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  1. In the choir, under a canopy, upon a raised bier surrounded by a treble row of tall tapers, lay the body of Christ, for which the whole service was a funeral celebration.

  2. In the principal square the procession stopped, the bier was raised aloft, and while the torchlight flamed upon the livid features of the dead, a monk called upon the people to bear witness and to account for his "murder.

  3. Such a touching funeral procession has just passed up the Rue des Chanoines, a young girl carried on a bier by six of her companions in white dresses and wreaths.

  4. Other functionaries surrounded the bier and two torch-bearers walked in advance.

  5. Amid the loud cries of the bystanders the King sinks to the ground; then he is laid on a bier and carried to the nearest farmhouse.

  6. As was the fashion in England at that date, laudatory verses and sentences were fastened to the bier or herse.

  7. The bier was conveyed into the room, and placed upon the floor.

  8. He was kneeling by the uncovered bier in fervent prayer when the bishop entered.

  9. Chriemhild ordered a magnificent bier for her royal hero, and demanded that an ordeal should be held over the corpse.

  10. A bier was brought, and on this bier the person of the unfortunate cheesemonger was placed, and borne to the police office.

  11. At morn we placed on his funeral bier Young Melanippus; and, at eventide, Unable to sustain a loss so dear, By her own hand his blooming sister died.

  12. Assembling all in robes of sable dye, Around his bier lament his endless sleep!

  13. And through this dark valley did the sad note of the funeral dirge sound and with great sobbing and wailing did the mourners march beside the bier whereon lay the dead son of the widow.

  14. When they did meet, on the bier Jesus placed his hand--a hand throbbing with the life of a strong man.

  15. And a young man that had hold of the bier, when he saw the eyes of the dead open and the jaw fall apart, dropped his corner of the bier and ran.

  16. And all Israel followed the bier to Machpelah, where Solomon laid him by the side of Abraham and Joseph.

  17. This they did; and an angel directed them to mount Breitalmakdes (Jerusalem), where they deposited the bier on a certain hill, and instantly it sank out of their sight into the ground.

  18. Over his bier to wave, And God’s own hand in that lonely land To lay him in the grave?

  19. It was not till six young girls lifted Selene's modest bier and four matrons took up that of little Helios on their shoulders and the whole assembly moved away after them, that he too turned and followed the mourning procession.

  20. She was kneeling by a covered bier and weeping bitterly.

  21. An echo in aisles and the solemn portals, Low sinketh this queen by the bier with its freight forlorn; Yet kneeling, 'Hear me!

  22. His candles guide her with pomp funereal flaring, Out of the gulfy dark to the bier whereon he lies.

  23. Six strong men bore a bier piled with flowers towards an open grave, newly dug.

  24. At four o'clock the executioner's assistants came to fetch him; he was placed lying on a bier and carried out in that position.

  25. When the fourteenth arch was reached, the bier was torn from the bearers' hands, and the corpse was flung into the river.

  26. The people cried out that he was poisoned, and collecting in great numbers at the funeral, they carried the bier and stood by while the body was burnt.

  27. In a daze they both stared at the bier and the pallbearers, and only when Gaston de Ferrette, Talizac's friend, stepped on the threshold of the door did life return to the unhappy parents.

  28. The poor of the neighborhood who accompany my bier shall receive every year on the anniversary of my death a large package of tobacco.

  29. When the bier rests in the vault, all the persons in the funeral procession are requested to cast upon it the ashes of their pipes as they pass it on their departure from the grounds.

  30. At Aaron's death, I and his sons were present at his bier to show him the last marks of honor.

  31. Their father Jacob before his death ordered them to group themselves about the Tabernacle just as his sons were to be grouped about his bier at the funeral procession.

  32. The angels did as they were bidden, [641] and Israel then saw Aaron's bier floating in the air, while God before it and the angels behind intoned a funeral song for Aaron.

  33. There in a tomb fashioned by men, on a bier made by men, and by the hands of men wouldst thou be buried; but now shalt thou be buried in a tomb fashioned by God, on a bier made by God, and shalt be buried by the hands of God.

  34. God then said to the angels: "Lift up on high the bier upon which lies My friend Aaron, so that Israel may know he is dead and my not lay hand upon Moses and Eleazar.

  35. But at noon on the fortieth day Satan came, and with a wizard's trick conjured up for the people a vision of Moses lying stretched out dead on a bier that floated midway between earth and heaven.

  36. In front of the altar the bier was set down and the priests fell back, leaving Atene and her uncle standing alone before the corpse.

  37. Yes, she grew white and silent as the corpse upon the bier behind her.

  38. Hanging over the bier was the letter of Washington, printed in a note on page 115; and near by laid a napkin said to have been used on the occasion when he was christened.

  39. Whereupon the nobles lifted up the bier again, and the procession moved forwards.

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