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Example sentences for "binoculars"

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  1. The Chief, in his pet post of vantage upon the roof of Nixey's Hotel, lowered his binoculars as the persistent whistle kept open.

  2. Come on, Abe," he said aloud, putting down the binoculars with a hand that trembled.

  3. Suddenly he snatched the binoculars from the man beside him and turned them on the aeroplane.

  4. But even as he prepared to put the binoculars back in the pocket alongside the binnacle with an evil smile playing about his thin lips, there came a startling shock.

  5. Barr asked eagerly of the late bos'n who, binoculars in hand, was taking the ship out through the treacherous harbor entrance as confidently as if he were once more a captain.

  6. Several turtles were observed through binoculars as they foraged.

  7. Cultivated areas were regularly scanned with binoculars but turtles were seldom seen there.

  8. Observations made with binoculars from the vantage point of a blind provide the only information that I have concerning the reactions of box turtles to one another under natural conditions.

  9. The glint of first sunrise turned the lenses of Scotty's binoculars into a crimson eye, and Scotty waved back.

  10. With the binoculars Rick and Steve had brought, that made three pairs each.

  11. Scotty had taken time to dry off the books and binoculars he had brought from the deck before he changed his own clothes.

  12. Scotty picked up the Polaroid camera and their binoculars and came ashore, sinking into the swamp as Rick had done.

  13. But the powerful binoculars failed to disclose any object the naked eye might not have discovered.

  14. Jack picked up the binoculars once more and gazed through them long and earnestly.

  15. The little officer stood up and focused the powerful binoculars on the object that had aroused their attention.

  16. Then the young man--he seemed a clerk--caught sight of the binoculars half concealed under my coat lapels.

  17. When the sun had disappeared and gloom was gathering under the trees, I slung the water-bottle from my belt, the binoculars from my neck, and then crept to the edge of the copse, there to wait for the night.

  18. With Major Honeywell's map of the region spread out on the deck of the bridge and the binoculars in hand Ned began the long anticipated search for the lost city.

  19. Ned caught up the binoculars and had a quick look at the rapidly moving ball which was rushing toward them from over the distant Tunit Chas Mountains.

  20. Sir Edgar, excitedly, as he lowered his binoculars and turned to me.

  21. I am afraid you are right, captain," agreed Sir Edgar, whose binoculars were again glued to his eyes.

  22. The professor rushed below, and presently reappeared with a pair of binoculars in his hand, which he hastily levelled at the tiny dots.

  23. He turned his binoculars upon the sternmost ship, which was also coming along at a great rate, and gradually lifting above the horizon.

  24. Meanwhile, the rest of the party had come on deck, and were all intently watching the two ships through their binoculars as they animatedly discussed the puzzling situation.

  25. Meanwhile, Mildmay, after a single glance over the side, walked aft to the extremity of the promenade deck, whence he levelled a pair of powerful binoculars into the misty distance for a minute or two.

  26. Looks not at all unlike it," answered Lethbridge, with his binoculars still at his eyes.

  27. He was out on deck again, sauntering fore and aft the deck, and taking occasional peeps at the island through his binoculars while waiting for the breakfast-gong to sound, when Sir Reginald appeared.

  28. Sir Reginald, at length, as he removed his binoculars from his eyes, and turned to address the other members of the party.

  29. As Sir Reginald emerged from the pilot-house, the professor, in a low-toned murmur, advised his companions to take their binoculars and note especially the behaviour of the gazelles.

  30. Sefton brought his binoculars to bear upon the objects indicated by the look-out.

  31. Acting Sub-lieutenant Sefton brought his binoculars to bear upon the nearmost trawler.

  32. Feeling himself in a kind of impasse regarding Alden, and fearing some telltale expression in his eyes, the Master swung up his binoculars and once more swept the cloud-horizons from northeast to southeast.

  33. This horde of rushing cavaliers must have numbered between five and six hundred; and a fine sight they made as the Master got his binoculars on them.

  34. Quite suddenly, at 10:05, the Master's binoculars detected a break far to southward, in the craggy wall of rock.

  35. His binoculars checked their sweep along the coast, which in its absolute barrenness looked a place of death for whatever might have life there.

