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  1. There are other things besides looks and charm," she said, grimly trying to concentrate on a slide under her binocular microscope.

  2. It must have three o'clock when at last the binocular told him they were again in motion and coming rapidly toward him.

  3. Adjusting his binocular he again gazed long and carefully over all the plain and especially along the western edge of the range to the north, but the search was fruitless as before.

  4. Despite the windings of the road and occasional stunted trees or bushes, the first glance through the binocular placed them at once.

  5. The binocular glass was very valuable, however, when the words on a buoy, or the colour on the chequers of a beacon had to be deciphered.

  6. Go to the cabin and fetch my large binocular in its case.

  7. The captain took out his little binocular glass and swept the shore, to make out the second bear away in the distance, walking slowly along on the top of the ice-floe which shut them in to the north.

  8. Under a binocular the flies would have resolved into Lee and Ramon.

  9. They are best mounted as opaque objects and, if the reader can procure a binocular microscope, he will see the form of the raphides better than with the single-tube instrument.

  10. Fru Kaas had brought an excellent binocular glass with her, which she raised to her eyes from time to time to conceal her emotion, and their hearty praise seemed to flood the landscape and buildings with sunshine.

  11. But he found her sitting in the farthest corner of the sofa, with her big binocular glass in her hand.

  12. The binocular was handed at once, and after a great deal of focussing, handed back.

  13. Blunt snatched the glass offered to him, but before he could get to the window and focus it with his trembling hands, Stan had taken down his own binocular and was leaning out, bringing the matting-sailed boat close into the room, as it were.

  14. The officers at the lookout had not even unslung their pistol belts, and Willett now was seen to set down his binocular and start away.

  15. Archer's binocular hung at the south-west pillar of the porch, and another swung at the northward veranda of the old log hospital.

  16. He cites this fact as bearing on the phenomena of binocular vision, and he draws from it the inference that the necessity of binocular vision for the correct appreciation of distance is unfounded.

  17. Tom, after diving into and out of the headquarters tent, held up a pair of powerful binocular field glasses.

  18. Far up on the bald knob a single shot sounded, and a bullet struck the ground about six feet from where Tom Reade stood with the binocular at his eyes.

  19. Tom Reade had to search and explore with his binocular glass until he could make out moving heads, waving arms.

  20. Drawings were made on millimeter ruled paper while the baculum was viewed under a binocular microscope with a square ruled eyepiece.

  21. Specimens were then examined in a shallow dish containing glycerin under a binocular microscope.

  22. Oto lifted the binocular to his slanting eyes and picking up the approaching steamer gave it a swift glance.

  23. She must have legs, to overhaul us in this way," observed Ensign Dobson, with his binocular at his eyes.

  24. Errington took up his binocular and scanned it, expecting to discover that it was a sampan, like that in which he was himself travelling.

  25. Gallagher looked at them alternately through the binocular glasses, and it was wonderful how plainly one could see the swallows and the banks and the shrubs,--just as plainly as with the naked eye.

  26. The German commander levelled his binocular glasses and took a long look at it.

  27. Groome hurriedly snatched up his binocular glasses and peered into the haze out abeam.

  28. The first binocular magnifying glass or simple microscope (German, Lupe) was devised by J.

  29. For measuring purposes binocular telescopes with parallel axes are the only types employed.

  30. Of greater benefit, however, for stimulating interest in binocular microscopes, was his invention of reflecting dividing prisms (fig.

  31. Boulanger succeeded in producing a binocular of an entirely new type in 1859 (fig.

  32. Other experiments, begun by Powell and Lealand, and developed with greater skill by Wenham, were concerned with the binocular vision of identical images.

  33. The earliest stages of the development of the binocular microscope had been always confined to those instruments with one objective, in the immediate neighbourhood of which the systems for dividing the pencil were placed.

  34. It is supposed that the latter serves monocular, the other the binocular vision, most birds being able to converge their eyes upon one spot.

  35. The first binocular telescope, consisting of two telescopes placed side by side, was constructed in 1608 by Johann Lipperhey, the inventor of the ordinary or Dutch telescope.

  36. Such an impression could not possibly be stereoscopic, and these experiments led to the construction of a non-stereoscopic binocular microscope.

  37. Premo" for stereoscopic work, in which two pictures are taken at once, a sufficient distance from each other to produce the effect of binocular vision and give the appearance of relief when viewed through the stereoscope.

  38. Read off your duty, not from your own low standpoint merely, but in a binocular vision, as you put yourself in his place; so will you find that the line of duty and the line of beauty are one.

  39. We climbed all the high ridges and swept the country with our binocular glasses.

  40. My binocular glass quickly showed that a portion of her bulwarks was carried away, and as no chain was visible to an anchor, she was in fact a wreck.

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