "bestrode"

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bestrewn; bestridden; bestride; bestrides; bestriding; bests; besy; besyd; besyde; besydes
  1. The very horses they bestrode were stolen, having once belonged to Jake Bradley and Ben Stanton.

  2. The horses they bestrode were of the Mexican breed, or, in common parlance, mustangs.

  3. As the march was resumed, the principal Indian bestrode Hammond's horse, but the horse was very high-nerved and scared, and the bridle was only a temporary one made from hickory withes.

  4. And in truth, on a small hill to the right, Major-General Richie sat on his horse and used his glasses, while back of him his staff and the orderlies bestrode their champing, dancing mounts.

  5. Now all King Christopher's men were afoot, saving a band of the riders of Brimside, who bestrode strong and tall horses, and bore jack and sallet and spear, but no heavy armour.

  6. Fearless Frank bestrode a noble bay steed of fire and nerve, while old General Nix rode an extra mule that he had purchased of Charity Joe.

  7. Then he whose life-term was short died forthright and he whose life-term was long survived; and some bestrode planks and others butts and others again bulks of timber whereby all were separated each from other.

  8. Glancing up therefore, Beltane presently espied a knight who bestrode a great and goodly war-horse; a youthful knight and debonair, slender and shapely in his bright mail and surcoat of flame-coloured samite.

  9. Then, while the air rang with shouts and cries and the clatter of trampling hoofs, a white figure leapt and bestrode the fallen knight, and Walkyn glared down into the pale face of Friar Martin.

  10. Young Ornithus bestrode a hunter steed, Swift for the chase, and of Apulian breed.

  11. She seem'd a virgin of the Spartan blood: With such array Harpalyce bestrode Her Thracian courser and outstripp'd the rapid flood.

  12. Rumney, shouting two words as to some one holding the bottom of the ladder, bestrode the window, and set foot on one of the rounds.

  13. As for Francis, stealthy and resolute as recent occurrences had shown him to be, there was nothing to fear from him while he bestrode the saddle-bow of Anthony Underhill.

  14. But when he laid aside his helmet, and in his purple robes bestrode his white horse with its gay caparisons, and reined in its foaming mouth, the daughter of Nisus was hardly mistress of herself; she was almost frantic with admiration.

  15. He was so large, and his legs were so long, that the contrast between him and the little mule which he bestrode was ridiculous.

  16. As they drew near he perceived that the smaller of the two, whom at a distance he had taken for a boy, was an Indian girl, who, according to custom, bestrode her mule like a man.

  17. The princes bestrode the other feather, and all the rest clung to each other.

  18. In vain the latter tried to get rid of that singular guest; all its efforts were useless, Pascual bestrode his spear like an enthusiastic gymnast.

  19. An exhilaration caught him at the feel of the splendid horse-flesh beneath him--that sense of oneness with the creature he bestrode which the instinctive horseman knows.

  20. He had known her since a time when she bestrode a small fuzzy pony in the park, cool as a grapefruit and with a critical eye, even in her ten years, for social forms and observances.

  21. Acamas then bestrode his brother's body and wounded Promachus the Boeotian with his spear, for he was trying to drag his brother's body away.

  22. He bestrode it as a lion in the pride of strength, with shield and spear before him and a cry of battle on his lips resolute to kill the first that should dare face him.

  23. Ajax saw that his brother had fallen, and running towards him bestrode him and sheltered him with his shield.

  24. One last glance I gave her as I bestrode the rail of her balcony.

  25. But, as you may recall, I had on their arrival noted the jaded condition of their cattle, whilst I bestrode a horse that was comparatively fresh, so that pursuit had but small terrors for me.

  26. The beasts my men bestrode were in little better condition, and so, with infinite chagrin, I was forced to acknowledge defeat and to determine that at Blagnac we should lie for the remainder of the night.

  27. In another moment she bestrode the bear, and the big beast lumbered up the street with its rider.

  28. In another moment she bestrode the bear, the crowd fell apart, and as the onlookers broke into a roar of applause the big beast lumbered slowly up the street with its rider.

  29. A quarter of an hour later and the pony proved himself of "calico" variety, while the rider developed into a girl who bestrode her mount as though she were a part of the animal itself.

  30. At either end of the small inclosure that backed against the butte, two men with Winchesters in their hands bestrode motionless horses.

  31. The two riding in advance were Herbert Vaughan and the Maroon captain; the horses they bestrode being the same that had passed over that road the day before, carrying the Custos and his negro attendant.

  32. He clad his lord in costly raiment, so that Sir Robert bestrode his own palfrey, and sat at meat and drink with the most honourable of the town.

  33. The varlet was hardy and stout, and the charger he bestrode was right fierce.

  34. The lad was tall and strong, slender and comely to look upon, and the steed he bestrode was great and speedy, and fiercely had he charged clear of the gate.

  35. He took a loaded pistol, bestrode his horse, and saw Shunan riding down towards him rifle in hand.

  36. He bestrode his steed as if he were a part of the animal, and seemed as unembarrassed in his movements when in the saddle, as when on the floor of his tent.

  37. Thus did proud Telamon's son the glorious Aias press on the Trojan battalions and lightly scatter them, as they had bestrode Patroklos and were full fain to drag him to their city and win renown.

  38. Some few were of gigantic size and rugged aspect, to suit the massive men who bestrode them.

  39. There was a certain Roman, a kinsman of Marcellus, who bestrode a horse that was right speedy.

  40. The riders bestrode the steeds with lifted shields, brandishing great lances in their hands.

  41. The same animal he bestrode in his combat with Sir Richard Walwyn, and that had shown such spirit after a journey of nigh fifty miles.

  42. She was light and she bestrode a horse with much more speed than the one Dakota Joe rode.

  43. The pinto pony she bestrode was speedy, and the Osage maid managed him perfectly.

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