  36. The binoculars of the Master and Bohannan drew the machine almost to fingers' touch.

  37. In the remote suburbs and out on the plain, the Legionaries' binoculars could still see a swarming of white figures; but all the immediate vicinity was now wholly silent, motionless.

  38. More agitated than any had ever seen him, he stood there at the rail, lips tight, hands clutching the binoculars at his eyes.

  39. Faith, but this is--" The binoculars lowered slowly, as Bohannan watched a falling plane.

  40. He ducked his head through the strap of the binoculars and turned the glasses over to Sandy.

  41. Sandy brought the binoculars up to his eyes and started to scan the neighboring peaks.

  42. He stared through the binoculars and nodded his head excitedly.

  43. As I swept the sea to the west with my binoculars I thought I caught the dim shape of a submerged submarine moving slowly through the black depths like a hungry shark; but it disappeared almost immediately, and I was not sure.

  44. With our binoculars we saw that there was much confusion on the German decks as they hastily cleared for action.

  45. As we swung to the northwest, moving parallel to the river and about four miles back of it, I studied with my binoculars the trenches that stretched along beneath us in straight lines and zigzags as far as the eye could see.

  46. Bringing his binoculars to bear in the direction indicated by the chief officer he saw that a large grey-painted cruiser was shaping a course to cut him off.

  47. Aubyn, who had brought his binoculars to play upon the scene.

  48. With the binoculars he swept the entire ice-bound horizon.

  49. Stirling with his binoculars swept the entire horizon.

  50. Drawing his binoculars from their case, he focussed them on the water of the bay.

  51. With a grunt of satisfaction Tressidar replaced his binoculars and again confronted his prisoner.

  52. In other words, watchful eyes gazing through binoculars may see a periscope as far as that periscope sees.

  53. The air was so clear that minutest objects on the horizon were easily picked up by the questing binoculars of the men on watch.

  54. In this way every foot of water within the great circle of the horizon is under constant supervision night and day by a small army of lookouts, armed with binoculars and gun telescopes.

  55. He carried binoculars suspended from his neck by a rolled-leather thong, and a revolver in a black-leather case was attached to the belt about his middle.

  56. The man with the stop-watch checked the mechanism, the bearded man with the big binoculars lowered and closed them, scribbled in a memorandum-book and came down the judge's stand.

  57. Then he went away with the small dark man who had used the stop-watch, and who carried the Zeiss binoculars slung in their case.

  58. My binoculars were powerful, and I kept a sharp eye on the Orion.

  59. It was then activity began on board Duran's schooner: The binoculars showed us sailors throwing off the gaskets.

  60. We could see the figures of black sailors on the deck; and with binoculars distinguished their white master, Duran.

  61. When he did at last sight it over the tumbled mounds of water he stared in puzzlement a moment before he took the binoculars from their place and fitted them to his eyes.

  62. He seized his prism binoculars and focused them upon the flying vessel, a speck in the distance.

  63. As far as a pair of good binoculars could follow it, it held to a perfectly straight course toward those scenes.

  64. The binoculars hung from a cord around his neck.

  65. With the binoculars to his eyes he had leaned too far forward, and upon the glass the sun had flashed a warning.

  66. Without removing his eyes from the gun the stranger lifted the binoculars from his neck and tossed them to the stone wall.

  67. But first of all he proceeded to make good use of the binoculars upon which so much depended.

  68. Perk continued to wield his important binoculars and presently, when the lofty plane was passing over, he stated his opinion.

  69. Madden removed his binoculars and stared at his friend.

  70. As it was too small for his naked eyes, he resorted to the binoculars once more.

  71. Don't see none," replied the navvy who possessed the binoculars at that moment.

  72. Madden climbed up on the bridge and found a pair of binoculars in the chart room.

  73. The Englishman was likewise puzzled, and the binoculars went down the line of curious men.

  74. The American turned his binoculars obediently and scanned the west and north.

  75. Although the binoculars had forewarned them of this, the adventurers bunched together on the deck with a qualmish feeling and began talking in low tones, as men converse in the presence of mystery, or death.

  76. Viewed with our binoculars they showed an infinite variety of shapes and sizes.

  77. Edmund furnished us with binoculars which enabled us to recognize many geographical features of our planet.

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